MY Experience with Pooja Sri Vikraman Swamiji!


       Kodi Kodi Pranams to Your Divine Golden Lotus Feet Swamiji, My Lord- The Living God…


         Swamiji’s miracles in my life is uncountable, HE shows his presence and does miracles in each and every aspect of my life. I would like to share some of the most important miracles happened to me.  


       (1)  In May 2006, I was at my native Madurai and my husband was in Chennai. I could’nt forget that day, when I came to know that my husband was admitted in ICU Apollo hospitals Chennai, as he fainted in heavy pressure. I rushed to the hospitals with my parents, and I came to know that he had cavernous angeoma. Doctor’s asked my permission to open the skull. I told them to give me one hour time and immediately called Swamiji, but HE was in Dubai at that time, then I called my sister Suchitra(Abu Dhabi) to contact Swamiji and explain the situation. She contacted through Proonimaji. And Swamiji, said not to open the skull,and has said,” SWAMI had stopped the forth coming trouble and Shankar will become alright soon”. When I said “no” for surgery, my parents-in-laws and doctors were questioning me and was not accepting. They said “you are responsible whatever happens to Shankar. I thought to myself, SWAMIJI is with me, nothing will happen. Then doctor’s said,”anyway to give report, we have to do another MRI scan to see if there is  any oozing. After taking MRI scan, the doctor’s said….Miraculous… there was no sign of oozing and pressure got reduced”. Everone was astonished. I felt grateful to Swami My Lord “The Living God” and I left everything in Swami’s feet and took back my husband from hospital. By the Grace of Swamiji, my husband is very healthy nowadays than before. If headache comes also, I use to pray and give Swamiji’s Vibuthi and Swami makes him alright.


(2) Another wonderful miracle was that,when we went to a pooja held in Nanganallur (April’2008), Swami asked my daughter,”do you like to go to Dubai”? she said,”yes Swamiji”. Then Swami said,” I am going to meet you soon in a pooja there”. As soon as we got blessings and came out of that pooja my mom and brother called from Dubai and asked us to come for the vacation there. I was really surprised. Soon we went to Dubai and Swamiji met us in Dubai pooja and blessed us. While blessing there HE said,” Shankar is going to work in Dubai, your children are going to study here”. After coming to India, when we again met Swamiji, during HANUMAN JAYANTHI, Swamiji asked my daughter,”you want to ask any thing to me”. She said Swamiji, I want to get 1st rank always as you blessed these years and I also want a brother baby. Swamiji, answered, “yes you are going to get your brother soon and will get 1st rank”. As Swamiji blessed the same year my son Shyam Sai came into this world and my daughter also achieved 1st mark in all her subjects and still getting 1st. When Swami Says and when we trust, so it happens.


 (3) As My Lord Swami said, my husband is now working in Dubai, where swami has blessed him with a designation as a General Manager in a reputed company. And as Swamiji has blessed my husband in Dubai Pooja saying that, me and my kids will also join him in April’ 2012 and also blessed that, Swami has even got admission already in a school for my daughter. Then we were trying for admission during November 2011.In some schools in Dubai they called my daughter to come in Jan’2012. So tried to book tickets for Jan’2012 to get my daughter Shwetha’s school admission. But my husband had some trouble at his work and was in a confusion to proceed further. But we were trusting only Swami’s words and so he asked one school for entrance exam date to book tickets, Swamiji again reduced our trouble by another miracle, by making that school to send question paper to her present school here and write exam and send it back through school. In other schools they accepted for test on arrival. And we booked ticket for April ’2012.What Swami Said, it happened. Whenever we were in trouble, we just say Swamiiiiii….., What to do Please Guide us LORD, immediately he gives a solution through some way. We are really blessed to be born in this world where Swamiji is with us and very very blessed to live in his presence. The greatest miracle is that, now at present Swamiji has made us to live in Dubai. We are very blessed with the blessings YOU showered to us My Lord… Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!


Thank You Swamiji, I am really grateful to YOU. We surrender totally at YOUR DIVINE FEET and seek YOUR DIVINE presence and protection throughout our life. Also Thank YOU MY LORD for giving me this opportunity to share few of my most important miracles that YOU have done in my life.





Mrs.Yamini Shankar.Dubai


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