The Ever Helping Swamiji

          This is an experience my wife had in the month of August 2013. We had a very old gas stove at our home and we had plans to replace it with a new one. One day my wife was just thinking about how to purchase it and from where. After sometime the telephone bell rang and my wife attended the call. It was from one of our family friends. She called to inform us that they were having a brand new gas stove which they got in subsidized rate when booking for a new gas connection. Since she had already purchased a new one, she wanted to give away the one which they got along with the gas connection and asked if anybody we know want one.. My wife was thrilled on hearing this and she immediately told that we were in need of one and we will take the new one. My wife was really surprised that she just thought about purchasing one and she got one and that too in a lower price. She had not to go to the shop for purchasing it. In this way, time and money was both saved.

We had a similar experience when we thought of changing the Mixie which was also very old. Being a Keralite and since it was Onam season, there was an exchange offer in some shops for replacing old mixies with new one and in reduced price than that of the original price. But at that time we could not go for purchasing it. After the offer was over, one day my wife told my brother-in-law about this and hehelped us in getting one. He knew the owners of the shop. He went and brought the new mixie for us. Here also my wife had not gone to the shop and inspite of it, the item was delivered in our home. In this case also time and money both were saved.

This is our Swamiji’s mahima. He knows each and everything in our mind. He takes care of His devotees when they are in need.



Anil Kumar.K

Dubai, UAE

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