Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.

With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.

Part 30


Swamiji called and requested that He wants to visit Canada but this time He is coming with Amma and Archana. When Amma comes with Swamiji is bonus for me and now Archana also coming is double bonus. I was so happy that whole family will be with me. Previous time when Swamiji visited my house was in 2000 after his visit I joined my family in Canada. It gave me a message in my head but till Swamiji confirm I cannot do anything. This time when they came home Swamiji and Amma lit the lamp. I was thrilled because Swamiji do not come with Amma and not this often but this year He has come thrice and not alone but with Amma. When Amma is with Swamiji I am very happy because I know the agony of not staying with my wife. The amount of sacrifice Amma and Archana makes by allowing Swamiji to be with us by himself we do not realise.   


In one of the pooja one devotee was complaining that he has a pain under his foot. He said to Swamiji that walking is very painful for him. Upon Swamiji’s inquiry He said doctors are unable to diagnose the exact problem. Swamiji said your problem is not your foot but your back. Devotee said he do not have any problem with his back but his foot. Swamiji asked him to come closer and he touched his feet. Devotee kept saying no pain and finally Swamiji pressed one spot this devotee wriggled with pain by holding his back. Swamiji asked him I touched your feet then why are you holding your back. He said sorry Swamiji now I understand what is causing the pain. Swamiji said to him go and tell the doctor now he knows how to cure you. What an amazing doctor we have.


Swamiji wanted to have a pooja in a devotee’s house. Before we went for the pooja Swamiji asked me to take copies of a material I said ok and went to the shop to make it. Since it was Ramadan period shops were closed so I could not find a place to take copies. Swamiji was getting ready to show me a drama so He was calling me often to find out why I am late. Finally I got the copies and came home.   


Swamiji: What happened?

Self       : Ramadan time they had to open the shop for me to take the copies.

Amma   : Run take bath and come we are ready.

Self       : Ok.


I left the copies at the entrance and ran to get freshen up. After I took bath got dressed up and came,


Swamiji: Shall we go?

Self       : I am ready Swamiji.


We left the house. After we went into the devotees house and Swamiji got settled down,


Swamiji: Natesan, where are the printouts for distribution?

Self       : Swamiji I forgot at home. I will run back and get it and come.

Swamiji: You must concentrate on pooja.

Self       : In the rush I forgot Swamiji.

Swamiji: (With an angry face) OK go home and come soon.

Self       : Ok Swamiji


When I was leaving,


Rao       : Give me your house key I will go and get the documents.

Self       : No Swamiji asked me to go. So I have to go.

Rao       : I forgot the Prasad at home. So I must go.

Self       : Swamiji did not tell you anything. So if you want I will pick it up or you go to your

                house and I will go to my house.

Rao       : Ok can you pick Prasad from my house.

Self       : Sure tell me where did you keep? I cannot spend time I must comeback fast.

Rao       : It is on my dining table.

Self       : Ok


I ran out. Picked up the Prasad from Rao’s house and went to my house. I could not find the papers in the place I left. It was kept on the other end. Probably by Swamiji. Swamiji must be planning some drama. I took it and went back to Swamiji. I gave it to Swamiji and he gave me a smile. I understood his message. After few minutes,


Swamiji: Natesan, did you ask anyone money to conduct a pooja.

Self       : No Swamiji.

Swamiji: Then how did you conduct my birthday.

Self       : Swamiji, I dedicated that to (a devotee). I asked him to talk to others if anyone wants to

                contribute towards the celebration to do so. If anyone wants to give money to Swamiji,

                please ask them to give directly to Swamiji. 

Swamiji: You did not ask anyone to give you money?

Self       : No Swamiji.

Swamiji: Are you sure?

Self       : Yes Swamiji. I said to the delegated devotee if anyone wants to contribute towards the

                function let them do from their heart. Do not ask anyone to contribute forcibly. Also, I

                said to this devotee, if there is any shortfall of funds, leave it to me? If there is a

                surplus we shall give the balance to Swamiji.

Swamiji: You said like that.

Self       : You ask that devotee Swamiji.


He said to all those gathered, 

Swamiji: You see I know what he would have said.


I was totally confused.


Self       : Swamiji any problem.

Swamiji: No problem, leave it to me you relax

Self       : Ok Swamiji


Swamiji continued his pooja and I knew something was wrong. I was really worried. Later when I asked Amma told me what happened. The devotee who complained said to Swamiji that I demanded for money was dealt by Swamiji saying I know what Natesan will do. That was enough for me. When I returned back my house everyone knew what took place except me. Swamiji asked me to explain what happened. This gave clear information to everyone. Due to this drama only, He planned the whole execution of drama so that I will not be there when this case unfold.


The pooja went on and I was normal. I went to the kitchen and did something and when I got up my head hit on the metal cabinet. I saw stars. I was rubbing my head with unbearable pain and tears in my eye. Amma walked over there and asked, 


Amma  : What happened?

Self       : I just got hurt on this cabinet.

Amma   : Is it paining?

Self       : More than that Amma I do not know whether I am bleeding.

Amma   : Bend down. (checks) No bleeding

Self       : Ok amma

Amma   : Held my hand - Come with me

Self       : Where Amma?

Amma   : If Swamiji says only you will be happy.

Self       : If you say no problem it is ok for me.

Amma   : Come with me (she pulled and took me to Swamiji) Natesan has hit his head on the

                cabinet and he is crying.

Self       : No amma, if it is bleeding only I have a problem. In that case I cannot take head bath.

               (In my mind if I do not take bath how can I touch Swamiji, I have my funny rules)

Swamiji: Bend down Natesan. (I bend) Everything is ok do not worry and (he rubbed my head)


I moved away and was almost in tears of happiness how the parents try to satisfy a hurt child Amma and Swamiji showed by this gesture I cannot explain. I know I am now my Amma’s child. After the pooja went back home I did not bother about anything but I recalled the drama which took place at the time of arranging the function.


One night I was working very late in the office and the devotee who was delegated to talk to everyone did something opposite to what I said to him. I got very upset and said to this devotee I am going to tell Swamiji that I do not want to do the function because instructions were not followed. I requested him to get back to other devotees and say what I said and to forget what he has requested everyone. He agreed to talk to everyone concerned. I was little bit upset. When I came home Swamiji was still up and he asked me,  


Swamiji: What happened?

Self       : Swamiji you know what happened, I think it will be rectified.

Swamiji: Yes I know what happened.

Self       : Swamiji, sometimes the words create problems (and narrated what may be the problem

               what I envisaged.)

Swamiji: Leave it to me. I will take care.


Finally this incident only created this tension. This was a learning curve for me for future when it happens in a magnificent level. Swamiji shows I see for the right time.




I always wanted to have a Kabba picture from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It was not only from Mecca I wanted specifically the picture should be bought and to be kept the bottom of Holy Kabba and brought to me. Who ever I requested always listens and did not get it for me. The person who gave me the cross from Jerusalem was instrumental in organizing to get the picture. One day he called me to his room and introduced me to a Kuwaiti man.


Eric      : He is going to Mecca on Umra. Tell him what you want from Mecca.

Kuwaiti: What size of the picture you want?

Self      :  It is ok I requested so many people and I did not get now I do not want.

Kuwaiti: Eric told me about you. I will definitely bring it for you. Tell me the size.

Self      :  I need 12 inches X 12 inches picture but most importantly I need this picture to

               be kept at the bottom of Kabba. I cannot go there at least let this picture comes

               from there.

Kuwaiti: I am going on Umra I will bring it for you.

Self      :  Ok I shall wait. (Inside I was thinking normal guys did not bring being a native

                how will he bring)


After two weeks Eric called me.


Eric      : Can you come to my room.

Self      : I am very busy now tell me what you want.

Eric      : I want you to come to my room now.

Self      : Ok I will come but be quick.


I went to Eric’s room and found this Kuwaiti sitting there but I could not see the picture. I thought he did not get me the picture.


Kuwaiti: I have your picture.

Self      : Oh! Thank you. Where is it?

Kuwaiti: I bought and kept it at the bottom of Kabba.

Self      : OK.

Kuwaiti: Can you bring your car next to mine.

Self      : Why?

Kuwaiti: I want to give the picture to you.

Self      : You could have brought it to the office.

Kuwaiti: I have to leave now so I will give you the picture you can keep it in your car.

Self      : OK.


I drove my car and parked next to his car. Eric and the Kuwaiti were next to his car.


Kuwaiti: Can you take the picture.

Self      : No you take it and give me.

Kuwaiti: This picture is for you so you take and put it in your car.

Self      : Why cannot you take it out from your car and give it to me.

Eric      : Please take it.


I opened the door,


Self      : Oh! My God.

Kuwaiti: What happened?

Self      : Why did you buy such a big picture and moreover why did you frame.

Kuwaiti: Since, Eric told me about you I wanted to give you a special picture.

Self      :  This is too much. It would have cost you a lot for the frame itself.

Kuwaiti: I was not happy with other pictures and this was the only one of this kind.

Self      : I can understand and it is huge.

Kuwaiti: This is a 3D picture and I have given lights inside. When you put the switch on

               You would see the beauty.

Self       : This is closer to 36”x 30”

Kuwaiti : Enjoy the big picture.

Self      : Oh! My God. Why did you spend so much money?

Kuwaiti: You enjoy.

Self      : For sure I will enjoy and now I will take it home and ask my Swamiji to put the

               switch on.

Kuwaiti: Is your spiritual leader here?

Self      : I am very lucky that he is here and going to put the switch on. Thank you both

               for giving me such happiness.

Kuwaiti: It is my pleasure that I was able to keep you happy.

Self      : I am very excited. Now let me go to my room close the computer and run to my                  


Kuwaiti: Ok

Eric      : OK

Self      : Once again I am really excited now. Thank you very much.


I left my office and came home. Took the picture and plugged the chord. I slowly tapped the door of Swamiji. All three came out.


Swamiji : What happened?

Amma   : Oh! You came home. Archana serve uncle his lunch.

Self        : Before the food Amma & Swamiji see what I got today.

Swamiji  : It is a very nice picture.

Self         : Swamiji put the light switch.

Swamiji  : OK. It is really nice.

Amma     : From where did you get this picture?

Self         : Swamiji, Amma one Kuwaiti who went to Mecca brought this for me.

Swamiji  : See Natesan you receive items from special places.

Self         : I am happy Swamiji that you are here to put the lights on.

Swamiji  : Also, today is very holy day they are going to celebrate Ramadan.

Self         : Swamiji, they say tonight crescent cannot be seen.

Swamiji  : They will see tonight.

Self         : If you say then they can see Swamiji.

Amma     : Ok now you come and eat.

Swamiji  : Yes Natesan you eat now.


Amma takes care of me like a child. Her priority is that I must eat. Swamiji knows when I am happy food is secondary. Natesan is lucky person.


As Swamiji said in the night they saw the crescent and declared Ramadan. When no one expected to see the crescent that night Swamiji knew. 




In a pooja Swamiji asked me an awkward question (since the time I know Swamiji) and revealing important news of future.  Since I was not having proper sleep and rest during this pooja I decided throughout the pooja to stand.


Swamiji: Natesan, what are you thinking?

Self       : Nothing Swamiji.

Swamiji: Do you want to ask me anything?

Self       : No Swamiji

Swamiji: Do you want to ask about your future?


What is this? Why is He asking me a question like this?


Self       : No Swamiji.

Swamiji: You do not want to know anything?

Self       : Swamiji, when you are there to take care of me why I want to know anything. When I

               need something You keep doing it Swamiji.

Swamiji: Yes you leave it to me.


After sometime since I was not having proper sleep and rest previous days during the pooja while standing I was sleeping. (I am famous for it).


Swamiji: Natesan

Self       : Yes Swamiji (opened my eyes, I was sleeping)

Swamiji: Are you ok?

Self       : Yes Swamiji

Swamiji: Why are you sleeping?

Self       : Tired Swamiji.

Swamiji: Ok come here, sit in front of me and sleep.

Self       : It is ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: You sleep comfortably. I know you are very tired. When you have to listen I will put

                you up.

Self       : Now I am ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: Never mind come here. (He showed me the place to sit there)

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


I went that spot and sat. Now where will I get sleep? I was fully awake after that.


Let me tell in one pooja Swamiji was blessing people and I too was standing. With the tiredness I was standing and sleeping. Probably I slept nearly one hour. When I took the blessing Praveena complained to Swamiji.


Praveena: Swamiji he is standing and sleeping. 

Swamiji : I know.

Praveena: Swamiji nearly one hour he is standing and sleeping. 

Swamiji : I know

Praveena: I am scared he will fall down.

Swamiji : He would not fall I am holding on to him.


Praveena’s face ????? unbelievable shock


Self       : Thank you Swamiji.


Swamiji gave his smile.


I recalled this incidence now.


After sometime,


Swamiji : Natesan, you want to tell any experience.

Self       : Oh! Swamiji, if I start it would go on. Which one to tell Swamiji?

Swamiji : Tell two of your experiences.

Self       : Ok Swamiji but which one. Can I tell (1) and (2)

Swamiji : Yes tell.


I narrated both the experiences.


Self        : Swamiji is it ok.

Swamiji : Yes. Natesan you are going to write a book.

Self        : Swamiji, joking eh! How can I write a book?


Swamiji showed with his fingers the thickness of the book. After I saw the thickness,


Self       : No way I can write that much Swamiji. I am not capable of writing Swamiji.

Swamiji : I am going to show you that many experiences.

Self       : Swamiji if you show then I have to write.

Swamiji : It is a long way to go.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


This pooja was so special for me because got special blessing but what I did not know was this is my last pooja in Kuwait.




Year 2005 was a boon year for me. Swamiji celebrated his birthday, Guru poornima and now Deepavali. I was so happy. Since, Swamiji has come with Amma and Archana this was a very special occasion for me. During the celebration I understood certain messages and was very careful. Swamiji do not talk certain things He just shows for me to understand. At times He says that I observe and record everything and brings out when he needs. When Swamiji says it will happen, if we miss that is the end. He makes sure to create a drama in front of me so that I will observe very carefully.




This day shopping was fun and got a blessing from Swamiji. When we were doing the shopping Amma showed me an item and asked me to buy it. Actually I did not know what was it?


Self      : What is this for Amma?

Amma  : Don’t you know?

Self      :  No Amma.

Amma  : This is what you use for dying your hair. 

Self      : Why I need it?

Amma  : So that you can dye your white hair black. 

Self      : Why should I dye my hair black?

Amma  : As your wife asks you will look younger. 

Self      : Why should I look younger? I am ok like this.

Amma  : Your wife wants it. This is very good brand. 

Self      : Amma when Swamiji is there why should I dye my hair?

Amma  : How Swamiji can change? 

Self      : By praying Amma, when we ask Swamiji can do that.


Swamiji was standing further away from us. Amma  calls Swamiji. He wanted the drama between me and Amma to commence for Him to give solution.


Swamiji: What happened?   

Self       : Swamiji Amma wants me to buy this dye for me to make my hair black.

Swamiji: Ok then buy.

Self       : Swamiji you are joking, why I need all these when You are there.

Swamiji: Your wife and Amma want you to dye your hair to look black.

Self       : Swamiji I am requesting and you are keeping it like now. Let me continue this way Swamiji. I do not want to dye. You take care of me Swamiji.

Swamiji: Ok I will.

Self       : Amma ok Swamiji will take care of me.

Amma  : You and Swamiji. 


Swamiji and Amma create dramas like this to see what I would do. I love this kind of attack from my Amma and Swamiji to defend me.



I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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