A Spring of Courage and Blessings

From Anjaneya Temple to Anjaneya Avatar

Our family had an ice factory at Tuticorin in Tamilnadu which suffered heavy damage in a cyclone in November 1992. The unit had to be closed down and thereafter I became relatively free. I used to frequent the Thallakulam Anjaneyar shrine in the Prasanna Venkateswara temple near my house and go round the shrine 9 to 1008 times. I believe that it was my devotion to Anjaneya that brought me to Sri Vikraman Swamiji. I met Swamiji for the first time in January 1993 when he mentioned about my job, mother, and so on. I took up a job in Madras in July 1994, and whenever in Madras I have been meeting Swamiji on every Saturday since December 1994.

Marriage Postponed

My father in law is a devotee of Swamiji. On the eve of my marriage with his daughter he went to invite Him. That day Swamiji mentioned that the marriage would be put off but we need not worry about it. As told by Him, the marriage had to be postponed from 29-11-1992 to 06-12-1992 due to some unprecedented circumstances.

Death of My Father

My father was on sickbed suffering from liver cirrhosis. In January 1996, He gave vibhuthi for him. His condition improved. Later his condition worsened. We could not meet Swamiji as he had gone out of station. We prayed that he should have a peaceful death because it was too painful for us to see his suffering. He died a week later.

On Father’s Behalf

I used to meet my father on my birthday to accept his blessings. On every birthday he would give me money. He died in 1996. As he was no more, on my birthday on 19th August in 1997, I went to Swamiji. He was watching TV and relaxing. He blessed me and gave me a ten rupee note as my father used to do. It was like receiving blessings from my father.


A Miraculous Childbirth

I got married in December 1992. We were all worried because we felt there was some difficulty in having a child. We were advised to consult a doctor but I prayed to Swamiji. Swamiji assured me that I would get a child but advised me to consult a doctor. But I was rather adamant that I would not consult any doctor. I took the vibhuthi given by Swamiji daily. Our prayer was heard and she became pregnant. At about the time of delivery, the position of the child was found to be not normal and the doctor suggested a caesarian surgery. I was even planning to inform my mother about the critical development. We prayed and by 7 p.m. that day, the position changed and my wife had a normal delivery on 3rd June, 1996. As soon as we were shown the child, I applied the vibhuthi on her forehead.

Swamiji Picks the Name

We presented three names – Meenakshi, Raja Lakshmi, and Anjana Devi – for my daughter to Swamiji and He chose the name Anjana Devi.

An Emergency Meeting

During the third week of June 1996, I had to go to Delhi for attending a company meeting. Before leaving for Delhi I wanted to meet Swamiji and waited till 7.p.m, but I was not called in. As my train was to leave at 9.p.m., I proceeded to the railway station without meeting Swamiji though rather reluctantly. It was less than thirty days after the birth of my daughter and my wife did not quite like my visit to Delhi during that period.

Before the meeting, I visited the Anjaneya temple at Connaught Place. That night the manager who was supposed to make the presentation asked me to make the presentation the next day without giving me any details. I kept praying, and both Swamiji and His wife appeared in a dream and assured me. I had no option but to present the case. It was due to His blessings that my presentation was appreciated by one and all. For me, it was not only a new experience but also something that reinforced my faith in Him.


Family Partition

He told us that by Hanumath Jayanthi, partition of our property would be settled. Despite some legal hassles, the partition involving three families and 23 members was settled smoothly without any problem as told by Swamiji.

Snake and Monkeys

In July 1998, I had a dream in which a snake appeared changed to a lizard and again to a snake, and when three playful black monkeys appeared the snake disappeared. It was a disturbing dream. When I talked to another devotee about the dream he told me that the dream suggested protection from Anjaneya. Within a week my daughter fell down from the stair case but she escaped with minor bruises. I believe it was due to the blessing of Anjaneya that she did not have any major injury.

Maruthi Vikram

Whenever I undergo tension, I would pray to Swamiji and messages of solace would appear in different names and forms. It could be dream or it could be a person who would give a good word or suggestion. It could even be a truck or vehicle with a picture of Anjaneya. For instance, once I had to visit a school as part of my job. I was very upset that day and not in a mood to work. I prayed very deeply. That day the person whom I met in the school was its correspondent by name Maruthi Vikram. I was cheered up when he mentioned the name.

A Spring of Courage

Life is full of uncertainties, tension and worries. To the devout devotees He is a spring of courage and blessings. Even the Puja Mandiram exudes so much of divine vibrations that I feel divine assurance even in His absence. The courage and confidence that one could gain by meeting Him is something to be experienced. I would like to be near Him whenever I could.


T. Kasinathan

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