Jai Sri Ram



‘There is no beginning or end to Lord and his stories’.

So was our trip to Muscat.  Right from the time we were informed about the trip, miracles have been taking place at every step. Swamiji decided to visit and conduct a puja in Muscat during the Eid holidays (5th to 7th November 2011).

When one is with the divine, every moment is memorable and eventful. We would like to narrate our Muscat puja with Swamiji’s blessings.  We were twenty-four devotees from UAE accompanying Swamiji, thirteen devotees from Dubai and eleven devotees Abu Dhabi. Swamiji was travelling with the Dubai devotees.

There are two routes to Muscat; one is by obtaining visa at border on arrival and other by getting visa from the Muscat Embassy in the UAE.

On 29th October night the entire Muscat trip was finalized, visa applications would be coordinated from Dubai/Abu Dhabi as we were expecting a huge crowd at the border. Groups from Dubai and Abu Dhabi would travel separately and meet at Muscat.


Visa application:

-> Abu Dhabi group (Vaneesha):   My daughter (Divya) wanted her father (JK) to come with us, but JK’s passport was with the company and he was refusing to come.  I told Divya we will just pray to Swami and he will do the best for all. 


JK called the Oman embassy to find out the formalities, it turned out that without a sponsor (himself), his family would not be allowed to travel. JK immediately arranged for his passport to be released. Coincidentally, his office driver had gone to the head office in Dubai, so he requested for his passport to be handed-over to the driver. 

The normal procedure required him to send his Labour Card to Dubai, for his passport to be released, but for the first time his management agreed to release the passport without Labour Card and also immediately issued the letter required to submit to Embassy for visa purpose. (1st Miracle)


What a blessing that JK’s Managing Director had to be in the office at that time to sign the letter!!!!  All this was possible only because of Swami’s grace.


-> Abu Dhabi group (Suchitra):  We came to know through JK that the Visa application has to be filled online and Tuesday was the last day to submit the Visa request to obtain Visa by Thursday. We decided that we all fill in the application on Monday evening and submit to the Embassy on Tuesday.


I started filling in the application but I could not submit it as I was not getting any confirmation after submitting the application. I called Vaneesha and we tried submitting it together. Vaneesha taking Swami’s name clicked on the submit key and lo!!! We got the confirmation instantly. (2nd Miracle)


We quickly filled the forms and she took printout and kept all documents ready for handing over to Venkit the next morning for submission at the Embassy.  However, we were much relieved when Venkat informed applications have been accepted and visa will be ready by 11:30 Thursday.


-> Abu Dhabi group (Venkit): I had a important meeting at the bank at 10:30 , what I thought was after the bank meeting I can go to the embassy and collect the passports, because the meeting was not expected to go for more than 30 minutes. After half an hour the main person from the bank got a call from his MD and he went out from the meeting place,saying he will be back soon. But that the person came back only at 12:15, that time also I thought that after this meeting I will be able go to the embassy.


I had the receipt and planned to go to the embassy after my meeting but then due to unavoidable circumstances I was stuck and I requested Vinod to collect the passports.


At 12:50 he told me that he was stuck in traffic. The Embassy had started calling Purnima , Vaneesha and Suchitra asking them to collect there passports. They also informed the embassy will close at 1:00 pm and reopen after 10 days holidays. That moment I collapsed thinking because of me nobody will be able to travel to Muscat.


As usual I prayed to Swamiji's photographs and told him that, you only can save me. Vinod reached the embassy and a miracle happened, they did not ask for the receipt and handed over all the passports to him. Immediately he called me and told that he had collected the passports. (3rd Miracle)


Swamiji I know very well that you have only done it. Without your blessing it was just impossible. The last 10 minutes – Swamiji I can't forget in my life. I didn't know how I was alive at that time.


This entire experience was shared with Swamiji on 7th afternoon. Swamiji touched Venkat’s heart and said, I am touching your heart to give it more strength and make you strong for you took the maximum tension.  You are the Ganapati of this trip.  He also blessed Vinod for a happy married life.


Dubai-Oman border:

->Dubai group (Samrudha): We all were gathered at a common meeting point waiting for Swami to arrive. I saw Ghayathri aunty's car pulling in and i was thinking who was sitting in the front seat and where is Swami?


That’s when I realised that the person was none other than our beloved Swami. I was shocked to see Swami dressed up in casuals and he looked so smart. I can’t express in words! It was really a big and a sweet surprise.

When we reached the Dubai Oman border, we all had to get our passport’s stamped. The entire process took less than five minutes; Mr Haridas who was a frequent traveller on this route mentioned it was a surprise that there was absolutely no crowd. This was again Swamiji’s leela to make the trip comfortable for his devotees. (4th Miracle)

 We had fun singing songs on the way; we did a lot of remixing of songs.  We halted at four locations, at each location we would have some fun with Swamiji, and it was a picnic for us with Swamiji. We were unaware of what was in store for us in Muscat.

->Abu Dhabi group : From Abu Dhabi it was decided to start early as they would have to travel extra 2 hours. The weather condition in Muscat was bad with heavy rain and flood. Throughout the way we have lots of fun. When we reached the first exit point, what do we see? There is absolutely no crowd!!

We all had our passports stamped and Anand decided to go in Venkit’s car. While moving out of the check post, Soman told the Police Officer ‘Khamsa’ meaning 5 people in the car, he had forgotten that Anand was not there.  The best part is the Officer also counted and asked us to move on. We did so immediately laughing to glory. (5th Miracle)



The Police Officer probably saw Swami sitting in the back seat with us!!!


Arriving at Muscat:

->Abu Dhabi group: A week before we travelled to Muscat we saw in the news papers, that it was raining heavily in Muscat causing floods. But on the way to Muscat, there were absolutely no rains; it was dry like peak summer. That itself was a blessing for all of us. (6th Miracle)

We had received directions from the Muscat devotees and Venkit had a GPS system in his car and we were following him. At one point the GPS told us to go in the opposite direction from what the Muscat devotees had told us. Purnima insisted that we call them and ask them for directions. It turned out that the GPS had an old map and if we had followed it we would have been lost. We reached the meeting point and as we got down from our car, the cars from Dubai entered the meeting point.  Although the 2 groups had started at different timings Swami had arranged for all of us to arrive in Muscat at the same time. (7th Miracle)

This was one of the biggest miracles. Later we from the Dubai group felt that perhaps this was why Swamiji was talking for such a long time talking with Sunil and family.

-> Dubai group (Ghayathri):    Right in Dubai when we’re planning the Muscat puja . We were not able to finalize the venue as to where we should conduct the pujas. Mr Haridas whom Swamiji lovingly called the moolsthana Ganapathi for the Muscat puja had spoken to his friends and seen some houses. Swamiji said, “even if we cannot find a suitable location HE will conduct standing pujas in Muscat where ever he goes”

On arriving in Muscat Swamiji shook hands with the entire Abu Dhabi group and then started speaking to the three new devotee of Muscat who had come to welcome Swamiji. Swamiji lovingly called them Trimurthis, we had our first standing puja for over half an hour. Swamiji spoke with each of them.


 Swamiji:  speaking to Mr Kishore “you have a lot of new clothes”.

Mr Kishore:   Yes , I am going on vacation for seeing a girl (bride).I am not sure if things will finalise.

Swamiji: “you will see two girls and you will like one and your marriage will get materialised during this holidays”.


Swamiji: speaking to Mr Sunil asked who is‘Kuttan’.

Mr Sunil: fully surprised and smilingly answered that is my pet name.


Swamiji: turning to Mr Sanjeev, “You have plans of starting something new?”

Mr Sanjeev: Yes, I am on verge of starting a new venture.


When Swamiji was talking to them we could see that Mr Kishore was shell shocked. He had a bewildered expression.They had only heard about Swamiji from Haridas and here on meeting Swamiji their own experience started. Swamiji spoke to them about what had happened in their lives. Also Swamiji mentioned that they look like airline staffs. Later on we came to know they were dealing on similar lines.


Grand Mosque:


->Abu Dhabi group: We thought of going to the Grand Mosque for a little sightseeing. When we reached there we started clicking pictures. A person came and told us that he worked there and it was forbidden to take pictures. Upon our request, he was kind enough to open the door to the prayer hall.  We were standing near the steps at a considerable distance away from the hall but Swami, what a gush of calm, peace, vibrations entered within us on his opening the door!!!!  It’s difficult to explain it.  (8th Miracle)


Thanking him and Swami, we left from there and went to the beach.  Getting down from the car and seeing the sea, Purnima sang a song kadalinakkare ponore from a famous malayam movie Chemmeen. Our jokes and laughs continued there too. After this, we went back to the hotel for lunch and getting ready for the puja in the evening




Sanjeev’s house:

         -> Dubai group (Sonu):  We all visited Mr. Sanjeev’s house, again it was a beautiful talking puja. They all were awestruck with Swamiji’s talk.

Then Mr Sanjeev took us to the apartment he had taken up for his business. We went there to check out if we could have the evening puja at that location. Very kindly Swamiji explained to him as to how to deal with  customer’s, how to welcome them and told him the right position of his work desk, the best part was that Swamiji sat on the chair, which Mr. Sanjeev was going to occupy later on, when he resumes office.

In the last place Mr Hari Kumar came down to recieve Swamiji.Swamiji started talking with Mr. Hari Kumar. Swamiji spoke to him on many events of his life. When Swamiji mentioned about a trip to a temple in India where he got scared, Mr. Hari was astonished and surrendered to Swamiji and then narrated the entire episode.

-> Dubai group (Satish):  While they were talking, I decided to call my friend Ricky as I needed to convey an important message. However, he did not take my call even after calling twice. I was quite disappointed.

After we went upstairs, Swamiji in the course of talking to the host suddenly looked at me and asked if I was thinking of my friend and was disappointed. I was really surprised and replied in the affirmative to which Swamiji said that he will call back.

Barely had a few minutes elapsed than my phone rang and the call was from Ricky, my friend. This was really a great miracle. (9th Miracle)

Thank you Swamiji for assurance that you are with us every second!

It was decided we will have the evening puja at Mr Hari Kumar’s place.


Hari Kumar’s house:

 Swami looked smart and handsome in a beautiful sherwani.  He shook hands with all assembled and we started for Mr. Hari Kumar’s residence. 


There were 6 cars along with the cars from Muscat one in the front and one at the back escorting us to the pooja venue. It was so nice that all the cars were going in line.


In between couple of cars entered and we were saying that Swami, please make them go left or right so that we will not miss the route. To our surprise all the strange cars were listening to our prayers and gave way to us in order not to miss the way and reach together to the pooja venue. (10th Miracle)


When we entered the house one particular boy in the pooja caught my attention.  He was sitting in meditating position chanting “Om Swamiyea Nama” and was asking other kids also to do so.


Swami entered the hall, lit the lamp and then started the marvellous pooja. Swami had the hanuman Jayanthi 2011 and 1999 Astoria Hotel Pooja DVD played for all.


-> Abu Dhabi group (Vaneesha):  In that pooja(Astoria), after welcoming Swami, Mrs. Kunda was introducing and speaking about Swami, calling him “Modern Swami”.  Now, that morning, when we were at beach, we had found few small conches (shankh) but then had kept them back as Suchitra said someone mentioned to her, that we are not supposed to keep it in house. Then Purnima said, she too had heard someone saying that keeping Krishna with flute is not good.


So few people kept Lord Krishna image without the flute, and to this, Swami had once said that, when we talk about Krishna the first image we get in our mind is Krishna with Flute and if you remove the flute you are taking away Krishna’s identity”.  Then I added that our Swami is Modern and he will definitely give a modern, updated version logic and understanding about these conches (shank).  Here in the Pooja hall Mrs. Kunda is also calling Swami as ‘Modern’!!! 


Later Swami was talking to one devotee and he spoke of people taking away flute from Krishna saying it’s not good to keep in house! My God!! This was the second indication given by Swami to us showing his omnipresence.


-> Dubai group (Samrudha):  We saw everyone looking so different including Swami that’s when I thought maybe swami put on this video to show them how the puja were conducted in Dubai and how different we all looked back then.





I was thinking maybe the baby me would be shown and within a span of five minutes the video camera was focussed on a small girl sleeping in mom’s lap and Swami said, “Oh! see Samrudha look it’s you”.


I thought at that point that yes like always swami knows everything.


            -> Abu Dhabi group (Suchitra):   After that Swamiji asked few devotees to sing and then Swamiji started singing. It was a treat for the ears and heart. Swamiji sang lots of bhajans all new and very old which we didn’t hear for so many years. All Muscat new devotees were so surprised to see all this. Then Swamiji started talking and all. Swamiji talked to each and every devotee present there.


Highlights of puja:

Two devotees were having health problems and did not realize the fact that they have to take care of their health. Swamiji was kind and took so time to make them understand that it is very important for them to take medicines regularly and undergo the required tests at the right time.


One devotee had severe back pain. Swamiji’s medical miracle started immediately, he told her to do few exercises and after doing for some time she was feeling better. (11th Miracle)


 Swamiji asked Mrs Hari Kumar, whether there were any sweets in her fridge. She was not sure and said ‘No’. We all insisted her to go and check in the fridge. She went in and brought a small box of sweet. Swamiji tasted a small bite from that and said that there is some more sweet. Again She went in and brought a chocolate. Swamiji said still there is something.. She went in and came with a big container with banana chips and Sarkkara Varatti (sweet made out of banana). Swamiji said that this is what I was looking for, took couple of pieces and asked them to distribute to all the devotees in the hall. (12th Miracle)


This is all to realize that GOD is watching us every second. We might forget but GOD never forgets.


-> Dubai group (Sonu):   It was very late around 2 in the night and the puja at Mr.Hari’s house was on full swing, Sunil’s parents were sitting on the chairs, we asked them if they wanted to rest in the bedroom, very sportingly they said, no, we are not tired, we are fine listening to Swamiji.  Such was their enthusiasm.


Shiva temple:

->Abu Dhabi group: We came to know of a Shiva temple and were also given a map guiding us to reach there. We also check with a few people outside the temple. One family gave all details and left.

We tried to use the GPS but it did know, we had got so used to the GPS that we lacked confidence without it.

Finally we took a chance and just left the parking when the same family came across and asked us to follow them as they were also going to the Shiva temple. We were so happy and thanked Swami for sending the family, we reached the Shiva temple to see Swami’s wonderful unity of universe.

Omani ladies dressed in traditional dress stood outside the temple selling pooja materials. As soon as we stepped inside the temple we saw a signboard,

“Jai Shree Ram to all devotees”

We had a good darshan and returned to our apartments to rest.


Returning home:


->Abu Dhabi group: We hardly slept for an hour when we got a call informing us that there will be no pooja that day and we can proceed back. We felt sad that we would not be able to meet Swami before leaving. No sooner than this, we got another call asking us to come to Swami’s room as he would like to meet us all before we departed. Our joy knew no bounds


Swami looked dashing, handsome, cool and comfortable and with a divine beautiful smile on his face.  He again shook hands with everyone.  There started another round of our laughing pooja. 


We were narrating to Swami how each and everything that we had discussed the previous day were echoed by him in the pooja. Truly Swami always says we must realize that we cannot even think without the knowledge of God that’s him!!


Then Swami showered a wonderful blessing on all present in the room – that ‘We all would be going to the Golden Temple along with him and sing bhajans!!’ Zillion thanks Swami for the blessings and we look forward for this pooja.


While leaving after taking his blessings we were telling Swamiji that we went to beach also, he immediately started singing kadalinakkare ponore and we were shocked as this was sung by Purnima in the beach the previous day!! That was the only thing left out which also got covered by Swami.  Unbelievable!!!


-> Abu Dhabi group (Purnima):   When we started from the hotel where we stayed, we met Swamiji near our car. He blessed us, and told 


''You all were laughing too much throughout the trip, so the water is jealous of you people she just wants to trouble you.  She will be waiting for you to receive you and little trouble she is going to give you. Nothing to worry, my protection is there. God is with u all.''


Around 5.00 pm just before reaching Sohar, it started raining heavily. Never in our lives had we seen such a heavy rain in the Gulf. Soman was following Venkit, because of the heavy rains Soman couldn't see Venkit's car even. There was lightning and thunder and worst was the storm and above all, it was dark and no street lights. We couldn't drive at all, so we both parked our car on the side.


One branch of a tree fell on Somans car with a heavy sound, I was literally shivering in the car and phones were not working. We were chanting Jai sree ram. Vaneesha sitting next to me told me not to worry. Swami already told that water is going to trouble us little but nothing to worry. We waited for fifteen minutes there and when we left the rain reduced. In another 10 to 15 minutes rains stopped completely and it was completly dry till we reached  Abu Dhabi , we didn't have any problems on the road as Swamiji predicted(13th Miracle)..


Thank you so much Swami

-> Dubai group (Satish):  Before returning to Dubai we went for lunch to a restaurant nearby. My friend and his wife, who live in Muscat but had never met Swami before, also joined us.


Immediately after lunch when we were out of the restaurant, on the pavement Swamiji started talking with my friend’s wife. He spoke to her at length about her house in India, her health and family. He then taught her some exercises for the back which would heal her of the health problems she was suffering from.


When we rang her the next day, she confirmed that she was feeling much better with just one session of doing the exercises. (14th Miracle)..



-> Dubai group (Samrudha):    I was travelling to and fro from Muscat in Satish uncle’s car because of the heavy rains there was a point where we lost track of the others and it was hard for us to make out anything and at that time suddenly we didn’t notice that there was branch of a tree fallen down in our lane and when we drove over the branch but our car and all three of us inside were safe.


Nothing happened to us that’s when Renu aunty told let’s chant the hanuman chalisa and believe me it was raining so heavily then and we all were worried but with full faith we started and within 5 minutes after we finished chanting no exaggeration here the heavy rains we were experiencing till then just vanished and after that we only experienced drizzles and had a really safe ride home. (15th Miracle)..


-> Dubai group (Ghayathri):  At the immigration point we all got down and finished our formalities.



Swamiji: to Samrudha what plans you have for dinner?


Samrudha: Swamiji, a perfect end to this trip would be to have dinner together.  Swamiji shall we all have dinner together?


Swamiji : Suspense......


Ghayathri :  We will call and inform


We all boarded our respective cars. Swamiji also said let us go to Arya’s resturant. We called and checked and found they will be open till midnight. Then the others were informed to join in at Aryas.  Despite being past 11 at night we all got whatever we ordered at the restaurant. It was very memorable dinner with everybody joking and laughing.


Swamiji also started speaking with the server and cashier. They were wonder struck and listened carefully. As we were on our way out I told the server that he was very lucky to get blessed by our guru Vikraman Swamiji. He immediately said oh! I have heard of him and ran to take Swamiji’s Blessing again.


Later on we came to know from Mr Haridas that Mr Kishore who had proceeded to India has seen two prespective brides as predicted by Swamiji and now his marriage is finalised to take place in 2012. (16th Miracle)..


Thank you Swamiji for this wonder full experience!


List of devotees:


            ->Sharjah:  Ghayathri and Krishnakumar


·        Sonu and Kanakraj

·        Renu and Satish Bhaskaran

·        Shalia, Shashwath, Samruda, Sunil and his parents

·        Hari Das Menon

            ->Abu Dhabi:

·        Purnima , Soman and Anand

·        Vaneesha , JK and Divya

·        Suchitra , Kannan and Pragatha

·        Venkat and Vinod

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