My Five Days with Swamiji

    I haven't seen Swamiji till I met him on April 30th 98 midnight at Houston. But I have been in contact with Swamiji from April 97. When I contacted him over phone (India) for the 1st time itself he told me that I will meet him during April 98 in USA. Isn't that amazing.
    I had the oppurtunity to accompany Swamiji for 5 days during his visit to South Texas ie: Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Kingsville and Brownsville. It was really an experience for me which I cannot explain in words. My American collegues also had the oppurtunity to meet Swamiji. They also shared the same feelings I had. One of my collegues, my office manager - Nora Eurest told me, 'Yeh, Hari "Something divine in him, that we don't know, he is beyond our imagination"'.
    I never have seen Swamiji mistaken in saying brother in the place of sister, boy in place of girl an vice versa. I wonder how a person can say - So and so has visited such and such countries; going to visit susch and such countries, done such and such things in life, such and such have happened, such and such are happening, such and such will happen to those he has never seen or heard of. Oh Yes, Swamiji is different from other Swamiji's or Swamini's that I have ever met in my life.

    I am afraid to explain further since my experience will go on pages to pages.

    I strongly feel that I am blessed by Swamiji. I believe him 100% not 99.9% and may be that is my success.

With Prayers

Harikrishnan Namboodiri, Maya Namboodiri and Arya


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