Jai Sree Ram Jayam”, “Jai Sree Anjaneya”,

“Jai Sree Vikraman Swamiji”


Date: 28th April 2013.


Experiences of Subhash Y. Shetty – Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Part – 2.


Swamiji, Amma, Koti Koti Pada Namaskaragalu,


I would like to share my few experiences with our beloved Swamiji.


·      In mid-year 2012, my spouse had been suffering severe pain in the right side of her abdomen. In fear of further complication she decided to approach a doctor.  On doing the scan, it was very clear that she had gall bladder stone. The doctor advised the gall bladder should be removed and henceforth she has to undergo surgery.  For a second opinion, she decided to consult another doctor and he too suggested the same. She was upset with the thought of undergoing surgery.  I called Swami explained to him everything and took his blessings. Later that day, I decided to call my wife here for surgery. The following day we left for the hospital and then when they did the CT scan, they found out that it was muscular pain and not Gall Bladder stone/infection. The doctor said that there was no need to remove bladder until any pain occurred due to its infection. It was purely because of Swami’s blessings this miracle could have happened.


·       I have been in Abu Dhabi for over 25 years & unfortunately never had my own rented flat. When I met Swamiji in 2006 in one of the mini pooja at Ras-Al-Khaimah, Swamiji asked me for the first time “You want Flat or a Palace??”  From that time onwards in every pooja he repeatedly asked “What about your Palace??” and every time I replied that with your blessings Swamiji, to which he always said “Its Right and I will keep suspense”. Six years later, finally I got a good surprise that my boss approved for me a 2 bedroom flat in a prime location in Abu Dhabi that looks just like a “Palace” as blessed by Swamiji. It was never possible for me without Swamiji’s blessings. I feel his presence every time and everywhere.


Like this, I have experienced many miracles in my life, I have highlighted only a few of the unforgettable incidents.


“Manadallu Neeve, Maneyallu Neeve, Ellellu Neeve,

Shee Vikraman Swamiji”


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