I am very proud to share Swamiji’s miracles which had happened in my life.

My kodi kodi pranams to my beloved Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji.


I started my journey with Swamiji 13 years ago, it was at 2002 when I was blessed to have his Darshan at the Sindhi ceremonial hall. My life is fully changed with the blessing of great Shri Vikraman Swamiji. Here I am going to share some of the miracles that took place during my journey with Shree Vikraman Swamiji


I am attending Swamji’s pooja with free mind, when I am in front of Swamji and when I am hearing the Bhajan’s of Swamiji, I am unable to define where I am, Swamiji when you are in Dubai, me and my family are having full of happiness and joy and feel that we are safe in Your hands, we don’t have words to express our love for You.

First part

Here I want to share one miracle that   happened by the blessing of Shri Vikraman Swamiji.  It was on 2005 , swamiji’s pooja at Shri Satish Bhaskaran’s house,  Swamiji asked me what about the property and he asked me what was the discussion about the property, one day before that pooja one of my friend had discussed with me about one plantation at Palakkad and I was impressed with that and  had an ambition to buy that plantation , but  I didn’t have enough money to buy that plantation. In the next pooja itself  Swamiji asked me about this, I said I don’t have enough money to buy a property . With a smile Swamiji  told me I am arranging a good property for you and you can see me presence  when you visit that property. The next vacation I went to Kerala with great ambition to buy a plantation in Palakkad. But frankly speaking I didn’t  have enough money with me but I had trust on my Swamiji  because  my previous experience proved that if Swamiji said something,, it is like written on a rock,, it will never change . I was seeing the plots in Palakkad, I was not satisfied with the plots, that day I was sleeping in one of my friend’s house. I saw Swamiji in my dream and he was walking through a plot where lot of coconut trees, teak and it was full of greenery and he gave some thing to me. I suddenly woke up and I saw that I was holding something in my hand, I got ready and went in search of the land, and entered in to a plantation I was surprised that it was the same land that I saw in my dream, I called my wife and told her about that and we recollected the words that swamji had said “I am arranging a good property for you and you can see me while when you visit that property”. Then we decided to buy that property, but it was out of our budget. I spoke to the land owner, he was in bad debt and he asked me if I can able to pay full amount within 2 months he was ready to negotiate the price. With the Blessings of Swamiji we were able to arrange the full money within two months and we bought that property. Here I am expressing my hearty thanks to my dear Swamiji , I was able to buy that plantation only because of  your blessings, , my dear Swamiji, YOU ARE GREAT.

Second Part

We are very happy to share a miracle that had happened during my daughter’s birth by blessing of our Shree Vikaraman Swamiji. It was truly a miracle in our lives.

It was on March 2006, when my wife was carrying my younger daughter,  Swamiji was always asking about her health and informed that her health was not ok..She went to India in January for delivery and facing many health problems, I was in Dubai at that time, my wife didn’t inform me about all these issues because she knew that I will be worried.

In March a pooja at Monalisa building, suddenly Swamiji called me  and asked “Jinachandran, how is your wife. I said she is in India Swamiji. Swamiji asked again “ What about her health?  And Swamiji said again , her health is not ok, she is suffering from health problems” and Swamiji gave some viboothi for her and asked me to send this to India for her. I sent it and on March 25th she got viboothi. At that time she was tired and was planning to go to hospital. I called and asked her to take viboothi with water and later she went to hospital. In that hospital it is very difficult to get an appointment but that day she got First token number. The doctor did her checkup and suddenly the doctor said the baby is struggling, heartbeat of baby was in critical stage, and within seconds doctor did emergency operation and took out the baby and at the same time doctor informed my mother-in-law that if we had delayed coming by two hours, we would have lost baby. 

I know very well our beloved Swamiji, who arranged the first token number in the hospital for my wife, that is the only reason we got my dear daughter alive.

But the baby was in critical situation, she was shifted to ICU in another hospital. The doctor’s informed that this situation may cause heart and brain damage. We prayed to Swamiji with tears and I called Swamiji.  Swamiji said don’t worry she will be all right within 10 days.

You believe it or not, to the surprise of the Doctors my daughter  began to be normal and the cardiac diagnostic test shows that heart was functioning properly.  As Swamiji said  on the 10th day she was shifted from ICU. But the doctors were not satisfied they said we should do the brain development test after six month because it seems that there is 90% possibility that baby could be mentally retarded. We felt sad again but we believed in our Swamiji and from that time itself my wife began to give the baby, little quantity of  viboothi along with her medicine.  By surprising all the doctors again the brain development test also gave 100% perfect result. 

My dear Swamiji, it is you who gave me a healthy daughter, and so we are calling her Archana as Swamiji’s daughter’s name is also Archana.

 With heart full of love we are submitting ourselves at in the divine feet of Swamiji


Thank you very much our dear Swamiji…………Jinachandran and Vidya Jinachandran - Dubai


Third Part

I would like to share one of the recent miracle which had happened with the blessing of our great Swamiji.

 I was working at one of the Jaint oil company at Dubai, Unfortunately on 1st September 2011, I lost my job, I called up Swamiji and told him show little mercy to me , I lost my job, then suddenly Swamiji told me “don’t worry, you will be in Dubai only, you will get better job than this , I am with you”. Swamiji’s words give me more confidence and tried to get a job. Meanwhile Swamiji reached Dubai and it gave me more courage. At the same time I was called for interviews from good companies but the salary that they offered was less than my previous company. But I was ready to accept this less salary as I was worried about my daughter’s studies and maintaining the present visa also. So I was ready to join that company and I was ready to negotiate my benefits, but Swamiji told me with a smile “don’t worry , you will not get what you are expecting now, you will get better than this , it may take time”. Then my wife told swamiji that we were worrying about our Visa, company is forcing to cancel Visa, Swamiji asked us with a smile” How many Visa you want?”, Next day I went to my office to receive my settlements and I request them to hold my family visa up to this academic year, before they were not ready to hear my words but this time my Manager didn’t have any objection and they gave all my settlements without cancelling my visa and they  were ready to hold Visa up to March without any bound. I knew very well this happened because of Swamiji’s words

Months were went on, it was December 1st week I didn’t get any offer letter. On December second week I again called Swamiji , on that time I was really sad and told Swamiji I didn’t get job, suddenly Swamiji asked me, “you didn’t get any call,” I said , “ No Swamiji,,, show mercy to me”. Swamiji said “you will get an interview call soon”. After this conversation as soon as I put my phone on the table, my phone began ringing, it was an interview call. On the same day I got an interview from one French based company at Jebel Ali. Next day itself they called me again and discussed with me salary packages, I showed my previous agreement and I was ready to negotiate my salary but they were ready to give all benefits more than my previous company. Within a week I got the job offer letter from France and I joined my new company at Jebel Ali Dubai and within a week they processed my Visa more over I got a Chance to Visit France. Within one month Schengen Visa was stamped on my passport

My dear Swamiji if you says something it is like inscribed on a rock , it never changes, Swamiji you are great,, as you said I got a better job than previous one and  more over two visas stamped on my passport within a month…….and as you asked us how many visa’s you want… it is infinitie visas stamped on my passport, like Saudi , Qatar, Oman, Egypt .. Now also it is continuing…..

Kodi kodi pranamams ……….and always waiting for your blessings

Jinachandran - Dubai



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