My experiences with Swamiji

Several years ago my mother took me and my two brothers to a friendís house saying that a godman was visiting their place who predicted future accurately. I was curious but not entirely convinced. Swamiji saw me along with others and spoke to me few kind words. I enquired with him about my education. He told me several things which also included my visit to U.S. This was in the eighties. All that he told me on that day has come true. I used to visit Swamiji regularly ever since and he has been guiding me and my family in all our endeavors.

There have been innumerable occasions on which Swamiji has solved problems for us.  Sitting in his poojas is an incredible experience. He sees through time and space and talks to people about past, present and the future. I have seen with amazement all the predictions he made come true. The most significant in my opinion is the water in moon. I have heard him say this several years before NASA found it. Swamiji has made many more predictions about the future and is doing so even now. I have no doubt in my mind that they will all come true too.

Sri Rama Jayam.

Venkat Ramani.

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