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Experiences from

Babu Sadanand  & Family,Dubai



If at all anyone read my experience, my humble request to you is just make a chance to visit and see Swamiji one time if you have not met him and decide whether it was worth your time. Life is a very complicated phenomenon and God give experiences in life to each and every soul in different ways. It is more than two decades that I and  my family have been in touch with Swamiji. We have really experienced the presence of God after coming into his fold and we fully surrender to him and in each step can feel the divine blessings being bestowed on our whole family. Though it is not significant to others I write a few of my quite recent experiences.


1.    Swamiji each time in his pooja will ask my elder son “Where is your wife ?” and we have been trying to find the right match for him as per his wish. Though it took quite some time recently in one of the pooja he mentioned that his marriage is already arranged and the girl will be from Trichur area. He got married this Feb.05 and the girl is from Trichur and her name is ‘ANJANA MENON”.


2.   After working long time in Dubai I got retired last year and I was in dilemma on what to do further. Usually I attend as far as possible all the poojas Swami conduct in Dubai and in one of the poojas he mentioned that my retirement will be extended

for another three months and same was confirmed. Further he said at the right time he will do the necessary. I was not having any clear plans of how I will spend my retired life. However, suddenly it came to my mind that after staying for long time here and having got Sales experience in Trading it would be proper in setting up a small trading office. With Swamijis blessings now I am working and could stay here


3.    Swamiji recommended us to send our daughter to India for    Higher studies after she completed her schooling in   Dubai.    However our daughter was very reluctant since she never stayed in India for long as she was born and brought up here. She wished to stay with us as far as we stayed here.  We insisted that she should study in India and she can come anytime she wished if she get a few days holiday. Finally she agreed and after one and half years of struggle, she realised well why Swamiji decided to send her for studies in India. She has realised now the difficulties each one undergo in life and how to overcome it through confidence and will power. Actually this is a great lesson one has to learn in life than securing any big degree. Now she is even ready to undergo further studies there.




Swamiji is really a source of power and confidence. So please make continued effort to see him and at the right time decided by God Almighty you will be blessed with peace of mind and confidence to cross through the passage of Life.


With Pranams at Swamiji’s feet

Babu Sadanand & Family, Dubai


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