To write about the greatness of our beloved Swamiji is quite elimentary and you can go on recounting volumes of his wisdom,advices and wonders that you have experienced first hand.

Today I would like to share one of the many wonders that I and my family have personally experience at the hands of Vikraman Swamiji.In 1999 we had our first meeting with swamiji at a satsang in Dubai.Over these years we have seen life's many ups and downs(as is bound to happen in anyone's life).At times of need we always found Swamiji's heeling advice and blessings and our problems were made easier and ultimately solved.

Sometimes you do not even realize how your troubles are taken care of and gone. There are no natural or scientific explanations for such wonders.In other words these are like miracles.

In 2003 I developed severe pain in my right ankle tendon,which made walking pretty painful and difficult.It kept on troubling me for almost a month inspite of medication and support.I, being a doctor, had the advice of various specialists including orthopedicians.Xrays and tests all proved negative .One evening we went to Swamiji's puja at the Monalisa building in Sharjah.I was limping with a strapped ankle as I went in.At the end of Swamiji's talk I told him about my problem. He blessed us and told me that this ailment will go away soon and gave us vibhuti.As we were walking back to our car I felt the intensity of the pain had remarkably reduced.We drove down to our house and the pain was almost gone.I removed the strapping on my ankle and the next morning the pain was gone. By gone I mean gone for good, and it has not returned in all these 10years.

How would anyone explain this incident by any scientific logic.Somethings even in todays super computer age,cannot be explained by any natural or scientific phenomenon.We call them wonders or miracles.
All my respects and pranams to Vikraman swamiji.

Dr.Barnendra Hajra
Ras Al Khaimah

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