I was on a flight from Dubai to Durban via transit in Johannesburg. Immigration formalities have to be completed at Johannesburg and the luggage collected from the International Section after which you have to check in for the local sector from the adjacent Terminal. There is a sufficient gap of around 2 hours to board the transit flight.      


My flight from Dubai was delayed and landed at Johannesburg 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the local flight to Durban. I was given to understand during my earlier visits to South Africa that South African Airlines do not have a policy of rescheduling local flights due to delays in arrival of international flights though a number of passengers avail of local connectivity from the various Airports in their country.


I made a dash to the Immigration Counter which was teeming with a large number of passengers who were waiting in queues to clear the Immigration formalities. My request to a few of the waiting passengers to give me priority due to the urgency to take the connecting flight evoked a negative response and derision. It took 2 hours before I could collect my luggage after completing the Immigration formalities.


I was considering the prospect of changing my ticket for the next available Durban flight because I was sure my scheduled flight had departed. Moreover there was no way I could inform my Office colleague at Durban who was to receive me about this change in the absence of any mobile phone. I was only praying to Swami throughout to bail me out of this situation.          


Our omnipresent Swamiji as always answered my prayers and to my utter disbelief and surprise the same Durban flight was delayed by 4 hours. Passengers and Airport Officials were heard discussing that such a delay for a 45 minute local flight was unusual and literally unprecedented.   


It was not sheer luck but the magic of our beloved Swamiji which made the impossible miraculously possible.






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