Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.

With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.

Part 28


Now is the time I must let everyone know what happened during me finding a partner for life. I just returned on holiday from Saudi Arabia. Prior to leaving Sri Lanka, for sometime, as usual the disease of love caught me too. Initially my father was very angry with me. Some or other I managed to talk to him and got ok from him. Only one thing my father said do not leave her. He was such a gentleman. Nearly three years I was going on with this love affair for 3 weeks I was not in a position to see her due to riots in Colombo. I go to office and come back home before the curfew comes into effect. This gave God to show me what He wants to show. Yes this girl found someone and wanted to marry him. I said thank God I escaped. After marriage if she has done this to me how I would have faced my father. Next day itself I came out of the mess and became normal. I left everything to God. One thing I was happy I was able to tell my father I did not leave and harm a girl but she left me. My heart was light when my father smiled. 

Again I got into a mess but this time I did not want any trouble for anyone. So I decided to leave the country. How? Naturally who is there? Of course I know only to trouble GOD. So I prayed to God to make sure that I should get an opportunity to find a job to go out of the country. Next day morning I prayed and went to office. Lunch time I just saw the newspaper and to my shock there was an advertisement in the newspaper that too they had it as call in interview to take few Accountants to Saudi Arabia. I said my God you have put this ad in front of me so please get this job ok. Managed to talk to my office typist to help me and got her to type my resume (those days no computer). I put half day off and went for this interview. When my turn came went in spoke to the interviewer. He was a British national. Finally he said I need to see you again. Then I informed him that I will be leaving to another district for an audit if they need me I can come only after 3 days. He said sure I will give you sufficient time. I went off to my outstation audit. 3rd day I came back and there was a telegram asking me to attend the 2nd interview that day. Since I reached the house only late night so no way I was able to attend the interview. Then I started to fight with God for messing up my interview time.

Next day went to office submitted my report and gave a call to this agency to check whether I could attend anything today. The person said interviews were over and the interviewer left. What can I do? I was so sad. Now what to do? I missed the opportunity. After few minutes I got very angry. I excused from my office during my lunch break I went to the agency office. I spoke to the same guy who said now they cannot do anything. In fact I asked him when I provided telephone number and requested them to inform the person who would answer that call, so that they could reach me to inform the message. How did this office not follow instructions? While I was talking to that officer, owner came out and asked me what happened. When I explained to him the whole situation he knew that they were at fault. Then he said the British Guy is coming here to be dropped off at the airport. If he is willing you can see him. After one hour the British guy walked in and moment he saw me he came to me and asked Nadesu how come you did not come for the interview yesterday. I explained what happened. He remembered my request and said you topped the first interview process and I was thinking why did not you turn up? They in fact told me they informed and I thought you are not interested. Any way are you interested to come? I said yes. He gave me the term, when I said ok he got an agreement signed off and ask me to come there soonest. I thanked GOD for such an amazing arrangement. I know God showed that He will never let me down. After 3 weeks time I left to Saudi Arabia. I felt my parents never wanted me to go but I had to go. This ended my love marriage strategy. 

God really kept me happy in Saudi Arabia and was enjoying my life. Even though religious freedom was not there I was able to do my prayers and what my belief led me.       

After 21 months I returned back to Sri Lanka. I was so happy to see my family members. After I returned from an outstation trip my marriage problem started. My father and mother were talking to me to fix one person from their roots. I had determined not to marry a relation but I did not want to say that to my parents. I asked for some time to think about it. My mind was thinking of a crooked plan.

I went to a friend of mine spoke to him and his girlfriend (whom he was getting married soon) that I want to put a paper advertisement and look for a bride. I explained my situation that love marriage will not work because not enough time because I have to resume duty in 23 days. I was averse to the idea of marrying a relation due to complications. (Let me explain later what I said to my parents).

I had two conditions in finding my partner. One is age gap. Second one in a particular area she should not have lived. Within 2 week period I received 50 applications. Since my conditions were very clear it was very easy for me to find my partner. There were 48 no and 2 yes. I went to first person’s father’s workplace while talking to him I came to know that the girl is living in the area where I did not want. Since the response was not clear of the place where she resides, I did not want leave it the application but when I came to know I did not proceed further.

Next one since they had given me the telephone number I called and fixed an appointment to go to the house that night. When you read this those who know me well wonder did he do this entire monkey stuff? Get ready for fun.


Self            : My name is N, Is Mr. B in.

Young boy: Yes go inside. 

Mr. B         : Welcome please sit.

Self            : Thank you.

Mr. B         : Did not your parents come?

First question itself I got bombed. How can I tell without my parent knowledge I have come for this proposal.

Self     : My parents asked me to see the girl. If I like then they would go ahead with it       

             because I must decide the partner.

Mr. B  : That is ok for me. Both your parents are living here or abroad.

Self     : Only I am working in Saudi Arabia and my parents, 3 brothers and 3 sisters are

              living here.

Mr. B  : As what you are working.

Self     : Accountant

Mr. B  : Your father?

Self     : Retired and mother housewife

Mr. B  : My wife is also housewife. I am retired now but worked in Kuwait for 5 years

              after my retirement in Sri Lanka.

Self     : Ok I do not know anything about Kuwait.

Mr. B  : Where did you work prior to going to Saudi Arabia?

Self     : I mentioned the two companies where I worked.

Mr. B  : Are you (caste name)

I felt I was bombed. I do not like anyone checking this topic. Since I have mixed friends I never bother about it. Even though I know what my parents speak I did not want it to be mentioned.

Self      : I do not know. I see people as man and woman.

Mr. B   : Oh! We are very particular about this.

Self      : That part you can check with my parents.

Mr. B   : Ok when are you returning back?

Self      : One week time

Question of caste put me off. So, I decided to drop this proposal off.

Mr. B   : Then we have to finalise everything before that.

Self      : Yes

Mr. B   : Do you have your horoscope?

Self      : No I do not have but I can give you date and time of birth. (Actually I did not carry)

Mr. B   : That would do

Again I promised to myself not to see the girl just to walk away.

Self      :  Is that all

Mr. B   :  If the horoscope is matching let us go further.

Self      :  Ok then I shall leave now.

Mr. B   :  OK

Both Mr and Mrs B sent me off.

I was so relieved that I escaped from this episode and now they cannot reach me because they forgot to ask me for my address. Before I came my parents have moved to a new house no one knew about the address. Even the newspaper company had my friends address only. I did not mention anything to my parents but I updated my friend with what happened and said I am not proceeding with these proposals. Now I felt sorry for my parents that I went ahead with this without their permission. It is a fun episode I went through, so I decided to bury that story.

One week past on a Sunday morning I went to see a house for purchase. Next day morning I was leaving to Saudi Arabia. By noon when I returned home and my sister was standing near the gate. From the gate to the house it was closer to 25 meters so I did not like her standing there at that time when the road was almost empty.

Self   : What are you doing here? Go inside.

Sister: Very funny. Where did you go?

Self   : Am I to tell you.

Sister: No problem. Go inside father will take care of you.

Self   : Why what happened.

Sister: (With a smile) Your intended father-in-law was here.

Self   : Who?

Sister: Your intended father-in-law.

Self   : Oh my God. I did not give the address how did he come here.

Sister: I do not know after he left I am waiting here for you. Father is angry with you.

           He is sitting in front so go though the back door.

I was very upset. God tomorrow I am going to leave why this drama today, how am I going to explain what I did to my parents.

Nearly two weeks prior to this date I was talking to my mother and all of a sudden my father approached me.      

Father: Why are you talking to your amma louder?

Self    : Did I?

Father: Yes

Self     : (smilingly) Oh! Appa I could not hear my voice. That is why I did not know

              that I am loud.

Father: Oh (with a smile)

Next moment I got a thundering slap. I was shocked. My God what happened to my father? I am 27 years old and working abroad and still he thinks I am a child.      

Self     : Appa why did you do this.

Father : When you are talking to your mother does not raise your voice.

Self     : Amma did I shout at you?

Mother: Your voice was little louder.

Self     : I am sorry appa. I did not mean.

Father : It is ok. In future when you are talking to your mother sorry to my wife do not

             raise your voice.

Self     : Ok appa.

I could not believe what happened. From that day I was very cautious in my sound level with my mother and father.

Moment my sister said father is angry I was thinking today in anger what he would do. My father and mother love me so much so they want to control me. Now I am grown up even though I love them I too want to enjoy certain age level freedom.

Moment I entered through backdoor,

Mother: Why did you do this?

Self     : Amma I am very sorry after meeting them I realized my mistakes so I did not

              proceed any further. Also I did not give any of my contacts for them to reach me.

Mother: I do not know talk to your father. Your father never told him that we did not

              know all this. He spoke to him nicely and sent him away.

Self     : You only know how to explain to father please talk to him.

That moment my father came in front of me. I was really worried that again I made him to feel bad. Knowing the slap I got smartly I kept away from his hand swinging distance. Once bitten twice shy.

Father: What did you do now?

Self    : I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt both of you. Actually after I spoke to Mr. B I

            did not want to go ahead with this. I did not even give the address. I shall just

             ignore it.

Father: When you came itself I said I will find a girl for you.

Self    : Appa, please listen you said I must marry someone from your side. Mother

             wanted me to marry someone from her side. I cannot satisfy both nor marry two.

             That is why I went for an outside person. Also, I did not want to marry a relation

             because if there is misunderstanding between me and my wife all relations will

             pour oil to the fire. Finally a small problem will become a big issue. If it is

             outsider I will some or other manage my wife? (Still I was looking at his hand)

Father:  Ok (smile). Now tomorrow you are leaving girl’s father said you did not see her.

             So go and see her today evening and finalise.

Self    : No you both come and see.

Father: You are going to marry so you see and agree, if you are happy we will go ahead

             with it.

Self    : No, you must come. (I could not believe my tough father talks to me like this)

Father: Since you are leaving back to Saudi tomorrow morning go with your brother-in-

             law (BIL) and see her today. Since he has a motorcycle you can go in that.

Half heartedly I agreed because I was scared that I did not know what more formalities I have to go through. Since this is my first time of such attendance I was worried. Already I had some tension with the girl’s father I did not know how this meeting will take place. Anyway, I went with my BIL to see the girl and family. When we reached home I saw a boy playing badminton. On the opposite side I saw a person below the knee with skirt. I was very careful not to see her because I was going to see my intended wife and if I see someone else what if anyone watch that. I might face some problem. So I spoke to the boy and asked for Mr. B. The boy asked me to go inside. I went in with my BIL and I was greeted my Mr. and Mrs. B. and they said we saw you getting off. I thought well that I did not see that girl. They would have been watching me from somewhere.  

Self   : My father said you came home.

Mr. B: Yes, since the horoscope matched I want to talk further but your father said he

            will send you and to talk to you directly.

Self   : Yes, my father (what a nice father) told me.

Mr. B: Are you leaving back to Saudi tomorrow.

Self   : Yes.

Mr. B: I want to talk about the dowry what we are giving?

Self   : I do not want any dowry.

Mr. B: We did to our other daughter.

Self   : This is between the parents and daughter. I do not want to know anything. You

            can discuss with your daughter and not me.

Mr. B: She is too young to understand. So you must know what we are giving.

Self   : Uncle, she is going to get married. So she will understand, you tell her I do not

            want to know anything. I am happy with what I have.

Mr. B: OK. At the time of engagement we will put you a diamond ring and you also will

            put our daughter same.

Self   : Sorry, I do not want a diamond ring but I would put for your daughter.

Mr. B: We gave our eldest son-in-law so we have to do the same thing for you.

Self   : Sorry uncle, this son-in-law does not need anything like that.

Mr. B: Ok we do not want you to put for our daughter but we will put for you

Self   : It is not that I want to avoid giving to her but I do not want to wear. I can put

            diamond ring for her but for me I need a simple ring.

Mr. B: Why you do not want?

Self   : When I go outside alone if anyone knows I am wearing expensive ring I can face

            problem. Just because it is expensive if I refuse to give the ring they may cut my

            finger to remove the ring. My God just because of a ring I do not want to face


Mr. B: OK

Mrs. B: Shall I call the girl.


This is the moment God would have enjoyed.


Self     : Is that the girl who was playing badminton?

Mrs. B: Yes

Since, I am used to do multi tasking, my mind was thinking one subject and my mouth was talking another subject at the same time.

Self     : (I thought how can I see a girl and say yes or know) did you ask your daughter

              whether she like me.

Mrs. B: Yes, she likes you. (I was thinking “God I do not know anything. If this is the

              girl you make it otherwise you break it. I want only one woman in my life this is

              your problem to arrange a girl for me”. )

Self     : If she says ok then it is ok for me.

Mrs. B: Do not you want to see the girl?

Self     : NO. (God please fix up let me go now, I was thinking how could I see a girl and

             then to say no). I shall ask my parents to reach you all somewhere next week and

             arrange everything so that I can come back and do the engagement.

Mrs. B: Yes, we cannot do the wedding now because our elder daughter will get married

              this November. So we can have your engagement early and marriage next year.

Self     : That is fine with me. (She played badminton so she must be healthy what else I

              need let me take 100% risk. God if this is the girl for me you make it     

              otherwise you do something and break it.)

Mr. B  : Ok then we shall talk to your parents and fix up the remaining matters.

Self     : Ok. I shall go now because I have to be at the airport in 7 hours time.

Mr. B  : Are you leaving back to Saudi tomorrow.

Self     : Yes.

Came out of the house, still I did not see the girl.

BIL    : Why did not you see the girl?

Self    : It is ok.

BIL    : I just cannot understand you.

Self    : Do not try.

Came home and saw my parents,

Mother: What happened, do you like the girl

Self     : Amma some where next week please contact them and fix up the date.

Mother: So you liked the girl.

Self     : Yes

Mother: How is she?

Self     : You are going to meet her next week so you can see.

Mother: If you are ok what we want to do.

Self     : Ok amma I need to pack the bag and go to sleep I do not have much time.

BIL     : (to my sister) He did not even see the girl.

Mother: Nades, what happened to you? Why did not you see the girl?

Self     : Amma how can I see a girl and say yes or no.

Mother: You move with girls and boys the same. You are not a reserved type. So why did

              not you see her and talk to her.

Self     : Ok if I had seen her what I would have seen. I would see and feel that she is

              beautiful. Then after my marriage one month or one year or many years later her

              external beauty vanishes what I shall do. Kick her out of my life and marry

              another. No way. External beauty (I would rather say angelic beauty) is not permanent.

Mother: Then why did not you talk to her.

Self     :  For what, how can I measure her internal beauty (I would rather say angelic soul)? She

               might be a good actress. What can I judge out of her? Let me take 100% chance and

               marry her.

Father  :  It is up to you do not regret later.

Self     : Appa and Amma let me take a chance and marry her. Please do not talk anything

              about dowry to them.

Mother: For that also you said no or what?

Self     : Please do not discuss anything else just fix up the engagement date and let me

              know. I shall come down.

Father & Mother: Ok, this is your life.

I am sure they would have been wondering what happened to our son? I was very happy that God is going to take care. I went off to Saudi next morning.

What I did not know was the dramas what God has planned for me. Read further,

After going to Saudi I was trying to visualize whether I saw a glimpse of this girl or not. No way, I could recall the vision.

I wrote to my mother and asked her when they visit my in-laws to get a picture of this girl and send because I want to know how she looks like.

The reply what I got was that father refused to give a picture. Also, I cannot write any letter to her. If I want I could talk to her over the phone. By the time all these correspondences moved up and down 3 months passed. In 3 weeks I was to go for my engagement. So, I devised a plan that I must write a letter to her. (Going against the wish of the father consequence is calling off the engagement, why not take a risk and have fun attitude was prevailing in my mind). I addressed to my would be fairly a lengthy letter put in an envelope then wrote a letter to my FIL and send this as covering letter in one envelope. I requested him not to read her letter till she read. The reason I did was to see the situation of girl’s obedience to the parents and how parents are considerate towards my actions. When my FIL read my request he called my MIL and instructed that daughter should read the letter addressed to her and after that for my MIL to read it. After my wife read the first page gave it to my MIL and continued the second page. Within seconds my MIL had returned the letter back to my wife saying this letter you only read and went away. (When my wife narrated this after our engagement I burst into laugh-young blood and fantasies).

I left Saudi Arabia was going to Colombo via Kuwait (I did not know one day I would be coming to this country). At Kuwait airport two people (man & woman) were looking at me. I just ignored them. When we reached Sri Lanka airport while we were walking towards the terminal they were turning and looking at me several times. I finished my immigration and went and waited for my bags to come. To my surprise even till the last bag came my bag did not come. I went to make a complaint about it and this man walked towards me and asked.

Man: Are you Nadesu?

Self: Why?

Man: Ok this is (woman) the cousin of your intended wife

Self: OK how did you identify me?

Man: Also, I am related to you (explained to me his relationship to me. I remembered

         his father). Why are you waiting?

Self: My bags are missing.

Man: Did you complaint.

Self: That is what I am going to do.

Man: Finish it fast and come, you can go with us.

Self: It will take time.

Man: Your father-in-law & mother-in-law are outside to take us. So you too can come

          with us. We could drop at your place and go.

What a problem. If I go with them and get off in front of my house what my parents are going to feel. No way can I hurt them this way. Already I had done some harm by not listening and telling them not to come to the airport and going with in laws to my house would definitely hurt my parents. No way have I wanted this hurt but politely I must go home on my own.

Self: It will take some time.

Man: No problem we will wait.

Self: Wait but if it is going to take time you all proceed.

Man: Ok.

I made a complaint and got confirmation from Saudi my bags were carried off to Singapore. It might come next day. I came out of the airport hired a vehicle went home. I was sure when they did not see me they would have proceeded. Went home took shower went to my mother and said,

Self     : Amma I want to go and see the girl.

Mother: I do not know ask your appa.

Self     : Appa I would like to see who is this girl? I did not see her physically or her picture also I

             did not talk to her. Do not you think I should at least know her before my engagement?

Father: Just now you arrived go tomorrow.

Self    : Appa, I have only 5 days to get to know her. Please understand me.

Father: What they will think of you. Ok take your mother and go.

Self    : Appa I am old enough, I know how to manage them do not worry. I will be


Father: OK go but eat your food here.

Self    : Ok, amma get me the food faster.

My father and mother would have been laughing inside of my hurry to see the girl. I ate quickly and ran away. I landed in my in-laws house. This is the better way to see my wife’s natural beauty. (Fun for me)

I rang their house bell.


Self   : Hello I am here

Mr. B: We were waiting for you at the airport later we came home.

Self   : I took a taxi and went home.

Mrs B: Did you eat your lunch?

Self   : Yes.

Mrs B: We are going to eat now. Since you have come first time have a meal.

Self   : Ok I shall take very little. (In my mind where is this girl?)

I had food with them. (Where is this girl?) I was having food with father, that girl whom I met at the airport, brother but not with partner. 

Mrs B: You can wash your hands here

Self   : OK

Mrs B: Do you like to drink anything hot?

Self   : I do not mind a cup of tea.

Mrs B: How do you like it?

Self   : Very simple. In hot water just put the tea bag or loose tea but no sugar and no


Mrs B: Is that all? Very simple to make but how can you drink that way.

Self   : I like it that way.


Behind my back heard a remark.


Voice      : I did not know I am going to marry a cheap person.

Self         : (Finally caught her) Who said that?


I turned to see who it was.


Lady       : Me.

Self         : Is that you I am going to marry

Would be: Yes

Self         : Oh! Come in front of me. I was looking for you.  


When she came in front of me and sat,


Self         : What do you mean by I am a cheap person?

Would be: Only the poor people drink tea without sugar and milk.

Self         : Oh! That means you do not know how to drink a proper cup of tea. If you drink tea

                  without sugar and milk you would get the tea flavour. You want to put milk

                  into the tea might as well drink milk alone and enjoy that. You want to put

                  sugar into the tea take sugar alone or have some chocolate to taste the flavour

                  of sweet. Why do you want to put those two tastes into the tea? I like my tea 

                  to be pure tea taste only.

Would be: I would never drink my tea, without milk and sugar.

Self         : That is your problem.

Mrs. B    : Oh! My God do not argue with him.

Self         : Aunty leave her. Let her tell her view.

Mrs B      : She is young so she does not know what she is talking.

Self         : Aunty 5 days time she will be registered that means officially she would be

                 my wife. Just leave both of us to talk.

I took Mrs B. to a side and said to her,

Mrs B      : She is young so she does not know what she is talking.

Self         :  If you think she is young do not give me a problematic person who is not matured. I

                   should find out how much I am suppose to adjust to her. Whatever happens I am

                   marrying her so does not worry. So let me talk to her?

Coming back to my would be,

Self         : So you are a tough person?

Would be: I tell what I want to tell.

Self         : I like it. Aunty now can I talk to her alone?

Mrs. B     : Uncle will not like it.

Self         : Aunty I am going to marry her. I should at least know something about her

                  then I know what I want to do before getting married. Remember what I said

                  to you (about marrying her) talk to uncle and arrange it.

Mrs. B     : Ok I will talk to uncle.

After few minutes she came back and said ok but my FIL’s sister will be close to both of you. That is all I wanted. I know what to do from that point. After talking to others for sometime, I asked my would be whether we could talk by sitting outside. They put a double chair on the balcony outside and we talked very casually. Of course FIL’s sister was sitting closer and was listening. Nadesu has to have his style of action. So after few minutes I got up and made my would be to get up too. Took the chair asked my would be to follow and went and put the chair at the east end of the balcony where aunt is still sitting at the west end. When I looked for my would be, she did not follow me. I went to her and said, 

Self         : What happened, why are you not coming?

Would be: My father will not like it.

Self         : After 5 days when I engage you have to listen to me. Why do not you do from

                  now? I will talk to anybody of my action. Everyone can see I am sitting and

                  talking to you. I do not want anyone to know what I am talking to you. Do not

                  worry nobody can blame you for this. I will tackle all, trust and follow with

                   me to that seat.

Would be: Ok

She walked with me. I liked her action. Test 1 passed. I talked to her by opening both the books wide open. After understanding the past actions of our lives I said to her

Self         : Ok, now let me tell you. I am very arrogant. I want you to listen to me and do

                  every thing my way. If you do not listen then I would divorce you.

Would be: Ok.

Self         : Are you not scared that I will divorce you? After divorce I might be able to

                  marry again. For a girl it may be difficult. So think carefully and tell your reply


Would be: No I am telling now, I will get married to you no problem.

Self         : You are taking risk.

Would be: Before marriage you are talking about divorce so you would not divorce me.

Self         : You are taking risk.

Would be: You said if I do not listen to you then you would divorce, if I listen then there

                  is no question of divorce right?

Self         : Right. Are you not scared?

Would be: No

Self         : Ok it is your problem

Would be: Any other condition?

Self        :  No. Ok let us not think about the past. From now onwards let us live our


Would be: Ok.

When we went in her mother asked me.

MIL: Is everything ok.

Self : Yes aunty. Now I know your daughter is a very strong person.

MIL: She is very young.

Self : Aunty do not worry it is done. 5 days time we will be legally married.

I bid bye to all and went home. Next day I told my parents looks like this girl is a good person. 5 days time our engagement was over. One week after that I left to Saudi Arabia. I returned back to Sri Lanka after 5 months in the hope to get married and settled down in Sri Lanka.

Immediately upon my arrival my wife’s health deteriorated. Doctor could not diagnose what is the cause of the problem. I go to the hospital in the morning and stay with her till night. My FIL got very upset with me that I am always with her and not going to work. In the meantime I was asked by few why I should get married to a sickly girl. I became very emotional and said to them after the religious ceremony finished if my wife got sick what I would have done. Kick this girl out of my life and get married again. No way could I do that kind of an act. After 3 weeks we changed the doctor and new doctor diagnosed what was the problem and put her on 1 year medication. Within that time I was pestering her parents in 5 months time got married. No job but got married.

One day my wife said my FIL was wondering whether anything is wrong with me. Who says no to receiving wealth. For that I replied if people ask for dowry the person is reasonable and good. When a person say do not want other people’s money then he is mad or fool. What a world.      

Ok now let us see why such a big revelation I made of my marriage. I trusted God and assigned my marriage to God but after seeing her I debated in my mind that she played badminton so she should be healthy. God made her sick but still I did not give up on her and got married. All my dramas like defying all my in laws instructions, due to no work even after the engagement they could have called off the wedding. That God made sure that what is decided we will not change our mind. They say marriage is made in heaven. I do not know where my marriage was decided. I know God fixed my wife with all the dramas and I am very happy about it.

Now let me tell what I said to my children. God created few unique specimens like my wife. I hit the jackpot and got one for myself. She worries about everyone before thinking about herself. That heart made me to feel that she is the most important person in my life. I did not look for angelic beauty and angelic soul I left the matter to God and he arranged an angle for me. After all she is God’s gift to me.

This is what Swamiji said “You asked God and got a good wife”. How nice to hear this from my God Swamiji.

One devotee in Chennai in 2009 asked me how come I am writing about my wife in a harsh way why I do not write the good of her. I said to this devotee first you must know the trouble I undergo with my wife but the hidden message in that trouble is how God is testing me through her. How do I continue my faith in God and my Swamiji. Then the devotee said oh! If you are going to write good things about your wife then it is ok.

Dear devotees now let me tell what I tell my closet family members about my wife. I am a blessed person who has a wonderful life partner who thinks of me first then herself.

My wife is like a knife,

If I do not deal properly on that knife she will cut me into half,

But there is no life without my wife.

While talking to Swamiji he gives me effortless boons. One of it is my life with my wife. About me & my wife already Swamiji has indicated in one sentence see experience part 9. Already I have indicated in my writing. When it happens everyone will know it.  

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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