Dear Readers,

I am a resident of Ashok Nagar, Madras in the State of Tamilnadu in South India. It was some four years back that Shri Vikraman Swamiji visited our house accompanied by my brother Manoj. That day we played host to Him unaware of  his divinity and he was a stranger to all of us. Soon he started mentioning about our sons and others, and he even went to minute details of what was happening around us. Even mixer grinder not working, wrist watches etc. were described by him. His brief visit to our home made us realise the presence of a super consciousness that is all knowing. It was our initiation to a life of spiritual learning. Many miracles followed his visit to our home. It would be too voluminous to narrate all our experiences because we are witness to such miracles almost everyday in our life or of those known to us. I would therefore mention those that have reinforced our faith in God and Swamiji and which can not be explained by any scientific means.

I had three major accidents during the last three years and it was because of his blessings that I was saved. The first incidence occurred in Trivandrum when I slipped in the bathroom and broke my skull. The second was in Madras when I fell into a manhole but some force threw me out and I escaped with minor bruises. The third one happened in the second week of August 1997 and would have been a very severe and fatal one. It happened in my house when I was keeping washed vessels in our kitchen loft. I was standing on the kitchen platform which and the vessels which too were wet touched a live electric cable throwing me off from a height of four feet or so. The vessels were extensively damaged but I escaped without any injury. The interesting thing is that I landed up on the floor softly and without hitting any edges or implements lying in the kitchen. That very night I had a dream in which I saw Swamiji with a fractured leg. It was an indication to me that Swmiji had absorbed the pain that would would have otherwise accrued to me. During our subsequent visit Swamiji, before our mentioning this accident, told us that Lord Anjaneya saved me that day.

During one of His visit Swamiji had predicted that I will start a small business in partnership with my brother. Not only that within an year it happened as predicted by Him, our Photocopying centre was inaugurated by Him. He had also predicted that my brother would buy a flat in Madras City when he had neither the idea nor the resources to do so. But that too materialised in an unexpected manner. Today both of us are able to run our business very satisfactorily. It is interesting that Swamiji used to come all the way from Nanganellore to our Telephone Booth at Ashok Nagar whenever he wanted to make an ISD call. Such is his concern for our well being and prosperity. Today with his blessings, we have become financially more secure and we have a sense of security and divine protection.

My elder son is doing his third year degree in a college in Palghat, Kerala State. Initially, I was not interested in putting him up in the hostel, but with His blessings, he is doing well. Once he complained to me that he was not happy with his room mate. When I contacted Swamiji, he assured me that he will get a good room mate, and it happened almost immediately. In the case of my second son also, he got admission in Loyola College, Madras with out anybody’s recommendation and on his own. He got the last seat that was available for the academic year. When we contacted Swamiji subsequently, He mentioned about this before we could convey the news.

There are numerous other miracles that have occurred in our life all of which can not be mentioned here for obvious reasons. There are even instances of his giving guidance in dreams which the socalled rational people would reject most irrationally as mere coincidence. So far whatever He has predicted has happened without fail. The fact that He identifies and calls people by their name or pet name or birth star, recalls their past experience which are sometimes known only to them, and foresees their future proves that He is a thrikalagnani or all-knowing. He is not just interested in predicting the future of His devotees, rather He is very keen in their spiritual development  for which He encourages the devotees in singing Bhajans, meditation, pilgrimmage, and satsangs.

What endears Swamiji to thousands of devotees like us is his simplicity, discipline, and compassion. He treats everybody alike without any prejudice whatsoever. He does not degrade any other godly persons, in fact, he holds Sai Baba, Matha Amritanandamayi, and Shiv Shankar Baba in high esteem. His advice to devotees is that God can assume and appear  in any form and guide them. He sings that Allah, Jesus, and Hanuman are the same. To us He is guru, and the divine spirit of Lord Anjaneya personified.

With pranams to Swamiji,
Smt.Sudha Sudhakaran
Ashok Nagar
Madras, India 600 083
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