Pujya SWAMIJI, our GURU, koti koti namaskarams at your Shricharan.

In the past ten years of our association with Swamiji, we have loads of experiences and we are ever grateful for the positivity in our life. Some problems / issues do arise but our prayers are answered and issues resolved by dear Swami miraculously every time. The only thing that is required is complete faith and trust. Swami is aware of all that we do and seek and blesses us at the right time. Swami’s timing of blessing is so precise that it becomes unforgettable. We are ever grateful to Swami and appreciate his blessings, miracles, protection and presence in our life.

I would like to share one of our experiences. I missed all pujas in 2013 as I was most of the time in India. Every time I visited UAE in 2013, Swami has left a couple of days before or he would arrive right after my departure to India. On December 5th I came to UAE for a month and attended Friday bhajan on the very next day. I was telling the devotees that it would be the first time in a decade that a year would pass for me without meeting Swami personally. This thought kept bothering me during the bhajan that day. On the next Friday bhajan i.e. 13th December, Sharjah puja was announced for Friday, 20th December. I was absolutely elated and thrilled because both my sons were supposed to be here during the time on holiday and it was a long time that we attended puja as a family. In the last ten years of our association with Swami he has never been in UAE during new year and we therefore believe that this is Swami’s special blessing. We were able to attend the next puja on 27th December as a family and the grand new year celebration on 31st December 2013 too. Thank you so much for that perfect timing, dear Swami. We were able to see off 2013 in style and welcome 2014 with Swami and his blessings.

We always seek your blessings for us, our families and all your devotees around the world.


Vijaya Ravi – Ravi, Vijaya, Manu & Varun - Abu Dhabi (Part 2)








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