I am very proud to share Swamiji’s miracles which had happened in my life.

My kodi kodi pranams to my beloved Lord Shri Vikraman Swamiji.

Third Part

I would like to share one of the recent miracle which had happened with the blessing of our great Swamiji.

 I was working at one of the Jaint oil company at Dubai, Unfortunately on 1st September 2011, I lost my job, I called up Swamiji and told him show little mercy to me , I lost my job, then suddenly Swamiji told me “don’t worry, you will be in Dubai only, you will get better job than this , I am with you”. Swamiji’s words give me more confidence and tried to get a job. Meanwhile Swamiji reached Dubai and it gave me more courage. At the same time I was called for interviews from good companies but the salary that they offered was less than my previous company. But I was ready to accept this less salary as I was worried about my daughter’s studies and maintaining the present visa also. So I was ready to join that company and I was ready to negotiate my benefits, but Swamiji told me with a smile “don’t worry , you will not get what you are expecting now, you will get better than this , it may take time”. Then my wife told swamiji that we were worrying about our Visa, company is forcing to cancel Visa, Swamiji asked us with a smile” How many Visa you want?”, Next day I went to my office to receive my settlements and I request them to hold my family visa up to this academic year, before they were not ready to hear my words but this time my Manager didn’t have any objection and they gave all my settlements without cancelling my visa and they  were ready to hold Visa up to March without any bound. I knew very well this happened because of Swamiji’s words

Months were went on, it was December 1st week I didn’t get any offer letter. On December second week I again called Swamiji , on that time I was really sad and told Swamiji I didn’t get job, suddenly Swamiji asked me, “you didn’t get any call,” I said , “ No Swamiji,,, show mercy to me”. Swamiji said “you will get an interview call soon”. After this conversation as soon as I put my phone on the table, my phone began ringing, it was an interview call. On the same day I got an interview from one French based company at Jebel Ali. Next day itself they called me again and discussed with me salary packages, I showed my previous agreement and I was ready to negotiate my salary but they were ready to give all benefits more than my previous company. Within a week I got the job offer letter from France and I joined my new company at Jebel Ali Dubai and within a week they processed my Visa more over I got a Chance to Visit France. Within one month Schengen Visa was stamped on my passport

My dear Swamiji if you says something it is like inscribed on a rock , it never changes, Swamiji you are great,, as you said I got a better job than previous one and  more over two visas stamped on my passport within a month…….and as you asked us how many visa’s you want… it is infinitie visas stamped on my passport, like Saudi , Qatar, Oman, Egypt .. Now also it is continuing…..

Kodi kodi pranamams ……….and always waiting for your blessings

Jinachandran - Dubai



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