I first had Swamiji's darshan in a most unexpected manner in 1993. We had heard before that there is an Hanuman  Upasak in front of  RajaRajeswari temple in Nanganallur. But we never had the urge to visit him even though we were very close . I was going through a rough phase and thought I'll drop out of my studies.I came home and told my parents that I'll drop out. My father was very upset, and then suddenly he asked me to visit Swamiji. It was a Saturday and I was
at Swamiji's at 7.30 AM. At that time itself, there was quite many people waiting for Swamiji. I was not called in till 4.30 pm. Once inside the room too, he was talking to everybody but me. I was irritated and on the verge of tears. Then he spoke to me, told me I'm angry at him , which I was. He said he made me wait that long for me to see other's problems which were big compared to mine. Then he told me a lot of positive things which have happened. He said we'll meet in US , which we did in April/May 1998. Swamiji's visit to US was a blessing for us devotees in US.

Swamiji is very patient, takes personal interest and makes anybody who meets him or talks to him very contented and happy . He pays attention to small details which we may miss.He asks questions which sometimes look insignificant to us, but there will be reason for that. We totally forget ourselves in the presence of Swamiji. His soothing voice is honey to our ears.

Swamiji's philosophy is this: "Have full faith in GOD in any form. If you believe in a stone, even the stone will talk to you"
Also, Swamiji advices youth against renunciation etc. he want's them to marry and reach GOD through Samsara.
He once joked that GOD hides from us when HE cannot grant our wish.

He brings the names of your friends and relatives in his questions. This way, I think he makes sure we care for them. He kept on asking me about my brother, and to my father about his son. Actually I don't have a brother at all. We were puzzled. Only, recently we came to know that he meant my cousin for whom my father performed Upanayanam(thread ceremony). Same way, when my parents visited Swamiji in June, he gave vibhuti prasad for my uncle.When my father visited my uncle, he came to know my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer. So, Swamiji tries to help as many people as possible through his devotees.

The Hanumath Jayanthi celebrations every year in Madras is very good. Devotees throng from everywhere to get Swamiji's blessings. Famous musicians perform. There is food for everyone. The atmosphere is just great.

So, I conclude by saying that it is a blessing for all us to come into contact with people like Swamiji who can act as our GURU and guide us along the spiritual and righteous path.

Jai Hanuman ! Jai Vikrama Swami !


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