I and my family met Swamiji in 1992. One of our friends referred His name saying that a person who has the power to predict and has divine powers is in town and that was one of our turning points in our lives. Taken away  by surprise and curiosity, we decided to meet Swamiji. In the first pooja itself we felt that He is a Guru with divine power. I was really moved when He asked about my mother, who had to undergo a surgery within a couple of days time and He read my heart. He gave me a packet of “viboothi’ and said that there is nothing to worry about. Then He kept asking about various important aspects of personal life such as job, salary increase, etc., I can not count on my fingers so as to mention how many poojas we have attended from there so far. We used to sit days continuously, even while driving back home our hearts will be full, a fresh start, rays of hope, the feeling of divine protection which is inexplicable. The councelling itself will bring a lot of changes in your attitude, an eye opener to various problems.

Swamiji has the power to charge our energy to a positive direction, motivate us and instill the mental power to confront any problems. I can not explain what all Swamiji told us in 6 years time. Almost everything worked out for us in life. I sincerely pray for his eternal existence which is soothing hundreds of souls everyday. Swamiji led us on the right track, like a power torch so as to make the vision clear and smooth. During his councelling he points out into each and every day happening, such as your dreams, your dish, your clothes and  your thoughts.

Swamiji have told us during poojas that I will protect you whenever you need. So as to say once my daughter Sandra was taking a nap on the sofa set, and was dreaming about “Anjaneyan” and she heard some kind of music and was awoke all of a sudden. No time she was awake she could hear a sound to her surprise that the frame of the A/C fell down exactly on the spot where she was resting- “Divine Protection”. We always feel Him right in front of us guiding the right way.

During one of the poojas Swamiji kept on mentioning about owning a property on our own which we thought was impossible as per our financial budget. But while He was saying that He was so sure that it is going to happen. I am not sure how every thing took shape and exactly moulded as per Swamiji’s words, one of our family dreams came true. We bought a house. Without His “Blessings” and assurance it will not be possible. Our prayers always will be with Him.

During poojas it is so evident about the super divine power which is been ruling on the atmosphere. We never feel tired, never feel hungry, everything will be taken care. The divine vibes in the air is so refreshing. I don’t know how to pen about my experiences i had after meeting Swamiji. Something to cling on to something to look forward to.

Swamiji used to tell us that i will appear in your dreams and talk to you about various subjects in any form and He was right. Some experiences. Once when i had some rough phase in my life, Swamiji told me that you or any of your family member may have a dream about black snake biting on your feet and it will disappear suddenly. I think after that dream i never had to turn back, because Swamiji’s words worked.

Once i was praying in the evening, and saw a green small Anjaneyan’s face on top of our oil lamp. I was not sure whether it was real or a dream, i was so happy and excited. I  still remember His cute little face. My immediate response was to inform my husband who was  on duty and at the same time he was trying to reach me to convey his experience. We both had the same experience at the same moment. What a coincidence.

I don’t know how to thank Him for the changes He brought in me and for His blessings for the whole family.

Shree Rama Jayam

Manoja krish

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