This is an experience which highlights the fact that Swamiji is there always with us to protect us. I had this experience in September 2011. I was in India to spend my vacations. I accompanied my parents when they went for routine check-up to the hospital. In my fatherís case, there was no problem. There was a small problem in my motherís case. The ECG report showed some variation in the heart functioning. The doctor asked her whether she had any pain in the chest. She replied that she is didnít have any pain as such. He gave her some medicines and told her to take them regularly and then come again after some days for further check-up. After some days, one fine evening she came panicking and told me that she was feeling some sort of pain in the chest. I was in the pooja room then. Seeing her condition, I didnít know what to do. I kept myself calm and brought a chair and told her to sit and relax. Then it struck my mind that I had †some Vibhooti packets given to me by Swamiji. I took one of them, prayed to Swamiji and put a pinch of Vibhooti in a glass of water and told her to drink it. She drank it and sat in a relaxed mood with her eyes closed. After sometime she felt better. Before going to sleep, she applied some Vibhooti on her forehead and slept peacefully. She was feeling better in the morning.

After some days, she met the doctor and told about the pain she felt and the doctor prescribed an Angiogram Test to find out if there was any block in the blood vessels. She underwent the test. But during the test, suddenly her blood pressure went low and she could feel it. She heard the technicians say the same . She closed her eyes and prayed to Swamiji. After sometime her BP level became normal. She regained her confidence. After the test, she was told that there was one block and it was removed during the test itself. Swamiji actually saved her from one more difficulty. In her case, the full sequel was for about half an hour. Before taking Angiogram, they inject a capsule in a vein which goes to the heart. The technicians could get suitable vein in her hand at the first time itself. There were other patients also waiting to undergo the same test. But some had to suffer a lot because the technicians could not find a suitable vein. For them the capsule was injected in the leg or any vein far away from the heart and they had to do a lot of exercise to bring the capsule into the heart. After the test they came out sweating like anything. In my motherís case, Swamiji took care of her. Barring the low BP problem, her test went very smoothly. She was saved from much anxiety. Her faith in Swamiji became more firm after this incident. It would have been a big problem had the block in heart been diagnosed late. Since the doctor had already given medicine during her first visit, the block was limited to one. Otherwise more blocks would have developed. It is because of Swamiji's blessings that the problem was diagnosed much earlier and precautionary measures could be taken in time. Now she is taking the medicines prescribed, regularly. We are very much thankful to Swamiji, who came as her Saviour.



Anil Kumar.K

Dubai, UAE

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