Jai Shree Ram


Our pranams at Swamiji’s lotus feet.


There are no specific incidents or situations where I should mention Swamiji's blessing to our family. He is always with us in our each and every thought, move and such a feeling gives us more courage to face whatever is coming in our way. Still, I mention a few instances below:

When we shifted to Kerala, we had to take lots of items and I was worried how we will be able to clear all the good from customs at airport.  Thanks to Swamiji, we could clear out everything easily and they charged us also very minimal. Swamiji was present there.  And moreover, same day we were able to purchase everything and were able to stay in our new house. Bed, fridge, gas stove everything.  Everybody asked us how's that possible.  I told somebody was there to help us and it was none other than our dear Swamij.

After that I used to depend on him for every small small thing.  I would pray from bottom of my heart and he used to be with me.  As Swamiji had told me before, I got my driving license now and I am driving my own car.  I feel, it's not me but somebody else is driving or sitting beside me to give me the strength.  Even on the busy streets I will be able to get parking free when I go.  I know it's all Swamiji who is doing it.

It was quite an coincidence that we met one person who's doing Hanuman pooja and we used to go that temple.  He only did everything for my car and kept one Hanuman photo in my car. I am sure it was Swamiji only who guided us to that temple.

Now I am in Abu Dhabi for a month on vacation. I never thought it would be possible for me to come here  but again by his blessings we were able to come here.

Each and every breath he is there with us, guiding us and helping us. There is no end to the many miracles he has been performing in everyone’s lives.  One birth is not sufficient to enumerate them all.


Our gratitude and love to you Swami for blessings us and taking us into your fold.


Loving Pranams,

SreeRanjini – Sasikumar, SreeRanjini, Ashwini, Bharat and Shivani – Abu Dhabi.

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