My Experiences with Swamiji - Sowmya

I was first introduced to Swamiji through my cousin, Santosh.  I had been to see him at least thrice before I got his darshan.  When I finally did get his darshan, it was totally by accident.  He asked or rather told meall about my life until then.  At the time, I had been going through a very traumatic time, both at home and at work.  Our house had very recently faced some tragedies and we were all trying hard to cope with those.

There started my regular visits to get his darshan.  He always treated me with kindness and seeing him gave me peace of mind at all times.


Although every time that I met with him or spoke with him, I have witnessed many a miracle, I am quoting only a few.

I had been trying to come to the States for higher studies for a year then and I had already given up hope.  Then came my assistantship, but no funds to show for the visa or even buy the ticket.  By then, I had given up the idea of going and since my career was going reasonably well, I decided to concentrate on that.  My meeting with Swamiji was after all this.  He told me to pursue my attempts at going to U.S.  I was surprised - I had no funds at all to support myself and there was a 100% chance of my visa getting rejected at a time when people with full funding were having problems.  But he still said I will get it and asked me to try.  I did try and people from nowhere came to help me show funds.  Amidst a lot of difficulties, I finally got my visa. I still cannot believe till this date that I am here.  But for Swamiji's blessings, I could not have got what I have now.

My troubles did not end there.  After I came to the US, I had a lot of difficulties financially supporting myself and my family back home.  The job scene in my field is pretty bleak for non-US citizens.  But I got an interview call!  The job was in a government contracting agency.  No way I could get into it - I would never pass the security clearance.  That is what I told Swamiji.  He said I will get it and within 10 days, I got the job.

For me, miracles keep happening with him all the time.  Every time I try to speak to him, whichever place he might be in, I will succeed.  He is not only my spiritual guide, but also a person who boosts my confidence. He encouraged me when I was feeling totally helpless and boosted my morale by reminding me of my capabilities.  I consider myself very fortunate to
have been a recipient of his blessings.

I hope a lot of other people realize his worth and have faith in him.


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