Jai Shree Ram.


Our Dear Swamiji,


ThankYou Swamiji for all Your Blessings and Protection.


We met Swamiji in 1993, and from the day one, we had understood and believed Him fully. All these years with Swamiji's blessings we got many opportunities to meet Him, attend His Poojas and also experience a lot of miracles. With Your blessings and permission Swamiji, I would like to share few of those.


With a humble pranam at Your lotus feet let me start..


We were in Ajman (U.A.E.) in 1996. It was really shocking to notice a gland in my left breast one fine morning. As soon as I knew about it, we went to our family doctor. She directed me to a Surgeon in Dubai. We were really worried about it. We were lucky that Swamiji was in Dubai at that time in Saraswathi Sundaram's house. I called Swamiji and he asked us to meet Him before seeing the Surgeon. We were so happy and went to meet Swamiji. When we went, He was sitting in a very casual T-shirt and dhothi and spoke to us for a long time. Also assured me there's nothing to worry. Swami gave me vibhoothi not in small packets. He took one hand full of vibhoothi and packed it in a big piece of paper and gave it to me saying this is the medicine for me and blessed me so much with both His hands keeping on my head for a long time. Then we went to the doctor. The doctor asked me to do all the tests including mammogram and biopsy. By Swami’s blessing all reports were normal but the lump had to be removed. The doctor said I could delay the operation for 3 or 4 months, but had to go there for regular check ups. We had decided to do the operation after three months since my son would be having holidays then. I started taking Swamiji's vibhoothi daily and also applied it where the lump was. We were going to the doctor for regular checkups every 15 days. After 2 1/2 months when I went to the doctor he told me not to come again for check up, we could not understand the reason why he said so. Then on the day we were going to India for the operation we called Swamiji at Chennai. He said "Nothing to worry.  You will not have to undergo any operation", which was hard to believe! In India I met the Chief Surgeon in a hospital showed him the mammogram report etc. He examined me and said there's absolutely nothing, there was No Gland!!! He said "no need of any operation and you are perfectly alright". Unable to believe the miracle Swami had done for us, we met another doctor, again a Chief Surgeon at Coimbatore, for second opinion. He also said the same thing. Believe me I had not taken any medicines during those three months except the vibhoothi given by Swamiji. And it was just because of Swamiji's blessings that the gland had gone completely. Like Swami had said while giving vibhooti – This is your Medicine…that is what exactly it worked out! Thank You so much Swamiji for curing me completely. It is just Swamiji's blessings and the magic of the vibhoothi which cured me completely. Koti pranams Swamiji at Your Lotus Feet !! 


How we shifted to Abu Dhabi is also a miracle!! In 1997, there was a Pooja in Mr. Jayarajan's house in Ajman. In that pooja Swamiji told my husband - Soman that he would be shifting to Abu Dhabi. We were surprised to hear this because; Soman was working in the IT Dept., of a Bank which had its Head Office in Ajman. So chances of a transfer were very less. Moreover, we had no plans to change the job. But to our great surprise the Bank decided to shift the Head Office to Abu Dhabi in 1998, and Soman was the first person to be transferred to Abu Dhabi. Unbelievable Swamiji and thank you so much for all Your Blessings.


In 1998 we shifted to Abu Dhabi. There were lot of tensions and pressures we had initially. We used to call Swamiji often those days. Whenever we called, He used to ask when we were going to start construction of our house. At that time we were not even thinking of it. Swamiji told us "you will make a beautiful house and I will be the one lighting the lamp there". Unexpectedly we came across a construction project in Trichur. With Swamiji's blessings we started the construction soon. In the final stages of the constructions I went to India. It was in 2001. We fixed the House Warming around 25th of August. I called Swamiji to tell Him about the House Warming and also took His blessings for the same. After few days my granny told me that August 30th is a better day for House Warming since it was Uthradam day (previous day of Onam). So I called Swamiji to inform him about the date change from 25th to 30th Aug. But to my great surprise even before I could say the date to Swamiji, He was telling me that he was coming to Kerala for poojas. After the Palghat Pooja on 29th Aug, He would be coming to Trichur the next day that is on 30th and would be in my new house at 10 'o clock!!! That was my Housing Warming Day! True to his words what he said earlier that he would reach there to light the lamp in my house, he did come!! Another great surprise was my sister.  She had come for the Kerala Poojas but we never expected she would be able to attend the function. After the Palghat Pooja, the next day early morning she came with my granny and relatives to Trichur. The Ganapathy Homam was at 5.00 am. And around 10.00 am our Dear Dear Swamiji reached our new home with His full bhajan group of Chennai, in 2 cars. Swami entered happily and lit the lamp in our Pooja room. Then He started His bhajans which was out of the world!! We had bhajans for 3 hours!! That was a wonderful experience we had. Still we can feel Swamiji's presence in that house. Thank You Swamiji for all your blessings and we seek your Blessings and protection always.


We have experienced a lot of miracles with our Swamij’s grace. I sincerely wish to tell everybody one thing... If you have 100% faith in Him you are always, always, always...protected without an iota of doubt!! Thanks a lot once again Swamiji. Jai Sree Vikraman Swamiji !!  





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