Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.

With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.

Part 26




Swamiji. says," After a long time today is a special day Swamiji visiting chat room. As today is my Birth star day. I am so happy to inform all of my beloved Bhakthas that I have celebrated my birthday for the first time in kuwait with memory of all Bhakthas around the world. Earlier i have celebrated my birthday in India and UAE, and this is the first time i have celebrated in Kuwait which nobody knew except kuwait devotees and one baktha from UAE. As today is my star birth star day i want to meet all the devotees through chat room.I wish you all a very happy wonderful and peaceful life." (1:10am IST)

Swamiji. says," I believe that nobody have expected me on chat room on this special auspicious day, and this is the first time i have kept suspense which devotees did not expected and at the same time on that day i know that all of our bakthas are disappointed,and at the same time I am so happy to meet all of you in the chat room as a compensation.Are you happy? In this i have to remember that all of my bakthas and children are wishing me sincerely from their heart and that is the secret that I am going younger and younger." (1:20am IST)

Swamiji. says," I am very happy, and i have read all your messages, and Swamiji's blessings are always there with all my Bhakthas. I am always with all of you. but one thing i have remind to all the bhakthas sometime what ever i decide and instruct or advise to my beloved bhakthas who are very sincere and who love me very much and who are moving with me ,without any doubt you have to follow swamij's advise which will give you good result, and if you have doubts later on when swamiji is free you can always clarify your doubts with swamiji. because of this confusion some bhakthas are confused and unnessasarily they are disturbed, which i want to avoid. I want all the bakthas to follow my advise with full faith and I can be more happy with those bhakthas so as to reach our destination. where we can be more happy.WISH YOU ALL SUCCESS." (1:46am IST)

Swamiji. says,"I AM WITH ALL OF YOU.I have read all your old message and messages sent after swamij is login. and I am so happy and I Wish SUCCESS to all the devotees who have visited chat room and who could not visit chatroom who are praying from their heart . "Wish you all the best".As iam feeling hungry iam going for my food which ready.Jai Shri Ram. " (1:56am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji you had given a powerful message. Still the happiness what you showered is in my mind and let me live with that. When you are there what fear we should have in our life. Can any bad activities come closer to us? Thank you very much for all the protection and blessing. With your powerful instructions my whole life is streamlined let that continue forever. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (2:55am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"Two hours back when I was doing my morning prayer my mind was parallel getting this message. “When Swamiji is there it is better to keep the ear opened rather than the mouth. When the Ear is opened we could HEar Swamiji’s messages and without FEar we can lead a happy life, rather than make our life TEarful. If we keep opening the mouth we will utter unwanted and get into trouble.” I do not know how you brought this message into my mind. " (2:55am IST)

Swamiji says,"I want all of you to share your experiences through our website so that many of devotess can get peace of mind while reading the experiences. From Today onwords I have decided to spend time in our Chat Room, Listen all the things and Develop our website and its messages to reach every corner of this universe. By Grace of God many things are there which Universe has to listen and realise. In Future too many things are going to happen in this Universe. because of the Unity and Prayer Wonderful things can be achieved by the grace of God. Every Saturday & Sunday, where ever the Puja is going on, where we can see many who experienced and are experiencing in their day to day lives which has to be shared for everybody to know the blessings of God and the power of Prayer and devotion, which is very very essential for our peaceful existance in this small universe. Everybody is requested to try sincerly to write down their experiences and send to me through email or any other way of communication to be displayed on website." (9:12am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"Your messages are powerful for us to realise the truth of life. With your guidance there is no sorrow in our life. We are really gifted in this life to have God to move with us and take care of the needs instantly. Swamiji within seconds we get what we wish. Of course some of the wishes we have to wait patiently till you do because you know what is the right time. What happens without your blessing will be disaster. So please guide us always to get the best because we are your children. " (9:30am IST)

Swamiji says," Natesu Kuwait this time when I was in Kuwait, I was so happy to witness your patience, devotion and immence faith in Swami which nobody can shake. Earlier you had visited Canada , still there are lot of rules and regulation which makes to cross the redline and enter that country. Earlier also Swami has done miracle to take you to Canada. I have decided to take you to Canada and I have decided to do more miracles and Blessings. As per the wish of your family regarding the property which is almost arranged which will get materialized in near future. Wish you all success." (9:37am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, as you said this time of your arrival to Kuwait was honestly I could feel it is second era in my life. Swamiji, what else I know other than You. When God is in front of me and guiding me, why should I worry unnecessarily and wreck my health. You mentioned during 2002 Jayenthi that you are my Swiss bank. What I have is your wealth only. When it is used you are there to take care of it for me. My health too is your wealth, how you have taken care of my sickness by merely praying to you is only you know. What everybody feels it impossible you have done it to me so easily to ease my pain. You waited patiently to make me your devotee now let me wait patiently to perform your instructions. As you said Swamiji you developed that patience in me where can it go now. " (9:54am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"What ever you arrange in Canada is in your hands Swamiji. In 1998 when I got upset to go to Canada you said to me when I am there why are you worried. You leave the problem to me I will take care of you. Swamiji, my wife needs are complicated but when I leave it you will do it because you know both devotion. My family and me are wholly indebted to you for the entire blessing what you shower on us. Rules what you mentioned only you can take care. Every time I go the airport experiences I really enjoy it because you do some kind of a talk over there. I leave that to you. Your instructions are to be followed that is my main concern. How you will make me to do it is in your hand too Swamiji. " (10:05am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"I have already started to write my experiences. With the latest I have completed up to 2001. Swamiji as you told the audience it would take one week for me to speak of experiences please make me to write the remaining. You are there to show me let me write your charitha for the whole world to come to know the power of my Swamiji and with 100% trust in You how we can lead a peaceful life. Every small detail you are there to arrange. " (11:01am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, I just remembered the nail story. Most of the people who know me have asked why I have slightly long nail. The reply of mine was a joke to me. When you explained to Amma luckily Natesu had nail to remove it otherwise it would not have happened, really shocked me too. Swamiji every small detail does not escape you. The latest is no 7 miracle. When you spoke in a devotees house about 7 lamps I was stunned because I just thought about it and you said to me the number. Now number 7 is continuing in my house by calling for your divine hands. " (11:00am IST)

Swamiji says,"Archana - Today is my Bitrth Star. which is luck for you and Amma. I think from today onwords you can see good changes in your studies with good health and confidence. I specially pray for your success in all endeavours. Swami is always with you, Daddy is always with you. I pray for Indira Amma's health and peace. And the boys in our Ashram. Wish you all Success.... Good Night to all of you. Jai Sri Ram" (11:04am IST)

Natesu, Kuwait says,"On this auspicious day we are very lucky to get your blessings Swamiji. Thank you very much for all the blessings to us. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (11:13am IST)


Dear devotees,


The above chat room message of Swamiji was way back in 2005. He requested us to write our experiences with Him not to make Him popular but readers to know that by prayer what kind of miraculous situation a person can experience. When we experience the impossible acts the other souls who do not know similar acts can get confidence that by praying God can shower what we need. All Swamiji say is pray but believe and pray. What is the use of chanting mantras when we do not have belief in what we want?


On writing this experience subject let me narrate very interesting dialogue with a devotee.


Self       : Can you please write some of your experiences?

Devotee: Swamiji never asked me to write my experiences. 

Self       : Swamiji will not ask individually but we have to realize and write.

Devotee: Why?

Self       : Then only others will know what is the divine power can do for us. Tell me why do     

                you do Sai satcharitha parayan?

Devotee:  It is the miracles of Shridi Baba.

Self       : Why do you read Shridi Baba’s book? Do you believe what is mentioned in that

                book? Somebody wrote but why do you read that book?  

Devotee: Do not you believe?

Self       : My question is why you want to read someone who wrote about Shridi baba.

               Those people could have just enjoyed Shridi Baba. Why did they document the

               miracles for people like us to read. If they have not written how we could have    

               come to know of all the miracles of Shridi Baba. Unless we write how the 

               world would come to know what we achieved through Swamiji and how we

               interacted with Him.

Devotee: You write unless Swamiji tells I am not going to write.


When we want something we know how to trouble Swamiji. Self need takes priority than others. When we get any blessing through Swamiji, we do not give due credit to Him. I wrote this because at least now let us start documenting the experiences between us and Swamiji for others to know who is keeping us happy and calm.


These writings will enable others to know how our Swamiji takes care of our needs. Also, like Sai sathcharitha we will have Vikraman Swami sathcharitha for years to come. If we do not document this by saying these are personal are we not selfish by not allowing others also to lead a happy life. Think about it.





I went to office clinic to check my blood pressure. When Swamiji take care of my pressure how can it go up? I thank Him for that blessing. When I was about to finish the procedure one of the office staff walked into the room and complained to the male nurse about his acute back pain. He said cannot sit and work was crying in pain. Immediately I asked him to go back to his seat and I would come over there. He thought I was joking, and then male nurse said to him just listen to Nadesu and go back to his seat. After I finished my check up (which was normal) I went to this person.


I asked him to show where the exact pain is. When he showed I requested him not to use any pillow at least till he get cured. He said he uses two pillows. I asked him if his back pain gets cured what he will pay as doctor fees. When he looked puzzled I mentioned about the honest radio technician and dishonest radio technician story what Swamiji relates to us. Anything comes free nobody appreciates it but when somebody charges high fees everyone would tend to listen to him without knowing they are getting cheated. I showed him what exercise Swamiji ask us to do. I mentioned to him these are the medication my Swamiji request the sufferers to do. I said to him if he wants he could try it.


After one week, in office one person came and asked me to show the exercise what I asked the other person to perform. I went with this person and asked the original patient why he sent the second person to me. He said his pain has completely vanished that is why he sent the second person to me. He was so thankful. I told him I am very happy because he listened to me. Hence no need for any fees to be paid to me. Then I showed the exercise to the second person.


Since he opened his Ear he was able to get the message of Swamiji. I am very happy that Swamiji was able to cure this man. Not only that man, whenever slightest pain develops in my back, I immediately do the same exercise and get cured. For me Swamiji is my SUPER doctor. 




I was watching a movie about Hanuman and suddenly looked at Swamiji’s picture and asked whether He is watching the movie with me. At that moment I felt Swamiji’s presence. Few minutes later I attended a call and it was my Islamic friend Fatima. When she asked me what I am doing I replied that I am watching the movie of Hanuman. She said that already she watched the same movie and mentioned about a particular scene of Hanuman. It stunned me because I just reached that particular scene. It gave me a great joy because Swamiji replied to my question of whether He is watching with me. What a reply of Swamiji. When she saw the movie she was visualizing the life of me and how my Swamiji is taking care of me like in the movie how Hanuman was taking care of the Hero. I was really feeling the same at that moment. This movie made me to realise, life what I am leading and purpose for it. It was wonderful for Swamiji to confirm the purpose of my life. With His presence in my life I have become fearless and observant. When He is there why should I worry? How Hanuman was guiding the hero Swamiji is guiding me through. That is the reason I was stunned with this movie. After watching this movie my heart felt so light and weightless.




Nearly 6 months I felt hearing problem in my left ear. When I went to the hospital they could not diagnose the problem. I managed all these days but now I realised that I have a disorder. I went to see a movie and with the sound system I felt the blockage. I asked Swamiji to cure my ear with a drama finally He partly cleared. Since it was partly cleared and again it was blocking I asked Swamiji whether to go to a doctor and started inquiring how to find a correct doctor. It looks like Swamiji was testing me. Finally when I said I am not going to a doctor Swamiji cleared this block completely. What a blessing from Swamiji!!!!




For a long time I was waiting for Swamiji’s approval to buy a house for my family. Even though He had indicated that he will buy it for us, my wife tries to impose some other’s philosophy into my head. Swamiji, indicated to me that let the crucial activity of someone else finish, for Him to do it for me. Swamiji is the planner so He is right. If I had troubled Swamiji with my impatience, then whole thing could have taken into a wrong turn. As He indicated to me I left it to Swamiji. Otherwise what I do not like would have been forced on me. With Swamiji’s blessing let me enjoy the best what He plan. 


Why do the people put a false mask and try to talk sweetly and hide behind the mask their true feelings. Swamiji’s presence helps me to identify those and tear off the mask. Of course politeness to others while talking does help the other to fear more. Once I have Swamiji’s guidance on an activity in which way others think that activity can be changed by them.


When Swamiji indicated, future situation, why the hurry to reach the goal? Is it worthwhile worrying when Swamiji says what He would do? Swamiji take me through the way He decides. Why not I enjoy His plan and wait for proper handling. I pray to Swamiji, to keep my mind all the time as gentle as cool breeze, green effect and happy visions. I do not want ever volcanic, cyclonic, dessert looking and tsunami effect mind. All the turmoil what I went through before I met Swamiji was enough. I need Swamiji’s blessing to start the move on what my wife wants me to do. She wishes good things for me but all her patience God has transferred to me and now I enjoy her fiery talks. Due to my wife my boiling point has been increased tremendously by Swamiji. Swamiji is really enjoying my wife and me to see who will win against whom even though He has already indicated to me.


During Swamiji & Amma’s last visit while I was driving them for a pooja a conversation developed.


Amma   : Natesan, why you are doing everything slow.

Self        : Amma where am I slow.

Amma   : Your wife also complains that you are very slow in doing anything.

Self        : Amma, she is very aggressive, she needs everything yesterday. So, she pushes

                me. I will be slow till Swamiji says.

Amma   : You must speed up.

Self        : (I was thinking about the Rabbit & Tortoise story) Ok Amma.

Swamiji : Yes Natesan, you are a Tortoise. You are slow but win the race.

Self        : Swamiji, I thought of the story but how can I tell Amma that. Swamiji I plan

                and keep everything. When You show green light I immediately move.

Swamiji : That is right Natesan.

Self        : Amma let anybody criticise me but Swamiji is there for me.


Swamiji, slowly made me to drop my ego, pride and start enjoying other’s happiness and helping others. That has taken me to another path. Finally Swamiji has changed me into a simple person let me be like that till I leave this world. I surrender totally at His feet.




Instead of PRAY to the divine and get all the blessings people tend to PREY towards unwanted and become sinners. These days with Swamiji’s blessings, happening are at lightening speed. Before even could think the activity finishes best way.  


“Can I do it?” has vanished now and instead “I can do it” is going on. By telling Swamiji and then performing execution is very easy. It is merely His blessing that I am, what I am.


Swamiji had so much patience to make me not to get scared of everything He slowly step by step showed me who is interacting with me. Once I understood the power with me now do not get worried for anything. So prayer has become most important part for me to be comfortable with my life. 




On 28th April 2005 after the pooja I collected 2 cassettes of Swamiji's Birthday celebration in Kuwait. On 30th night I started watching the cassette after 11.30pm and finished by 1:50 am. Switched off the TV, VCR and slept. Next day afternoon I went to my friend’s home in the same building and told that I saw the cassette and enjoyed Swamiji's dance and repeated the scene 3/4 times. When she heard this, she was surprised and told me that even she also slept after 3.00am only because there was no electricity in the entire building from 12.00 mid-night. And, so how come I could see Swamiji's Birthday cassette? We both were totally shocked that if there was no electricity in our building how I could have seen the cassette. Only our Swamiji knows how it happened. If I didn’t go and talked to my friend I would not have come to know that night there was no electricity in our building. 




I was thinking of this day 05.05.05 and asked Swamiji what you are going to show me on this day. One of my friend Palestinian origin and American citizen came to see me in my office. 15 years ago, I worked with him in another group. He came to see Swamiji in one of the pooja during May2000. He showed me the money Swamiji blessed and gave him. After that he started telling masters blessing and negative aspect of money draining. I considered him as ignorant but I did not realise the leela what Swamiji had started for me.


Then he asked me where is Swamiji’s picture. In return I asked him cannot you see that my Swamiji is sitting here. He inquired where he is now. Is he in India? I told him not in India, not in Kuwait. He asked did you talk to him. I said every second I am talking to my God Swamiji. He started arguing how he can be God. I told him since I believe him as God he does all what I want. What else I need in my life. I am happy because of him. 


Where ever my Swamiji, he is watching and listening to me. His satellite receives my audio and video signals very clearly. Anything I want with his remote control he just activates it. I never fear because he is always near.


Then he asked me if a person is doing bad thing and worshipping to God how can they do it. I said to him we all are not saints. Even I could commit mistakes and sins but God some way prevent me from doing it. I am really lucky that my Swamiji is always with me and protecting. Then he asked me when you leave office do you take him with you, I said of course. He asked me how. I told him just I tell “Swamiji let us go now”. He could not believe what I was saying. I was just enjoying the fight between his ignorant and his smart mind.


My friend said I am growing old, for that I said I always feel I am 20 years old and my Swamiji too blessed me to that effect. Even after another 15 to 20 years I will be like this and I can do anything what I want. This is possible because of my Swamiji. I asked this person within the past 15 years he knew me, other than my physical appearance what other change has taken place. He could not say any. Then I said that shows the power of Swamiji is keeping me young. Grand final nail Swamiji hit was the best.


He asked me how come my hair colour is changing back to black. When I told him how and what Swamiji has done, he mentally collapsed. The person who argued initially about Swamiji went to Swamiji’s picture and pleaded for Swamiji to take care of him the way how Swamiji is taking care of me. I was so happy because when I talk to others about the experiences about Swamiji they cannot believe at the same time cannot leave without believing. Simple solutions for all problems are Trust and Believe the divine power. For me divine power has come in Swamiji’s form.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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