My  loving pranams at our Beloved, Dearest Swami’s feet.  By grace of our Swamiji, there has been million and zillion experiences in our lives which show us the presence of God and builds our faith and confidence.  I give below just two of my very recent experiences:

Some people generally get nightmares after seeing any suspense or horror movies.  I am one of them.  Recently I was watching a suspense thriller late night.  I prayed to Swami that this time atleast he should come in my dream instead of those film characters giving me nightmares, so that instead of a nightmare it becomes a pleasantmare.  And Lo! Behold!  That’s exactly what happened.  Instead of the film characters, it was Swami who came in my dreams.  In my dream, I am in a car same like in the film, and when I look into the rear mirror I can see Swami sitting in the back seat.  But when I turn back and see there is no one sitting there!!!    I had prayed to Swami that if at all I do get nightmares, then this time he should come instead of the film characters and yes indeed that’s exactly what happened.  This shows that each and every thought, every pray is heard and answered by Swami.

Next day I had gone out with my mother for window shopping.  We went to one restaurant where we get very nice Kulfi Icecream.  Outside the restaurant a four wheeler was parked and inside two ladies were sitting drinking tea.  When I came back with the icecream in my hand, the lady at the driver’s seat turned towards me and asked “How is the kulfi?”  I was shocked for they were unknown to us and never before had anyone asked me such a question.  Since I was shocked and surprised, my mother replied on my behalf.  I told my mother it is unbelievable.  How come an unknown person is asking me such a question. I think its Swami.  Saying this when I looked back at the lady, she had the peculiar smile on her face as if she heard what I said and agreed to it also!!  The smile on her face was same like we see on our beloved Swami’s face.  This convinced me more that indeed it was our Swami only who came in that unknown lady’s form and asked me about the kulfi.

Thank you Swamiji, for all the blessings you shower on us always.  Seeking to be ever at your sricharan. 

With loving pranams

Divya Sherwani – JK, Vaneesha, Karishma and Divya .S. – Abu Dhabi.


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