Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.

With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.

Part 31



I was to go to Canada on holiday to be with my wife on her birthday. I had already purchased the ticket. After talking to Swamiji only I purchased. I had booked to leave Kuwait on the 9th November morning so that I would land in Canada on the same day and be on time for her birthday. Time was approaching for my departure. Swamiji is here. I was thinking how I could leave now. On 5th a drama unfolded.


Swamiji: Natesan when are you going to leave to Canada?

Self       : I was to go on 9th now I am not going.

Swamiji: Why?

Self       : Swamiji when you are here how could I leave?

Amma  : It is your wife’s birthday, you must go.

Self      : Yes, birthdays come and go next year I can go. All these days I did not go for her

               birthday. So this time also she could manage without me.

Amma  : She would get very angry with you 

Self      : Amma I am used to her anger. I am not going to leave you all and go to Canada. 

Swamiji: Natesan you proceed on 9th and after few days we would leave. I can lock the           

               main door and hand over the key to a devotee when you return they can give you the


Self       : Swamiji when you are here I am not going to leave.

Amma  : It is your wife’s birthday. She will wait for you. 

Self       : No problem Amma, my wife knows how important Swamiji is to me. I will explain to


Amma  : She will get angry with you 

Self      : No problem. I will talk to her. (Not so easy but I will manage)

Swamiji: Natesan no problem, you proceed we will go after that.

Self       : Leave it to me Swamiji. I will manage with my wife.


Swamiji and Amma have started off a drama. I could vaguely feel the dramatic effects but was not sure of it. When I called my wife and that I was not coming on 9th she was very upset and angry. Knowing my wife by now I leave everyone to visualize what would have happened between both of us. I am used to all these dramas.  


Amma  : What happened? 

Self       : Amma I am not going.


Swamiji gave a smile because He only knows what drama He is unfolding. Testing is heavy but benefits also tremendous. I called the travel agent and cancelled the travel.


After two days,


Swamiji: Natesan I want to leave tomorrow.  

Self       : Ok Swamiji.

Amma  : Are you not upset that you could have left on the 9th to your wife. 

Self      : No and yes, but I understand the drama now.

Swamiji: That is what I wanted to tell you but you did not understand.

Self       : Swamiji it is ok, my wife knows me very well. She knows one thing that is important

                to me.

Amma  : I know now you feel that you should have gone.    

Self       : Next birthday I will be with her Amma.

The confidence what Swamiji built into me and the outcome of it gives me such a calm situation. My wish for my wife is known to Swamiji. Swamiji know how much I respect and concerns about my wife. His 17th of May 2002 message about both of us is enough for me, to feel what we both are in front of Swamiji. These days I am mentioning about the dates because now the dates are becoming very important to me. When Swamiji fix date of activities, is that I aspire the most. The pressure I underwent recently made me to realise when Swamiji test be with firm mind. After the test what shower of blessing I receive I even never dream it in my life. When Swamiji shower the best why should I worry for rest, I leave it at His feet for me to receive everything neat.

The day Swamiji, Amma and Archana left I really felt a bigger drama will soon unfold.



On 27.05.2001 Swamiji put a message in the chat room regarding Chemicals and Fertilizers. “Throughout the World the food products -chemicals and unwanted things mixed - people are suffering different type of diseases - due to the different type of food products and chemicals - which are not prepared in proper quality at some places - even vegetables also added with more fertilizers which will create health problems to the World”.

I spoke about this with a person on 10 Nov 2005, he immediately pointed out to one incident and said Swamiji’s concern has already happened. Closer to this date there was a shipment of Chili powder from India to UK. To get dark colouring, exporting company used a chemical called SUDAN 1. Authorities had found out that this chemical leads to cancer. Whole consignment had been rejected and even where it was distributed they had removed it from the shop shelves. For better yield and better margin of profit traders get into all kinds of unscrupulous methods without giving into consideration of human health. This is taking all of us to face unwanted illness. God only should save us from this kind of situations and not to make us sick.


It was a totally mind blowing experience. On 12th night when I left my office I planned to do some shopping. On my way to the shopping center I put the radio on. When I heard the song playing I asked Swamiji, can you please play my latest favourite song. If you play you know how happy I would be? Next song also was a nice one but third song when the music started I really got a shock and asked Swamiji how did you do that? I really enjoyed the song with laughter.

13th morning when I got into the car and put on the radio I heard an announcement going on. Then I asked Swamiji normally I never heard in the morning they play that song. Can you play that song for me? Next song what they relayed was what I had requested Swamiji. What I wish Swamiji is there to do it. Out of the thousands of songs what the radio station has possession, when I requested Swamiji how did they play this song? Co-incidence can be once but not twice, for me definitely both were Swamiji’s instant arrangements only.


One morning because it was rain season we had lightening and thunder along with rain in Kuwait. Depending on the wind force and the direction sometimes water get into the house through the windows or balcony doors. By the time I realised it, water had already got into the hall. I tried in vain but Swamiji was there to take care. Moment I knew it is out of hand I looked at Swamiji and said, you know tomorrow we have the pooja in my house how can the people sit if you make the floor wet. Stop water coming in and also stop the rain now. Within 1 minute heavy shower ceased. Power of prayer to Swamiji is so powerful. He not only listens, He makes it to happen.



One week after He left Kuwait I received a call from Swamiji around 7 am. I was faster sleep.


Swamiji: Natesan are you sleeping.

Self       : Oh! Swamiji. Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sri Ram. What are you doing?

Self       : With your call I got up Swamiji.

Swamiji: Did you talk to (x)

Self       : Yes Swamiji. Last night I spoke to them at the bhajan.

Swamiji: Did you tell them (message)

Self       : No Swamiji.

Swamiji: You told them that message.

Self       : Up to my knowledge I did not Swamiji.

Swamiji: No you only said that.

Self       : I am sure I did not but if I had I am sorry Swamiji.

Swamiji: Ask them to call me.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


Self       : Can you please call Swamiji now?

Devotee: Why anything specific?

Self       : He called me now and said to inform you to call him.

Devotee: Any reason?

Self       : Just call Him. He will tell what you should know.

Devotee: OK


After some time devotee called me back.


Self       : Hello

Devotee: Can you call Swamiji.

Self       : Ok. You spoke to Swamiji, right?

Devotee: Yes. Anything you want to know?

Self       : No I will talk to Him.


I called Swamiji back.


Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sree Ram.

Self       : Anything Swamiji (He knew I was upset)

Swamiji: I spoke to this devotee it was not you

Self       : Swamiji I know. Since it is early morning I was startled by your question.

Swamiji: No problem from your side. I thought you said.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: When are you going to Canada?

Self       : You know Swamiji I wanted to go and then I postponed.

Swamiji: I know when are you planning to go again?

Self       : Swamiji I am coming for Jayenthi may be after that or I would go to Canada or go to

               Canada and on my way back I would come to Chennai to attend the pooja.

Swamiji: Natesan, you are not coming to Chennai.

Self       : Why Swamiji?

Swamiji: You proceed to Canada.

Self       : When should I go to Canada Swamiji.

Swamiji: Immediately

Self       : Swamiji, I cannot go immediately. You know my boss.

Swamiji: When can you go?

Self       : Swamiji, let me come to Chennai and then go to Canada.

Swamiji: You are not coming to Chennai.

Self       : Swamiji, is this on vacation or for good.

Swamiji: You go on vacation. When you go there I will show you.

Self       : Swamiji I shall go I know what you want me to do.

Swamiji: Yes you proceed now I will take care of you.

Self       : Swamiji can I go after two weeks.

Swamiji: Yes you can.

Self       : Ok Swamiji, now I understood what you want me to do. I will make arrangement to go.

Swamiji: Natesan, God know everything.

Self       : Swamiji I know that You know everything and You are there to take care of me.

Swamiji: OK Natesan all the best, I am there with you.

Self       : Swamiji with that blessing only I am facing all the issues. I would talk to my boss


Swamiji: Ok natesan, Jai Sree Ram.

Self       : Jai Sree Ram Swamiji.


Swamiji picked the right time to attack me so that I will not be able to visualize what is going on. When Swamiji wants me to do any activity, it is non negotiable and one way instruction only. By experience I know how Swamiji interacts with me.


Next day in the office,


Self              : I want to go on leave.

My Director: Now you cannot go.

Self              : Why?

My Director: You cannot go we have Saudi work.

Self              : That is in Jan.

My Director: We have budget preparation.

Self              : I have to go after two weeks before that I should try to fix what I have on


My Director: No I will not pass this leave.

Self              : Why when it comes to me you cannot allow me to go when I want to go.

                      This time I want to go. Every time one of my Accountants leaves you hold

                      me responsible. I manage with other Accountants till we employ someone.

                      I have explained to you always act of God principle.

My Director: What that has got to do now.

Self              : Now I am talking to you so you can deny everything. Suppose if I am no

                       more in this world (act of God) what will you do? Are you going to fight

                       with God that you need me to be sent back. Each person is not valuable

                       the day another thinks like that. So now let me go? I have not seen my

                       family for a long time.

My Director: Will you finish all the pending work?

Self              : I have two weeks to go. I will finish up. Moreover all the work what I do

                       are known to everyone. During my previous absence of work, it was

                       managed. After all you are my boss if someone does not understand you

                       can explain to them. (This was my brahmastra on my boss)  No one is


My Director: Ok only two weeks.

Self              : Ok (My Swamiji’s plan I do not know now)


He requested me to bring the leave paper and signed off. (Swamiji sure watched and played through me. Where is the fear when Swamiji started the activity?)


Self : Hello Ranji, I spoke to Swamiji yesterday.

Wife: What did He say?

Self : I am coming to Canada

Wife: Why?

Self : Swamiji asked me to go. May be this time it is for good.

Wife: Are you leaving that job and coming here for good?

Self : I am coming but if I have to stay I have to.

Wife: I cannot understand.

Self : With my immigration status if I cannot return back then what will happen?

Wife: Did you talk to Swamiji.

Self : Yes

Wife: What did He say?

Self : He asks me to proceed.

Wife: Did He ask you to resign.

Self: No, he just asks me to proceed.

Wife: Will Swamiji arrange a job for you?

Self : Swamiji asked me to proceed so I am coming.

Wife: You are leaving a good job and coming here to search for a job.

Self : One day I have to come for good, now I do not know but I am coming.

Wife: I am going to talk to Swamiji.

Self : Do not contact Him, He will not talk to you. Also, I have got my leave signed off.

Wife: Are you not going for the pooja in January?

Self : Right now I do not know. If I return back I will see to it.

Wife: I do not understand what you are trying to do.

Self : Do not worry about it. Swamiji will take care of me.

Wife: Think carefully. You do not have Canadian qualification and Canadian experience.

Self : I have to start some where to get experience

Wife: So many people are struggling.

Self : Let me ask you being a housewife how did you get a job in Canada and continuing with it.

Wife: I managed to get through people.

Self : Sure I have Swamiji He would arrange it through may be through You. Powerful woman

          are you not? Do not worry now.

Wife: I do not know whether this is the right move.

Self : Leave it now.

Wife: You do not know how people have problem to start somewhere. Doctors are working as           

           taxi drivers or in factory. They are not in their profession.

Self : For them my Swamiji is not there but I have Swamiji.

Wife: You and your belief

Self : Do not go there, you met Swamiji only 3 to 4 short sessions. You do not know who is He

          but I know what He can do for me.

Wife: I do not understand you

Self : You do not read my experiences or listen to me when I try to explain.

Wife: I do not have patience

Self : I have plenty, so leave it to me do not worry.

Wife: Ok send me your resume let me send it to companies. Let me update and send it to you.

Self : Ok, think positive Swamiji is there.

Wife: Ok.


I know my wife is not happy but what I can do as Swamiji instructed let me just follow. I booked my flight for after 2 weeks.




When a person sees the activities with arrogance and ego it makes the person cannot see reality. When someone tries to hurt another definitely with God’s protection the other does not get hurt. When Swamiji is there what else I need. Everything else seems to be of no value. Precision timing of Swamiji’s instructions is amazing. I still could not digest the way how office matters proceeded within this period. Swamiji knew the whole thing and how to protect people who have surrendered to Him. During this period feel of my heart only Swamiji knew and I was waiting….. to go to Canada.

There was a meeting which I had to attend. Nearly, 50 people gathered in that meeting. My director was giving briefing and discussing various issues. I knew something will happen. My boss was explaining the things and I knew something was not being explained properly. He could have asked me but his ego did not allow. When he went to next point what he explained was contradicting to what he said before. I thought why he is asking me anything. Moment I thought of it,


My Director: Nades what are you thinking?

Self             : I was thinking why you did not ask me this question.


All laughed. He understood what I meant.


My Director: Is it right.

Self             : No.

My Director: Why?


I explained the procedure. He is the boss so he was contradicting. Generally I would have avoided the discussion but I went on saying my view is right. When I knew that I made my point clear to all I looked at him and said,


Self             : If you say it is right then it is right.

My Director: Thank you.


After the meeting when we came out I was walking in front and asked my colleagues,


Self             : What is the moral of the story?

Self             : What boss says is right even if he is wrong because he is an a….


All laughed, my boss came out and asked,


My Director: What is happening? 

Self             : Just a joke.

My Director: What is the joke?

Self             : Oh! This is youngsters joke.


He is only 3 months older than me but claims younger than me. Funny setup, I was happy with what I did.




Self       : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sree Ram Natesan.

Self       : Swamiji ready to go.

Swamiji: Do not worry for anything. I am coming with you.

Self       : Swamiji I know You are there to take care so what is the problem Swamiji.

Swamiji: I know. When You go there I will show you. Then you will understand everything. 

Self       : Swamiji I am going that is all I know. Whether I should come or stay it is in your hand.

Swamiji: Natesan 2nd era in your life is going to start. Do not worry.

Self       : Ok Swamiji. Jai Sree Ram Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai Sree Ram


Spoke to Amma and got her blessing too.




Since I was leaving I had to finish my work in office and did my packing whole night. Morning 6 o’clock Rao came home with breakfast.


Rao: Did not you sleep last night?

Self: No, I had to clear things. Why did you come so early?

Rao: I start work early, Praveena wanted me to give the food and not only that to make sure you


Self: Rao I cannot eat now.

Rao: Call Praveena and tell her.

Self: I have to clear the balance and take shower. Finish my morning prayer and then eat.

Rao: Since she know you, last minute you would run without eating.

Self: Do not worry I will definitely eat. I will definitely call her. You proceed to work.

Rao: She wants to come to the airport.

Self: I am going with Logan. I do not know his plans.

Rao: On your way pick her up and go.

Self: OK

Rao: All the very best. Once you reach call us.

Self: OK


I cleared my things since my flight was at 9am, I asked Logan to come at 7am. Since it would take only 30 minutes I thought everything could be in control. Knowing me Logan turned up at 6.30 am to push me to get ready. After that only I packed my bags, then took shower and proceeded to pray. As usual Logan was behind me. In the meantime he was answering to Praveena’s calls too. Finally I managed everything even after eating by 7.45am. Then I said to Logan let us go. I know the look of Logan to say no one else can do this, every time going to the airport late. I locked the door and gave the key to him to hand it over to Rao.  


Self        : Praveena, I am going to the airport. I will call you from the airport.

Praveena: Are you not coming to pick me up.

Self        : No we are really late. If I come there we will lose more time.

Praveena: You come and take me.

Self        : After dropping me Logan has to get back to work.

Praveena: No problem. I want to send you off. I will talk to Logan.

Self        : Praveena we will get late.

Praveena: No please come.

Self        : Are you ready?

Praveena: Yes.

Self        : Then come down in 2-3 minutes we will be there. Bye.

Praveena: Bye.

Swamiji, took me to the airport 45 minutes before the flight. Both Logan and Praveena who came to the airport were very nervous and thought I will be refused by the airline to check in. Even to my surprise I was checked in within 5minutes and was on my way to the gate, I saw a big smile on both faces.

As usual in my nervous mood I forgot the jacket at home. When I said that to Logan, He immediately gave me the sweater what he had because I was travelling by bus from New York to Buffalo border. 

I am very thankful how Swamiji arranged such lovely people in my life. For my happiness they always pray. I always say when I leave to the airport others are more worried than me. They are so nervous. I really miss Praveena (I call her Mathaji because always taking care of me as how she takes care of Krishna) I would really miss her hospitality. She in fact became a sister to me.

In New York I had to go from the airport to Greyhound bus station to get the bus. Taxi driver said with the night weekend traffic it would take 1 ½ to 2 hours to reach the destination. If it is 2 hours I would be doomed because last bus would have left by the time I reach. If it is 1 ½ hours I would be rushing barely to get in. When the driver showed me the traffic I saw stars. Yes, the highway traffic was totally jammed. Driver knew my problem but I was putting my request to Swamiji clear off the traffic for me to go to the bus stop. In the meantime I was talking to the driver by saying you drive carefully I will tell my Swamiji to ease off the traffic. He was very much interested how my Swamiji is going to make the trip faster. We were chatting about Swamiji’s miracle and He was telling me He has never heard the type of miracles what our Swamiji has performed. Then he stopped the car at one point and said you have reached the destination. When I looked at the time it was only 45 minutes we have travelled. In fact when I asked the driver whether he is dropping me at the right place he showed the building and said just get in to the building. When I paid off he said to me, I think your Swamiji’s stories are true. I am driving in this state for nearly 3 years never I could manage the road so easy during weekends. You have some power to take care of you.


He without taking the highway had taken different route, still was not sure whether we would reach early. By my prayer to Swamiji traffic jams avoided.


Get ready to laugh- When I got my ticket for the bus trip I wanted to use the wash room. Imagine in a city like New York what eerie stories we have heard I accidentally walked into the washroom which was packed with ladies. For a moment I thought how come they have common washroom. Then for a moment I thought whether I made a mistake and came out. Still those ladies were looking at me did not make any noise. I came out and looked at the door and saw that was a ladies washroom board. I asked Swamiji, how did you take me to get into this room and not only that did not make those ladies to panick and scream. Funny, but Swamiji did it to make me aware that I should enjoy this kind of fun.    

My wonderful Swamiji, within seconds can arrange anything for me. I am really grateful to Swamiji for making every activity so smooth, funny and lively for me.


Originally I was supposed to meet my family and go to Venketeswara temple in Pittsburgh. After I met my family in Buffalo my wife said there is change of plan and we are going to Rochester temple. In that temple all deities’ statues are gold plated. I was so amazed to see the brightness in the temple. I felt a message and I am sure one day this will come true. How God makes the moves in the way I am suppose to see is that God’s wish. After worshipping at the temple I proceeded to Canada.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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