Shree Rama Jayam, Jai Swamiji,

 Koti koti paada pranam.

 Shree Swamiji visited our house in Abu Dhabi on 5thMarch, 2013 to light the lamp. It was very special day for us. We were happy because Shree Satguru was to come to our house.

 We had few experiences on that day and would like to share the same with our Shree Swamiji.

 Usually, every day morning at the time of pooja, we offer milk in a silver pot and water in a copper pot to God in our pooja mandapam. My wife and I used to share and drink the same in the evening and pour the water on Tulsi plant. As usual we did the same on that day also.

 Mini pooja in our house:

 Shree Swamiji came to our house at about 11.00 PM. He lighted the lamp and immediately asked for a glass of milk to drink. My wife offered it to Swamiji. After that Swamiji enquired about our daughter, who is doing MS and internship in Bangalore. When Swamiji enquired about her, I gave her a call with swamiji’s permision. It was 1.00 AM in Bangalore. She was eagerly waiting for our call to know about the pooja. When Swamiji spoke to her, she was surprised and very happy. Swamiji talked to her for about 10 minutes. She was so happy and expressed her feelings on the following day to us. Thank you,Swamiji for your call. 

 Our pooja mandapam was decorated with Jasmine flower and mango leaves.  My wife sang few Bhajans, which she wrote for Shree Swamiji. Swamiji felt very happy and we too were very happy. Meanwhile, A garland of Mango leaf fell on Swamiji's and Hanumanji's photo. Swamiji expressed his feelings for the incident, offered me a leaf and also a leaf to my wife out of the same garland. At last, Swamiji blessed us both. He came out of the pooja room and sat for few seconds in the hall. Meanwhile, what came to his mind, we don't know, he asked for a glass of water to drink. It was 12.00 mid night and Swamiji left for the next pooja. We were very very happy and in a different world.

 Swamiji also had a visit to our house on 20thFebruary, 2012. After lighting the lamp, Swamiji asked my wife to bring a bar of chocolate from the refrigerator. He told the exact location where it was kept. The chocolate was gifted to her in a star hotel in Abu Dhabi on the previous day. Even, I was not aware of the same and got to know about it that time only.

 Swamiji has brought light to our life, whatever is happening he is aware of the situation. The way he blessed us, drank the milk, drank the water, told the exact location of the chocolate, the garland fallen on Swamiji’s photo, etc are few evidences. “There may be delay in God’s house but justice prevails there always "!Jai Shree Swamiji, Shree Rama jayam.

Mr.Manmohan Rai


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