Jai Shree Ram


Jai Vikraman Swami

Jai hanuman


There are just three words which I would pen down “TRUST”, “BELIEF” and “PATIENCE”. If you rest these three words in your heart, our dear Swamiji’s blessings are always with us no matter in which corner of the world you are settled in.

My experience is one such out of blue moon. It was just a miracle or Swamiji’s blessing that after 16 years of gap, we got the opportunity to seek his blessings and love again.


·       The Miracle

It was in the month of Navratri when the miracle took place (year: 2010). I was studying in class 12th commerce. It so happened that Srikala Mohun who was our new neighbor had just shifted to a flat on the second floor. I stay on the third floor. She had invited my mother for the haldi kumkum .Being called for the ceremony; my mother went and gave her presence for it. Later on, after the haldi kumkum was done, srikala aunty and my mom were just talking over their new shift in the house when my mother told aunty that I have a daughter (myself) and a son. So srikala aunty then told to my mother to ask me to visit her when I get some free time. My mother after returning back told me that I should go and visit aunty downstairs as she has invited you and she had done very beautiful decoration of different god statues for navratri etc. I being in 12th had a very busy schedule as the board exams were approaching.

After two days or so I just got some free time in the evening and having no tuitions, decided to go and visit Srikala aunty. When I went to visit aunty, she gave me a warm welcome and was happy to see me. Then she showed me all the different idols of god she had decorated on the stand, the small farm she had made all looked amazing. We then were just having a casual chat when aunty just told me that she was making some Prasad and I should take it. So she then called me to her kitchen where I was standing just beside the kitchen door and talking with aunty. Having a keen interest in reading, I just saw a poster about Swamiji’s sayings in it. After coming to the last word of it, on the right corner I just spotted a small circular photo of swamiji. I just looked at the picture and recollected………( 5 or 6 years back, I had asked my mother who is this swamiji and why have you put his photo in the mandir. She then told me who Vikraman swami was and why do we worship him). I just could not believe my eyes. I then just casually asked aunty about swamiji and aunty told me about him. She then very surprisingly asked me do you also know him. ?? I told yes aunty I have his photo in my mandir and etc…

To our surprise , we both stayed mum for a few seconds and after coming back to normal , I told aunty that I have to rush home and tell my mom this surprise. I then immediately took to my heels and went home upstairs and told my mother all what my eyes had seen. She asked first (really did you see the same swamiji or some other) I told her no mom I saw Vikraman swami’s photo.

Our smiles knew no bound of happiness. We were overwhelmed. My mother and me then immediately went down again to aunty’s place and I showed my mother the photo of swamiji.

She was surprised and asked me how come you spotted him. I came to auntys place two days back and I also came to auntys kitchen but I could not spot him. I then told her smilingly that see mom I am swamiji’s child only that’s whyi could spot him.

This was the miracle, which occurred at srikala aunty’s place with us. Adding on to a bonus, after a week aunty called up and told us that Swamiji is coming to dubai for diwali and there is going to be a puja in the sharjah hall.

This incident is how we again got reunited with Swami. It’s all his blessings and most important the vision, by which my eyes spotted him and identified him.

So isn’t this just more than a miracle…….


Drawing upon a small conclusion, till date whatever I had wished, be it for good results in exams or basic necessities, swamji fulfilled it all. It is he, who knows when it is the right time to give us what we demand and who all should be given. All you need is to have patience and faith in him and all your problems will be answered as our dear swamiji is no less than the incarnation of Lord Hanuman.


Jai shree ram

Khushbu talati

Dubai (karama)


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