Jai Shri Ram

With my humble pranams at your Lotus Feet Swami, I am sharing my experiences with you:

Part -1

My life’s first meeting with Swami:


I met our dear Swami in Feb’2006 in Monalisa Bldg, in Sharjah.  At that time I hardly knew anything  about Swami except for the fact that I had gone through some of the experiences of devotees in Swami’s website.  Swami asked me so many things which had happened in my life in Calcutta and he said you are having so many tensions in your mind and for certain problems you don’t even know what the solution is. That was so true.  Even without me telling me anything about myself, he knew all about my past.  Swami said, don’t worry, all your problems will get solved one by one.  Indeed Swami’s words are so true that today if I look back, with His grace, I have come out of many problems.  My humble and sincere pranams at your lotus feet Swami.

My Chennai Visit – 2007:

I had been to Chennai in Jan’2007 to have darshan of Baba and Swami.  On the day I arrived at Chennai, I immediately left for Swami’s Ashram which was a Saturday.  Luckily Swami was there in the Ashram and I was given token # 1.  I was eagerly waiting to see Swami.  Swami called me first and made me sit.  I went to see him with a very heavy heart due to some personal problems.  After talking to a few devotees sitting there, Swami started talking to me and our conversation nearly went on for 45 mins.  He asked me why have you stopped writing “Om Sri Sairam” and asked me to continue the same.  Finally when I was leaving the Ashram, Swami said don’t  worry, when you return to Sharjah, you will see that “your battery will be recharged”.   Baba always used to speak these words and for a moment when I remembered these words when I was in the flight back to Sharjah, I suddenly felt that Baba spoke to me through Swami. When I came out from the Ashram after taking Swami’s blessings, my heart was filled with joy!


My accommodation in Sharjah:


I was frantically searching for an accommodation in March 2009 as I had very few days  left to vacate the sharing accommodation.  I called Swami and cried a lot as I was so worried that within my budget, I had to find a place to live.  Swami told me ‘don’t worry, before I come there, you will shift to a new place”.  After speaking to Swami I felt so relieved and just as he said, I shifted to a nice house which was just within my budget.


Driving License:


I always had a great fascination to drive and wanted to own a car.  In 2007, I asked Swami whether I can apply for a driving license.  Swami gave me his reply “go ahead”!  Only after his green signal, I had the guts to apply for a driving license.  Swami blessed me with a car too at a discounted offer price!  Swami knows exactly the number of stickers the car has and the marks on the car too.  Swami was the one who taught me that the tyres need to be checked atleast once in a month which I never knew before!






Visa for my daughter:


I went to apply for a residence visa for my younger daughter.  When I waited for my turn to come, I gave a missed call to Swami’s number in Chennai.  When I showed the documents I had, the visa was refused as one of the documents was not properly attested.  I was so upset that I just didn’t speak a word and came out to the main door of the Immigration office.  I immediately spoke to Swami in my mind and asked him now what should I do, Swami please do something, I was totally rendered helpless.  Within 10 minutes, Swami sent someone to help me and the residence visa of my daughter was in my hands.  I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me. I thanked Swami profusely as this could not have happened without any divine intervention.  More so, I had no other option left for my daughter and I had to bring her here to study.


Flat in Bangalore:


When I planned to visit Bangalore in Jan’2010, I asked Swami if I could take a loan to buy a flat in Bangalore.  (Precisely an year before this, even before I had thought of buying a flat in Bangalore, in one of the puja’s, Swami asked me “you bought a flat in Bangalore”).  This time, Swami asked me “you want one or two flats”?  I took this as his green signal and left for Bangalore.  The first house I went and saw clicked and that was just exactly within my budget.  Everything went so smoothly and the house got registered in my name with Swami’s grace.


I have read it somewhere that a devotee cannot choose her Guru, it is a Guru who chooses his devotees.  Honestly we are blessed to be under the divine umbrella of Swami with whom we are able to converse, from whom we can check before taking important decisions in our lives, take his guidance and blessings.  Swami himself runs and comes to us to give us his blessings, that is the kind of love our Swami showers on all of us!   The affection he gives all of us is beyond measure!  The very purpose of our having taken this birth is achieved by taking pada namaskars and blessings from our dear Swami! I always think definitely we all must have done some good karma’s in our previous births probably to get such an opportunity in life to be in touch with the DIVINE!


I would like to share a very important episode of my life which dates back to about 12 years.  A Nadi Josier had visited my place when I was in Calcutta.  He had predicted that one day I will converse with God.  Honestly, I never believed his words and thought he was crazy, how I can speak to God!   At that time I never knew that it is really going to be true one day and that too in a foreign country I will meet God in the form of our dearest Swami!  I really don’t know how to thank you Swami for all the bliss & blessings that we enjoy during your divine presence in each and every puja that we attend here.  I can never forget the joy that we all experience in your divine presence and especially when you sing and dance in our midst!  Sometimes you advise us as a Father/Mother, indeed we are so lucky to be under your care and protection!  Swami, please be with us always and forever and in every birth.


Swami always says Faith is most important and there cannot be something like 99.99% faith.  Faith has to be 100% which means total or complete surrender.  When we leave any problem that is in our mind to him with total surrender, Swami takes care of it and we can be rest assured, he will do whatever is the best for us. 


With humble pranams, lots of love and respects.

Shri Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai!


Padma, Sharjah



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