Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.

With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.

Part 27



One day I received a call from Swamiji.


Swamiji: Natesan this is Swamiji.

Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sri Ram. Natesan I am in Dubai now.

Self       : Oh! Swamiji.

Swamiji: Thursday night I am having a big pooja. Do you want to come here?

Self       : I would love to come to Dubai Swamiji.

Swamiji: Then come.

Self       : Swamiji today is Wednesday late evening. I do not know whether seats are

                available. You know normally all these natives love to go for weekend to

                Dubai. That is the biggest worry. Then FD’s drama will be there to get my

                passport from the company. 

Swamiji: Do not worry your ticket is arranged. No problem for your passport also.

Self       : Then what is the problem for me to come.

Swamiji: OK. Call Mrs. Bose and get the telephone number of her daughter and tell them

                to pick you up from airport and say after the pooja you would stay with them.

Self       : OK Swamiji.

Swamiji: I shall see you tomorrow. Jai Sri Ram.

Self       : Jai Sri Ram Swamiji.


I immediately called my travel agent.


Self      : Susan, Nades here

Susan   : Yes, now when do you want to travel?

Self      : Tomorrow.

Susan   : Where are you going?

Self      : Dubai.

Susan   : You are joking. You know tomorrow is busy day. I know no seats are there.

Self      : Can you please check?

Susan   : I tried sometime back for someone no seats were available.

Self      : My Swamiji said my seat is there so can you please check now. I will leave tomorrow

              and return back Saturday morning.

Susan   : OK. Oh! My God.

Self      : What happened?

Susan   : I do not know how your Swamiji is arranging your seat. To go and come back

              only one seat is available

Self      : Please issue the ticket now before it vanishes.

Susan   : Ok. (Few minutes) Done. Honestly always you are very lucky to get your seats.

Self      : Susan I have my Swamiji who can do anything for me. He arranges and I

              enjoy His arrangements.

Susan   : Ok come in the evening and pick up your ticket.

Self      : Thank you and bye.


This lady might be going crazy how Swamiji arranges the seat for me when there are no seats available with such a short notice and peak travel time. She visibly sees Swamiji’s action. When my colleagues go to buy the ticket for themselves she goes one step further to explain how I get my seats. When they ask me this, with a smile I tell them “Swamiji told me leave your problems to me and you relax. So He does everything”. 


Collected my ticket in the evening and next day morning I went to my boss,


Self      : Can you please sign my passport request?

FD       : Where are you going?

Self      : Today evening I am going to Dubai. 

FD       : I am also going to Dubai to meet some people.

Self      : Which flight?   

FD       : (He said)

Self      : Ok I am going by (XXX). (A big relief that he is not in the same flight)

FD       : Why are you going to Dubai?

Self      : To see Swamiji. He called me yesterday and asked whether I want to attend the

               big pooja today.

FD       :  Oh! I cannot come today but tomorrow I could see him. Can you talk to him?

               and let me know?

Self      : (Making dramas for me to see Swamiji and now on his terms want to see

               Swamiji) I shall try to check with Swamiji and call you. Give me your contact


FD       :  Write down.


I reached Dubai and was received by P.K.Das and was taken to the pooja place. After sometime, Swamiji entered the place and for the music immediately started dancing. Swamiji took me to a different world. The pooja went on till early morning. After I took the blessing Swamiji said when He would call then for me to come to the place where He is staying. Finally by evening I received the call to come to the place where Swamiji is staying. I was dropped off there. Then I had few minutes with Swamiji. Another devotee was asking me to narrate some experience. When I was telling an experience Swamiji slowly moved to get dressed. (A drama was unfolding) This devotee who heard that out of the blue story could not believe how it is possible to happen. At that time I did not write that particular experience. Only a few devotees in Kuwait I had mentioned previously. Swamiji walked to that place to stage and conclude the drama.    


Devotee : Swamiji how did you do that calendar experience for him.

Swamiji: I do not know he is telling I did it.

Self       : Swamiji, I did not request anybody else I prayed to You and it happened.

Swamiji: See Natesan is saying that but I do not know.

Devotee: How I am not seeing like that?

Swamiji: Ask Natesan I do not know?


Everyone knows our Swamiji is very moderate in telling that He does not perform but for me He is the one who performed because I addressed the problem at Him. Anybody can experience unbelievable happenings provided they fully believe it is possible to happen. Rest is Swamiji’s action for the appropriate action at the appropriate time.


Then we went out and had dinner I went back to the place where I stayed and then next day I flew back to Kuwait. I could not call my Finance Director because my Super Director planned to stage the right drama of the day. When I returned and told it to my boss he said he returned in the morning itself.




Praveena and Rao were supposed to move from their existing house. I requested them to move closer to my house so then I could visit them when I want to and play with my friend Krishna. After getting the blessing from Swamiji started the house search and then finalised. Finally they moved closer to my house (5 to 7 minutes straight leisure walk from my house). From their house through the window when I put my head out I could see my apartment.


Praveena is such a simple person who would not spend money without any purpose. At that time she was over cautious in everything. She missed all the pleasures. I planned out the action with Rao that I am going to decorate their house. I stopped Praveena coming with us otherwise what I planned would not be able to be purchased.


After we purchased all what I want (Rao gave 100% approval for me to buy anything). We were on the verge of leaving that area something made me to turn and look. When I saw one spot attracted me. I asked Rao and Krishna to follow me and walked towards that spot. To my naked eye I could not see anything. To both their inquiry I said I do not know anything but some feeling that I should go there. It was closer to 100 meters distance. We walked and went closer and closer, the spot became brighter and brighter but could not spot anything. Finally when I went very close I saw a statue which was made out of some strange material.


Self   : How much is it?

Seller: 5KD(C$25) 

Self   : Five KD !!

Seller: OK for you 3KD(C$15) 

Self   : Three KD !!

Seller: Final price 2KD(C$10) 


I gave 2 KD and purchased it. What a drama. It was Radha & Krishna statue made out of some metal which none of us knew what it made out of. It was such lovely maroonish brown colour. I exclaimed because could not believe that price for such an object the man thought I was shocked with price and finally sold for 40% of the original price. I was very happy. (Swamiji’s drama) 


Rao      : If you have not bought I would have bought it. 

Self      :  I cannot believe how Swamiji showed this piece to me.

Krishna: Uncle from that far how did you sees this?

Self      : I do not know how, but something was telling me go there

Krishna: Oh! My God uncle, definitely Swamiji only did it for you.


After purchasing everything came home. I started to decorate and Praveena was throwing her tantrums. After the decorations I asked her how it looks now, she said nice. Then I said you enjoy it do not talk anything. In life certain things you enjoy do not suppress. I went to buy things for Praveena and Rao and ended up with a divine play from Swamiji. I call Praveena, Mathaji because she is annapoorani for me. I saw her as one of my sisters. Who else arranged this family for me? Definitely Swamiji arranged them.          




Again Swamiji visited Kuwait and stayed with me. One day He wanted to conduct a pooja in my house. So, all the devotees were asked to come. A new devotee came with her husband who was not able to walk without the help of people. Swamiji conducted the pooja and talked to this person about the dog they have and mentioned how caring they are. When Swamiji asked him to sit he said he cannot sit. Swamiji has his ways so he said I will take care of you, so long you can sit you just sit. I saw this person’s hands were trembling. Swamiji gave some Vibuthi water to drink. Finally the person sat there for 3 hours before he decided to go. Beautiful thing is before leaving he took pranams from Swamiji. Pooja continued…


Next day I was told this person went down walking down the stairs did not take the elevator and not only that he asked the key from his wife and drove the car. What a miracle.




In Kuwait during the period I attended the bhajan every devotee knew the last song what we sing is 18steps. Even though it is last song everyone enjoy singing that song very vibrantly. Few months every bhajan one of the devotee comes almost at the end and sang 18 steps in very disturbing manner. He use to sing some lines fast then slows then sing properly again same loop continues. It personally disturbed me. Anyone can sing at home anyway they like but when it is in a gathering we have a duty to sing along. I did not want to get involved in any unpleasant talk. Since, I know Swamiji watches even the pooja I use to wonder why this is happening and pleads to Swamiji do some action.


When Swamiji conducted a pooja in this devotee’s house after we sang some songs Swamiji said let us sing 18 steps. While we were singing Swamiji stopped us and asked the devotee who disturbs us to sing 18 steps. After few steps Swamiji stopped the devotee singing and said is this is the way you sing. I watch everything. Why are you like this and Swamiji went on. I was dumbfounded. Then Swamiji asked all of us to sing 18 steps. This message from Swamiji confirmed that He is watching everything.   




One of the mini house pooja Swamiji was explaining things to the house owner. Due to lack of sleep I was nodding over there. Swamiji called my name and said why you are sleeping. I did not reply to him. He said I am seriously talking and this subject is relevant to you. He gave me a newspaper and asked me to read it. With the glasses on and without the glasses He (became an ophthalmologist) made me to read. I had difficulty in reading some portion. Then He said look at me and did a pose. When I saw Swamiji like that I got scared and all my sleep vanished. Later He explained to me it was a Yoga posture. He said that I must change my spectacle because my eye power has changed. He said ok you can go back to sleep because I know how much tired you are working, attending poojas and taking care of my needs. When you have to listen I will keep you up. I politely told Him once I saw this posture how I can sleep Swamiji. Then He continued His pooja. 


Swamiji became my optician. 





As every devotee knows generally Swamiji celebrate Birthday and Guru poornima either in UAE or India. When He came this time it was closer to Guru Poornima. I assumed that from Kuwait He would go to UAE for Guru Poornima pooja. One day He announced that Guru poornima pooja will be conducted in Kuwait that is also in a house. I could not believe this. Day before of the pooja houseowner’s father passed away in India and he had to go to India. When we informed this tragedy to Swamiji He said tell that devotee to proceed to India still we would conduct the pooja in his house. I immediately recalled the visit of mine in 2002 to attend Hanumanth Jayenthi pooja after attending my mother-in-laws funeral in Canada. This showed me Swamiji is above all norms.


The day came and Swamiji was dressed up simple. He was highly concerned about the people’s comfort than his. During the pooja He called me up and said,


Swamiji: Natesan, can you see those people at the back they are finding difficult to sit        

                on the ground. Can you ask them to sit on the chairs?  

Self       : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: You look after them.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


So I went and asked the people and provided chairs for those who needed and arranged few more chair in case more needed it. We were so engrossed with the pooja and singing with Swamiji. My eyes were between Swamiji and the needy. When all chairs were full, I was in a fix. There were no more chairs in the house. Then I remembered another devotee was staying in the same building and went to her and asked for the house key to bring down the chairs. Normally I would ask Swamiji to leave the premises in this case I thought “Swamiji you already said to take care of the people I have to bring chairs so I am going out”. I brought some chairs and arranged it for more people to sit comfortably. Then when I came closer to Swamiji one devotee said


Devotee: When you went out Swamiji was calling your name.

Self       : For what?

Devotee: Do not know why? Ask Swamiji.

Self       : I was here all this while when I went out He is looking for me, great. 

Devotee: Yes.

Self       : What did you all tell him? 

Devotee: No He said give this apple to Natesan.

Self       : Ok now I know why he asked for me.

Devotee: Why?

Self       : Swamiji want to tell me that I know where you have gone.   

Devotee: How do you know? Go and ask Swamiji.

Self       :  I know why he did this. Now He would not even ask me anything 


I stood in the vicinity of Swamiji and all of a sudden He turned and gave me a smile and turned back. I said to the devotee,


Self       : Now do you understand what He meant?

Devotee: Yes.

Self       : He showed even when you are not in front of me I know how to bless you.

Devotee: OK.


If Swamiji is not watching me how does he know where I went? What a protective vision.





It was a Thursday afternoon. Swamiji asked me to come to Rao’s house for lunch. Since, it was half day work in my office I was not having any issues to go to Rao’s house. Swamiji called and checked with me about my arrival. As usual I was getting late to leave office so I requested Swamiji to have food I will join them little later. By the time I reached there all have finished their food was waiting for me. When I arrived and took Swamiji and Amma’s blessing they asked me to eat. Then I received a call from my wife. I excused and went into Krishna’s bedroom. With my wife requesting me to check something with Swamiji I refused and that led into an argument. I said to my wife Swamiji is listening to our conversation to stop talking nonsense. In my anger I said shut up to her. That moment Krishna opened the door and came inside. Moment he heard my words he ran away. Few seconds later I cut the line and came out to eat.  


Swamiji was looking at my face, amma asked me,


Amma: What happened?

Self     : As usual my wife wanted me to ask Swamiji something.

Amma: Then why did you get angry with her.

Self     : Something when she talks I cannot accept.

Amma: Did she speak or shout at you. (In Tamil language it phrases nicely-Aesiyachcha

              or Pesiyachcha. One letter difference it gives dramatic effect.) 


Next moment I started to cry. Then immediately ran to the washroom finished off my pain by crying and came out. That few minutes cooling period brought me calmness. When I came out,


Swamiji: Are you ok?

Self       : Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji: She does not understand you. Eat now?

Self       : Little later Swamiji.

Amma  :  Forget about it. She is alone there.

Self       : Ok amma.


Then I saw Rao’s mother walking towards me sat next to me and took a plate. So I said in sign language I will eat later. She showed that food is for her. I turned towards Swamiji and Amma and was talking to them. 2 minutes later Rao’s mother tapped on my shoulder and asked me to open my mouth. I was stunned and I said to her ok I shall eat. She made me to open my mouth and fed me. After three mouths I took the plate from her and ate. I could understand a motherly love. After I had the meal and got up,


Swamiji: You see natesan, how many people love you.

Self       : Yes Swamiji. I did not expect to enjoy what I went through just now.

Swamiji: Where ever Natesan goes, he has mothers.

Self       : Yes, Swamiji I am really blessed for that. You know all the drama’s which were               

                created and made me to realize the divine love.

Swamiji: Yes as you say you are blessed with mothers.


I immediately recalled how Mrs. Bose brings a Bengali dish – (Baked brinjal) for pooja and she knows I love that dish. When I have pooja in my house moment food is served she takes and keeps some of this special dish for me. She knows till everyone partake food I will not eat. After keeping some food she would come to me and tell I have kept few pieces for you. The love of mother wants the child to enjoy shows on her word. When I go with Swamiji she serves that dish and tells Swamiji Natesan like this so much. When Swamiji passed that remark about mothers are everywhere just neutralized all my worry. True a mother only can console the child faster.


After few minutes of talking, Swamiji said to Praveena when Natesan leaves to Canada you can move to his house. Praveena was not in agreement to move. I was shocked to hear that. I already requested them previously they did not want to move. My reason was they were unable to conduct poojas in the present house because of a native residing next to their house. Neighbour was not allowing Rao to conduct religious functions. Another reason was if they move to my house they will be neighbour of Baneerjee & Mithu. Now even Swamiji asking the realization did not come. So Swamiji said what you want to do go ahead. Next day they agreed when I move out they would move to my house. I was so glad because someone was going to enjoy some benefits of my house which only I knew.


Evening I called my wife and everything was normal. My Swamiji & Amma knows that my wife’s actions are childish because she listens to others and without realizing she argues with me.        



For the past few months my wife put me under pressure with the house purchase request. I never felt it as pressure because Swamiji guides me appropriately. I read a statement that “I am hearing but I am not listening”. With Swamiji’s blessing I practice it that towards some who wants me to ignore instructions. When the divine is talking to me and guiding me am I stupid to get confused with others intervention. When others need me I am with them but when ever I need help only Swamiji come to my rescue. When I let out my version, lot of confusion gets into others mind. Some were conning my wife and misguides her. With Swamiji’s blessing it takes into powerful fusion stage. I feel with conning con-fusion gets created in a person’s mind. With Swamiji in my life, what a relaxed mindful life I have been provided. Swamiji’s blessing assures and calms me down from getting angry. Who else can assure me like that? When it is spelt from Swamiji’s mouth what is the doubt for me. What is the need to do analysis when Swamiji says the conclusion, why not I just follow his instructions? Swamiji knows what is best for me and how to provide it for me. Whenever I got into a troubled spot how Swamiji pulls me out is Swamiji’s special protection.



In one of the pooja Swamiji answered to devotees questions. One of the devotee asked Swamiji,


Devotee: I want to marry Swamiji. How can I find a good partner?

Swamiji: One way is love marriage.

Devotee: Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji: For years they love, they understand each other.

Devotee: Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji: They will not be straight forward. During love they will hide or suppress

                certain things from their partners. Since they will be staying separately they

                do not have proper understanding. After marriage when time goes only them

                would start arguments or misunderstand each other. Finally it will end up in


Devotee: Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji: Take the case of proposed marriage. They will check all kind of matching,

                family background, education etc. Then they will try to match both horoscopes.

Devotee: Yes Swamiji.

Swamiji:  Out of 10 matching 8 matches. Only two do not match so they give them in


Devotee: Yes Swamiji. So is that proposed marriage is good.

Swamiji: Do you know which are those two does not match? When you call her she will not

               come. Second when you ask her to do something she would not do. Can they

               have a happy married life?

Devotee: No Swamiji.

Swamiji: Time of birth should be correct and the person who is seeing should be      

               authentic. If it is wrong still things can go wrong.

Devotee: Yes Swamiji. In that case how can we find a good wife?   

Swamiji: Who is asking God, can I have a good wife.


I was thinking how Swamiji touched this explanation with my marriage story.


After the pooja I was taking Swamiji and Amma back to my house.


Self       : Amma today’s marriage drama was fantastic.

Amma  :  What happened?

Self       : Amma Swamiji’s explanation of love marriage, proposed marriage.

Swamiji: What did you do? You asked God that is what you got a good wife.

Self       : Swamiji since when you are following me?

Amma  : What is the problem?

Self       : Amma I got married in 1981 and I came to know Swamiji in 1996 and

               Swamiji is telling this in 2005. What a big gap amma. That is why I am asking

               since when Swamiji is following me.

Swamiji: Did you ask God or not.

Self      :  Yes Swamiji that is why I got such a good wife.


I took Swamiji and Amma and my heart was brimming with happiness. Next part I shall let everyone know my marriage drama.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.



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