We deem it a great privilege to write about Sri Vikraman Swamiji whom we have known for the past three years. When we look back at the sequence of events which led us to meet Swamiji in Sharjah, they all prove to show that he is indeed a messenger of God. We first met Swamiji in the late 1995 in Sharjah., even though we heard about him much earlier that he is blessed by Lord Anjaneya . We belong to the same place Nanganallur in Madras where Swamiji lives. However, we made several attempts to find out where exactly in Nanganallur he lived. Surprisingly, we couldn't get to meet him in Madras. Now, we realize that Swamiji meets the devotees when he feels it is time to meet them. Our very first meeting in Sharjah was so blissful that we were spell-bound.  He was talking to each and every person assembled there and narrated minute details of incidents that happened in their life. He told us that we would be meeting him again in Madras. It did happen in the next 6 months. We met him in Madras in his pooja in the month of July 96. On that Occasion, we could feel the presence of God. As he himself says that God appears in various forms. In his pooja, god talks through Swamiji. On that day he repeatedly mentioned that we would be in Chicago and that he would visit and stay with us. At that point in time, I had given up my attempts to go to USA. During his subsequent visit to Sharjah, he again mentioned the same thing. At that time, our hopes of going to USA were very bleak. We even asked him whether we could migrate to Canada. At that time, many Indians were migrating to Canada from Sharjah/Dubai. He immediately reprimanded us and repeated his earlier assertion that we would be going to Chicago only. Finally, the miracle happened in late 1997 when I got the  job offer  and we are here in Chicago from Dec 97. Swamiji visited us this month and stayed with us for a week. This is just a glimpse of what he tells his devotees in his pooja. Sometimes, it is difficult to comprehend what he talks. One has to patiently wait to find out the truth.
We must mention one more incident which happened in Sharjah. We used to go and attend spiritual discourses conducted by a certain group in Sharjah. That group was so obsessed with their religious beliefs that whoever attended came back with more confusion than clarity. Some of the people lost interest in their day-to-day life and even thought of renouncing the family life. At this confused state, Swamiji visited our house in Sharjah. We still remember with amazement what he spoke that day. He said "you all have lots of confusion in your minds about Jeevatma and Paramatma. There is no need to confuse. Have belief in God and leave everything to HIM. " Then he looked pointedly at the person who was on the verge of renouncing the family life and advised him in kind words: "You seem to meditate a lot. Meditation is good. But you have a
family to take care. You should not forget that. " He spoke at length about how to realize God in the midst of our normal family life. That day was a turning point for all of us.  Our minds became clear and we felt that it was God in the form of  Swamiji who spoke to us that evening and guided us.

During his stay in Chicago also, many miracles happened.  The parking lot in our rental community is not sufficient enough to take care of the visitors' cars. We knew that a large number of people would be visiting us. The administration of the rental community  warned us that we cannot block the parking lot. We were so worried. Swamiji simply advised us to leave it to God and get on with our work. Indeed, on the day of the pooja, devotees starting coming to our house from 12 noon and they all stayed till 10 pm. To our amazement, the parking slots were empty and there was absolutely no problem for anybody. This is unbelievable because even during normal days, we have experienced difficulty in parking our car.

During his stay with us, one lady called from Canada to talk to Swamiji. I asked her whether she knew Swamiji. She said she did not know him earlier and came to know about him accidentally through the internet. I asked further how she learnt about the web-site. She told me that she was going through a very bad time in her life. She was getting an intuition that she should do Hanuman prayers. She started to search the web for hanuman prayers and she was led to which is a web page on Swamiji who is blessed by Lord Anjaneya.  She reached his web page which contained my house telephone number (the web page is kept updated to keep track of Swamijis's visit to USA) and she could call and speak to Swamiji. She later told us that after speaking to Swamiji she felt a great feeling and that she is gaining in confidence to take charge of her life.

Swamiji says that he is not a magician or an astrologer. When he speaks, the underlying message is that we all should be God conscious and believe in God 100%. He challenges that if you look at a stone and consider that as God and worship with your heart and soul, that stone will surely speak to you. He also says that God appears in various forms and whichever form is appealing to a person he or she can worship God in that form.. Swamiji has got devotees who belong to different religions. Ultimate truth is that there is one God.

Swamiji is very dear to us. From the time we met him, he has advised us like a father, guided us as a Guru. We feel the presence of God when we are with him. Very often we hear about people with such divine powers. But Swamiji has dedicated himself to serving the human race by teaching them God Consciousness and making them realize God within themselves. We consider ourselves fortunate enough to have had his blessings.  We are sure that whoever comes into contact with him is blessed and  benefited spiritually.

Jai Sri Ram

Ravi & Swarnalatha
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