Our kodi kodi pranams to the one and only one God, Our God, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Friend, Relative, GURU and EVERYTHING TO US. – SHREE VIKRAMAN SWAMI, THE ULTIMATE – BEGINNING AND DESTINATION OF ALL. 


Guru is God and God is One.  God and Guru cannot be two different entities. There is no doubt about that.  And when God/Guru is One then it cannot be true that if one form of God/Guru is displeased of a devotee, another form of God/Guru will be pleased with him.  It is not like getting admission in any School or College.  One place my application is rejected no problem.  I will get admission in another place.  If , per chance, due to some action of mine, I have displeased Guru/God, then changing of Guru or form of God will not be beneficial or that the other form of God/ Guru will be happy with me and vice-a-versa is equally true.  All are One and One is in All.  So if One is displeased, All are displeased and likewise One is happy, All are happy.

All scriptures and Swami too says, as one feels intently, so does one realises God.  Meaning, exactly how, what I feel and perceive of God, for God and about God, accordingly I would be realizing, experiencing the same. The merciful God takes the form as his devotee desires to see him in. Hence as each individual has different taste, perception, understanding of God, therefore their realizations and experience also vary.  Roads are and can be many but the destination is only one.  Reaching the destination is the most important point.  Paths chosen to reach the destination does not make one traveller superior than the other or one party correct and the other wrong.


To elaborate on the above point I give a small example.  If I feel Swami is sitting in my house, is around me, protecting me and is seeing and hearing everything then I will experience the same with Swami.  I will actually realise his presence in the house, around me and protecting me. 

As child, in my ignorance and limited understanding, I use to feel at times, that God is partial to few.   I looked at God and assessed him and his love also on the same level as we share with one and another – to say someone is more dearer, closer to us than another or we like someone and dislike few. But with Swami’s grace and blessings, he made me realise my mistake, my folly and showed me that  God/Swami’s interaction with each one  is directly related to his/her feelings, devotion, love for God and  his/her mental link with him.  God’s love for all his creations is the same.  No one is his extra special and yet all are his favourite and his very own special child.  God – Swami, you can say is such a beautiful telephone exchange board where each creation has his/her own distinct, direct and private hotline with him 24/7 and there is never ever any cross connection or faulty line!! 


In childhood, at times, in friend circle each one would talk about their Ishta Devta.  I did not know the meaning of Ishta Devta.  My friends explained me its meaning.  I use to then wonder how come they can have one particular form of God as their chosen deity.  I could never do that.  I liked all Gods equally. At that time, that stage, in my mind there were multiple Gods existing.  Then how can I worship one form and ignore the other. So that place was always empty in my heart.  Today I feel it was for good only.  After meeting Swami, I feel Swami came and seated himself comfortably on that vacant place which was meant for him only.  He took the place and became my Ishta Devta.  After occupying that place, Swami then made me realise and showed me the Unity of God….he showed me he is in all forms of God and all Gods are in him. So when I worship Swami, I worship all forms of God.  One in All and All in One.  So, many Gods merged in One Swami and Swami merged in all Gods!!. Now there is peace in mind and heart.

Swami always says one cannot think without knowledge of God.  This with his blessings, every Swami devotee would be experiencing with each incoming and outgoing breath.  The preceding thought, the next moment action and reaction shows his presence in our every breath.  Why a particular thought or prayers rises in our minds and how it is heard and answered is all unbelievable but yet so happening in every devotees lives every minute.  What bigger miracle or proof of presence of God do we need in our lives? 

Aug 7th, 2012 – It was JK’s birthday today and since morning I had in mind to go to Swami’s Chatroom and send message.  But for some or other reason this kept postponing as I got busy or entangled with one or another work.  Finally end of the day, just before having dinner, I logged on to the Chatroom and what do I see!!  The last updated message is the ‘logging off’ message from JK, Vaneesha, Karishma and Divya.S. – Abu Dhabi.  There is no ‘log on’ message or any other message on Aug. 7th from us.  The only message on that date is ‘Log Off’!!  My last message was of Aug. 6th wherein I have clearly logged off after sending my daily message.  After that message there are various messages sent by many devotees on Aug.6th and Aug.7th.  I could not understand how could there be a ‘log off’ message from us even before ‘logging in’ on Aug. 7th?? After much thought, I felt that since morning I was mentally thinking to send a message to Swami and that had been registered and noticed by Swami hence  when I finally did get a chance to physically do so, I automatically got ‘logged off’  from the chatroom and it was reflected there!!

We can see and feel Swami’s presence always in our house, around us wherever we are.  However apart from that, from past many years I have been noticing every year Swami does show his presence in a unique way on our wedding anniversary day i.e. March 8th.  This started from a year before my mother passed off.  Swami took me into his fold, his care and protection.  Few years back, when I woke up on our anniversary day, I found a packet of kumkum on my leg calf.  I was so happy and surprised too as to how could the packet come there!  I thanked Swami for showing me his presence and giving his blessings first thing in morning on waking up on our special day.

2011 : I offer tea, morning and evening, to Swami in our house. Later, I warm it and drink it.  Morning of March 8th that year, as usual I offered tea to Swami.  Later, I picked it up, warmed in microwave.  When I removed from it and was about to sip, I noticed the cream of tea had formed a distinct ‘V S’ on top. ‘VS’ representing and showing Swami’s presence and blessings – Vikraman Swami!!

2012 : This year it was Holi on our wedding anniversary day.  I prayed to Swami to colour everyone, the world and the Brahamand in his colour, his way.  Later, we went out and on the way JK tried to get for us sandwich to eat but the shop did not have any left.  We then went to McDonalds near petrol station.  JK got down to buy sandwich for us.  Divya and myself were sitting in the car.  Suddenly I saw a coloured circle in the sky.  First I thought it is rainbow but then realised this was in circle not semi circle as rainbows are in.  Then I understood that some plane airshow was going on.  The planes came again and made so many designs in the sky, few in plain white and few in colours.  I felt that what I had prayed to Swami in the morning to color all in his colour, his way…literally Swami was doing that…playing holi and colouring the world.

2013 : This year the day and date matched to the year we had got married.  Our alliance got fixed on March 4th – Monday and on March 5th – Tuesday that year my Guru that time in my life had come to my house especially to conduct small pooja and bless both of us.  Before meeting Swamiji, my guru had appeared in my dream and given me clear indication that henceforth in future she would be guiding me in Swami’s form.  And true to her words, it has been happening likewise.  This year, same day, same date i.e. Tuesday – March 5th, she came in form of Swami to our house, conducted small pooja and blessed us again.  No words can express the true love God has towards his creations.  He is always with us and never leaves us.  Compared to his love for me, I feel that I am not even a speck, ever fickle and wavering, whereas His grip, hold on me is so much more stronger and firm. I sincerely thank him for that and pray that it always remains so.


April 8th, 2013 : Today was Karishma’s second last paper.  Once she reaches the exam centre she will send me a message.  Today, I did not receive her message so I called her.  She said she had reached the centre and she had sent me message but I had not received it yet.  There was still half an hour for her exam to start.  After the call, I got busy with some work.  Suddenly just before her exams would start, I remembered I had not sent my message in chatroom.  I logged on and sent my usual message but while doing so my mind was elsewhere.  When I was about to log off, I prayed to Swami, please be with her and let not this disturbance affect her or anyone appearing for their exams.  With this prayer I logged off and just looked at his photo on my mobile wallpaper. Lo! Behold! That second itself I got the message which Karishma had sent half an hour back that she had reached the exam centre!  Though it was her message, for me it was Swami’s reply to my prayers that he had reached her examination hall and per my request he was there to help her and all!! Jai bolo Vikraman Swamiji Ki!!

Our kodi kodi pranams again to you Swami and we ever seek to remain at your sricharan, in your heart, in your prayers and in your service always. Our prayers are to you only Swami to keep us always with you in each birth.


Lovingly yours

Vaneesha Sherwani – JK, Vaneesha, Karishma and Divya – Abu Dhabi. (Part 5)




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