Our kodi kodi pranams to the one and only one God, Our God, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend, Relative, GURU and EVERYTHING TO US. – SHREE VIKRAMAN SWAMI, THE ULTIMATE – BEGINNING AND DESTINATION OF ALL.  The first and foremost vital knowledge that Swami imparted to us and made us realize was ONE GOD, ONE RELIGION AND ONE CASTE.  This has removed the dilemma and dispute in our mind of running from one form of god to another when we face problems and feel that our prayers and our questions are unanswered.  He established us well on the conviction that all prayers are listened to and answered by God. In fact before we pose the problem to him, he has already provided the solution to us and it is for us to look into that direction.  But since we go forward so fixed in our mind with the problem and the format or desired solution that we feel is right for it, we fail to understand, realize and accept the answer provided by God which may be a different solution, different pattern but definitely will be the best solution to our problem.  We are staring so hard at the closed door to open that we fail to see and realize there is already another door kept open for us which would actually lead us to our destination correctly. We then land up blaming God for not answering our prayers and then go a step further of even changing over our loyalty and worship to a different form of God!. Believing and hoping that the new form of God would answer our prayer which the earlier or previous form did not do!! We fail to realize that the Supreme Power is one and only one which Swami has said so explicitly many times and has made us realized and well established on it also by his grace.


Swami always says God comes in various forms and each form has had its specialty – peculiarity, uniqueness.  The uniqueness of our Swami is that he looks like any other ordinary person no long beard, hair, saffron clothes  etc and in his unique way tries to tell us that God can come in any form, in the form of any ordinary human being also.  One must never forget this and look only for some special signs or marks to identify God and worship him.


He has given us the confidence that we can worship any form of God but we should worship with 100% faith and trust that whatever we want in our lives in this world and next, we can get and will get from worshipping that form of God only.  No need to run from one temple to another, one form to another since the power is ultimately one. Like in our ordinary mundane life we shift our loyalties from one person or one thing to another for various issues; we land up following the same rule in our worship too.  Instead of digging well in different places to get water it is best to dig well in one place deeper and deeper and definitely we will find water.


There is a story wherein one artist gets 3 stones to work on and make an idol of God from it.  The 3 stones talk among them and the first says I will not allow the artist to touch me also.  The second says I will bear up with his cuttings till I can.  The third says when I land in the artist hand I might as well give him full liberty to mould me as he wants. When the artist starts his work on the first stone, the stone shakes and does not allow the artist’s hammer to hit it.  The artist places the stone as to be the first step upon which all devotees would keep their foot on when entering the temple. The second stone allowed the artist to work on bearing the pains but when he started to sculpt the face of the idol on the stone it started shaking and the artist then fixed that stone on the door.  The turn now came for the third stone. The stone withstood all the pains and hammering done by the artist and finally it was placed as the idol in the temple.  When the curtain was raised the artist’s eyes were filled with tears seeing the beauty of the idol and he placed his head on the feet of the idol (stone).  Tears overflowed from the eyes of the idol also.  Upon the artist asking the idol why was it crying, it replied that you worked so hard on me and today you yourself are prostrating to me. The artist said who am I to mould you.  It is your greatness to have endured all the pain silently. If I had the strength then I would have been able to work on the other two stones also.  Your surrender made everything possible.  Few flowers were showered on the half done idol (second stone) while on the first stone all devotees would step on it and keep their slippers around it and enter the temple.  Swami the reason of me narrating this story is to seek your blessings and grace to bless me please to be like the third stone who surrenders to you completely and bestow strength and courage to me to undergo all the pains silently while you work on and within me.  I trust you completely for I know your work is 100% perfect.  I long for the day when Swami with your grace I am able to be a cent percent your reflection.


None can describe Guru Mahima.  Words and feelings fall far short to do so.  There are so many unique qualities of Swami, how many to pen down and how to do so.  Yet with his grace we attempt to write a few.


Each time before any problem can reach us Swami has come and stood besides us to shield and protect us from it. He has always in his peculiar manner kept us informed of likely problem that we might face simultaneously blessings us with his protection and prayers that these problems would just pass by us like a shower of flowers. Few instances that I would like to point here.  I had mentioned earlier that I had got small photos of Swamiji and Hanumanji for the first time on 30.09.2001 - Saturday, one month after we had started bhajans in Abu Dhabi, and just before my Financial Controller had come to meet me on that day and we had discussion about my job.  Similarly I had asked for big size photos of Swamiji and Hanumanji to keep in our house and to be used for Poojas in Abu Dhabi and I had got them from Swamiji on 15.11.02 – Friday Pooja in Sindhi Ceremonial Hall.  This was just before my mother was hospitalized on 19.11.02 and we came to know that she is in her final stages of her life journey.  Swami our prayers to you only that let this kirpa be always on us and all alike and in our trouble times even before we call you and seek your help, you come and hold us close to you and protect us.  Many a times before JK would face problem in his office front, Swami had informed us in advance that there will be some issue but nothing to worry Swami’s protection and blessings are there.  And yes, rightly enough we have always felt that.  Though the problems did crop up, but since Swami had already blessed us, holding on to those words, helped us to overcome the trouble period and we have always be brought out of the dark tunnel because of his Divine Light, Power.


There are so many incidents and today without doubt I can say that I cannot find a single moment in my entire life when Swami was not there with me.  The period after I have met him or those years of my life before I heard about him or met him.  He was yet there with me always loving, caring and protecting him in his own way for he is God and God is everywhere always and ever and ever.


One incident I would like to mention of my life very much before I met Swami where I felt God’s presence still there in my life.  It was sometime early 1982 when I was in the final stages of my Personal Secretaries Course in Davars College of Commerce in Bombay in Flora Fountain and was working also.  It was in the morning around 9:00 - 10:00 am I had finished the class for the day in Davar’s and had to walk down from Flora Fountain to Churchgate Station to catch a bus from outside the station to Opera House where my office was.  I was standing at the bus stop outside the station and besides me two college going girls also were standing maybe just few years elder to me.  I was not feeling well and suddenly I just fainted and fell down.  Then I felt someone shaking me and giving me a glass of water to drink.  It was a middle aged lady who was holding the glass.  After I drank water she checked if I was okay and when I said I was.  She took the glass from me and went back inside the station and disappeared.  I can never forget this incident.  From nowhere this lady came and nowhere did she disappear.  It is not very common sight in Bombay that someone would do something like this and help strangers.  I had two girls standing next to me but they never took any initiative or helped me. And in the mornings at that time there is such huge crowds coming out of station and rushing out to catch next bus/taxi or walk down and reach their workplace – no one has time for anyone and anything.  Yet out of that very crowd came one angel and took care of me and after doing so disappeared. 


I had come to Abu Dhabi on 26.04.1991 and that year on the first day of Ganesh Chaturtti early morning when I went to balcony, I found one hibiscus flower, which in Bombay we normally offer to Ganpati, lying on the floor.  I looked around and in the neighbouring building too I could not see any hibiscus plant anywhere in sight.  Back home in Bombay we used to always keep Ganpati for 11 days in our house during these days and worship him. This was my first chaturtti when I was away from my home in my new house but yet Ganpati was there with me and he had himself arranged for the flower for me to offer him here in Abu Dhabi!! Thanks so much Swami for loving me always and may it ever continue so.


Swami’s ChatRoom is another unique way of submitting our prayers to him which is open to all 24 x 7.  He has his own way of answering them too…24 x 7. For instance on 12.06.2002 – Wednesday - Madan’s wife – Neha’s mother was very serious in Bombay and she wanted to go to Bombay but since her kids were having exams it did not seem possible.  She asked me early morning to send a particular message/prayer on her behalf in the Chat Room requesting for Swami’s blessing.  I had to go out in the morning but still I thought first I will send the message and then go.  When I entered into Chat Room and typed her message and tried to post it, it just would not go!!.  I thought maybe the internet connection is not correct so I tried downloading my emails to check if the line is clear. I could receive all my messages.  Again I tried posting her message in the chat room but failed.  I logged off and re-entered into the Chat Room couple of times and at times even disconnecting the internet line and reconnecting but each time the minute I tried to post her message, it just would not be accepted!!  All other options were working perfectly.  As I was getting late, I thought I will quit and try later.  The problem continued later too.  Late in the afternoon she called and said her mother had just passed away!!  With this experience I learnt and realised that our messages being posted and the very fact we can enter into the chat room itself is a blessing of Swami and without his permission and wish we cannot even post our messages, our prayers. 


02.12.2003 – Tuesday – Swami asked me about my brother and I told him in fact Swami I haven’t spoken to him for very long.  He said I think he wants to talk to you.  I had not checked my emails for very long time and after few days when I checked my emails I found my brother had sent me an email in end November and asking me why I haven’t spoken to him for so long, have I forgotten him etc.  How aptly/correctly Swami had mentioned to me that my brother was trying to get in touch with me!!


1.08.2004 – Sunday - I was standing in the balcony and thinking Swami last year on 1.08.2003 you had given me a photo written you are always with me.  Where are you?  You always say if you pray sincerely your prayers are answered, if you think of me deeply you will definitely get a reply.  Do you remember me.  Within few minutes JK came back from office.  He had collected one parcel sent by my friend to me.  She had just returned from her vacation and had bought for me Ramayan and Mahabharata books.  When I opened the books, in that I found she had sent 2 pocket calendars also, (this she had not mentioned to me) of Shirdi Baba – the original photo of Baba.  Immediately I felt, just now I was praying to Swami are you there with me as promised by you, and here he had answered, he came to me in the form of Baba!! Thanks Swami Baba for being with me always and listening to me and also answering to each prayer of mine.


Divine Leelas of Swami!!


24.08.2005 – Wednesday - Neha and kids had returned from Bombay after vacation and my sister had sent parcel for us through them.  Karishma and Divya always send rakhi for my nephew and my sister will send some gift for them as Rakhi Gifts.  This year she had sent gold ring for Divya as demanded by Divya.  As usual I took the ring and bracelet my brother had sent for me as rakhi gift to keep in Swami Murti’s hand for blessing.  When I was putting the things in Swami’s hand, the ring first slipped and straight went and planted itself in Swami’s thumb and it is still there.  I then placed the bracelet in his hand.  What amazed me was that how Swami immediately grabbed and took the ring for his thumb and accepted our offerings!


18.12.2005 – Sunday.  I emailed my experience to Swami.  After doing so I felt so relieved. It was as if I was carrying some burden and had just returned it back to its owner.  Swami while writing my experience I re-lived each and every moment again in my life and enjoyed those experiences once again.  My kodi kodi thanks to you Swami for blessing me with all the opportunities to experience and realise you that is GOD. Also here I would like to say that while I was writing my experience during December, 2005 each time I would start typing on the PC I could hear the tape loosening on the Swami’s photo in the passage where I have fixed garland on his photo with tape.  Each time the tape would loosen up and that too only from one particular side only the garland would fall down. No matter any number of times I would refix it but no sooner I would start reading or typing my experiences immediately this would fall off.  After many repeated attempts to fix the garland I surrendered to Swami’s wish and refuse the fix the garland back.  After I emailed the experience to Swami, I re-fixed the garland and lo! it has stayed there!!


20.12.2005 – Tuesday.  We went to Abu Dhabi Mall to see Santa Claus. JK was telling us Santa will be there tomorrow since weekend starts on Wednesday. But still we did not give up. He dropped us there and he proceeded to Mussafah to give his car for repairs.  We went to the mall straight to Jashanmal outlet.  Santa was there at the entrance waiting to receive all kids.  He gave Milky Way bar to Divya and then to Karishma.  Then he asked us to take photo with him.  We said no but he insisted saying it is free.  While Divya and Karishma were settling down besides him for the photo he turned to me and said Mama chocolate for you and gave me colourful polo.  After the photo was clicked he asked us to come day after tomorrow to collect the photo.  I just kept looking at his face searching for you Swami – is it you there.  I was feeling embarrassed also for looking straight into a man’s face but somehow I could not help searching for Swami in him for his way of talking and little kind words reminded me so much of Swami.  Previous year too we had gone to the mall Jashanmal and Santa was there.  That time too first he gave chocolates to the kids and we walked inside the shop to look around and I kept telling I am also a kid – Swami’s kid why no chocolate for me.  On our return way out Santa called Divya again and gave one chocolate to her and said give to your Mama, this is for her!! We all just could not believe how it had happened last year and this year too when it repeated I was reminded of the previous year experience.  Thanks so much Swami for being with us all the time.  May such grace of yours be ever on all alike.


Trust Him, Believe in Him – 100%.


04.01.2006 – Wednesday.  I had very disturbing dream about Karishma in the night and I was asking Swami why these thoughts and prayed to him to take care of her.  Since Dubai Shopping  Festival was going to start that evening  and JVC had some promotion in Marina Mall for which some setup had to be done late night on Tuesday, JK was busy in the night and early morning on Wednesday too he again went back to do some setup.  Normally JK drops Karishma to school in the morning then comes back to pick Divya and now the question was who would drop Karishma.  There is one more student going to the same school from our building but since she was out of town we could not send Karishma with her in their car so only alternative was to send her in taxi alone (which we had never done before ) as I had to get Divya also ready for school. As usual I had got up early and finished my prayers to Swami what dilemma is this  I have go to drop Karishma in taxi and send her alone, leaving Divya in the house sleeping alone, then come back and get Divya ready for school.  I cannot go with Karishma to her school for then Divya will not be able to go to school.  Both ways I am stuck and moreover since previous night I had very disturbing dream regarding Karishma those thoughts were also bothering me.  I prayed to Swami I trust you and leave it to you to take care and I felt Swami assured me just pray and leave everything to me – learn to trust and leave the matter completely to me without having any second thoughts about it and doubts.  I went to leave Karishma in taxi and on way called JK again to check if there was any slightest possibility of him being able to come back to pick her up and drop to school but he said he was too busy but asked me to note down the number of taxi in which Karishma would go.  On our way to the taxi stand, we missed one taxi and Karishma was sad that she missed it for at times it is difficult to get taxi in the morning and then she would be late for the school.  I told her never mind.  While waiting for the next taxi I thought maybe that previous taxi driver was not good for Karishma so Swami made us miss it and while thinking so another taxi came.  I put her in the taxi and asked the driver to drop her to the school.  Later I asked Karishma if she had noted the taxi number and she told me it was 15008 and the taxi took off.  When I turned back towards home, I recollected the taxi number and found that the taxi number totalled to 14 i.e. 5.  What more indication did I need from Swami?  Indeed Swami had come in the taxi driver form and taken her to school safely and for my assurance gave me his proof of number 5.  It was no coincidence we missed the previous taxi.  Swami taught me however disturbing thoughts, matter or problem is, just pray and then leave the matter to Swami for him to take it up and solve it.  Do not think any further on it or have any second thoughts /doubt about it.  I felt that Swami had taken my examination and checked whether I really believed in him and trusted him in spite of the dreams previous night, did I leave the matter to him and sent Karishma in taxi alone or took charge of the situation myself and went to drop her to school. The best part of Swami is whenever he takes any examination, he will quietly arrange one gift also as a token of passing his test, which we go through successfully only because of his grace.  All of sudden, that afternoon JK’s mobile had problem, there was no display and in the evening he went and purchased new mobile with camera facility and gave that to me and took my old mobile for himself!!  Thanks million Swami for not only taking examination but also bestowing the right sense, courage and understanding and guiding us to take the correct decision thus coming through it successfully.  These all can happen with your grace and blessings only.


Swami is unique and his ways and leelas are also unique.  His modus operandi are also unique.  How, when, where he will impart knowledge cannot be foretold.  He will correct a person and without disturbing his beliefs yet making him understand the truth will change his beliefs! and take him to the next level of evolution.  With Swami one is always on the journey towards the truth and each millisecond through experiences he trims our nature, making us a better human being and leading us to godliness.  We are born human by birth yet we have many animal instincts very prominent within us.  These habits, nature though difficult to change, we are able to overcome only with our Swami’s grace.  Today when I sit back and think, I find myself a better person than what I was.  Swami’s grace has helped me to overcome so many superstitions, beliefs, doubts, given me confidence and made me have a better, clearer picture of God. In fact he has made me realize God, God which I can see, hear, talk to and feel too! 


Our kodi kodi pranams again to you Swami and we ever seek to remain at your sricharan, in your heart, in your prayers and in your service always. Our prayers are to you only Swami to keep us always with you in each birth.


Lovingly yours

Vaneesha Sherwani – JK, Vaneesha, Karishma and Divya – Abu Dhabi. (Part 2)



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