We first heard about Swamiji from Sunita and Pravin during one of our visits to their house. Since then we had been anxious to meet him. Many months later, while speaking to a common friend, I made polite enquiries about Sunita and she told me that she was very busy as Swamiji was in town. One can imagine my excitement. I tried to call Sunita but her line was busy. Meanwhile I informed my husband and he got through to Sunita. She said Swamiji was leaving that afternoon and as we were to meet him for the first time, he may not see us. Nevertheless, she asked Swamiji and he asked us to come over. Sunita says that this may be one of the rare occasions when Swamiji has met his first-time devotees in private. For us it was sheer bliss!

Our First Meeting with Swamiji

We were going through extreme crisis from all sides, including our car. My husband and myself had been discussing the expense for the car repair during our drive to see Swamiji. Swamiji first took the car keys from my husband while doing so enquired whether the car was giving trouble. He returned the keys and told him not to worry. It was a short meeting but an unforgettable one. It was as if we had unloaded our burden at Swamiji’s feet. While taking leave, he told us that he would be back soon and would meet us then.

My Husband’s Job

Swamiji returned to Dubai a few months later. We attended the puja in one of the devotee’s house. He asked me about my son, Abhishek. I told him that I was worried about him, as he had stopped praying. He had lost faith due to all the troubles and difficulties that we were undergoing. Swamiji told me not to worry. He said that Abhishek would come to see him. A little later he asked my husband whether he had applied for a job. My husband replied in the negative. Swamiji told him that there was job for him. In November, my husband received an appointment letter without applying for the job and neither going for the interview. Swamiji also told us that we would be shifting to a bigger and better house. By his grace, we are shifting to our new house next week.

Abhishek meets Swamiji

Abhishek came with us when my husband wanted to show Swamiji his appointment letter. He started speaking to him and told him about so many things including his habit of misplacing his specs and fighting with me while searching for it. Not only that, he was notorious for breaking his specs, in fact his specs were just a few days old! After that day, we haven’t got him another pair.

On another occasion, Swamiji asked Abhishek where was his watch. We were shocked because while getting ready, he wore one – the strap came off. He wore the second one; it fell to the ground. He then tried the third one and believe it or not it too fell. Abhishek told him that his watch was at home. Then Swamiji told him what had happened to his watches and Abhishek could just stare at our faces! Swamiji then told him that henceforth, his watches would last! Very true, Abhishek has been using his watch for more than six months!

Swamiji asked Abhishek whether he would like a new computer and without hesitation he said ‘yes’. I had been deferring this purchase and literally putting it off, as we just could not manage the finances then. We have bought a new computer last week.

My Operation

I had been suffering and doctors had asked me to go for scanning, etc. I was very frightened. Swamiji told me not to worry, the operation was necessary but there was nothing to worry. I went through the operation and prayed all through. Everything went well. He told me that I would see him after the operation. I had the good fortune of Swamiji’s darshan on my return from Bombay, straight from the airport – he left the next day.

During our last meeting, Swamiji had told us that he would come to our house to light the lamp. We are now looking forward to his visit. Since our meeting with Swamiji, we are at peace. HE is our Guide, and HE is leading the way. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have HIS blessings.
We have Swamiji’s photograph in our pooja altar. We feel he is present there. Both my husband and myself ‘speak’ to him and it seems as if we get a reply.

We are grateful to GOD for having given us Swamiji.

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
Sri Anjaneya Swami to Jai
Sri Vikraman Swami ki Jai

Mrs. Sheila Razdan

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