You always say "more money more problems, less money less problems and there is no money severe problems"....! We were going through the last part of these i.e. severe problems.

Swamiji, it was only after you entered our lives we really started living in this world. Before that I wonder how we got through without knowing you, without seeing you and without your blessings.  We really missed so much in our lives all these years.  But now its been more than four years since you put your Golden steps into our life and dear Swamiji I do not find proper words to thank you for taking so much care.  In each and every minor and major things in our life today we see a different glow...just because of your blessings.  You have showered your blessings even in the small minute things right from my cooking till the important meeting of Ravi.

It was after the Pooja in Hotel Astoria, Dubai that you have really done the miracle in my life.  I always know that even if anything bad happens in my life it will only be for a short time, as you will give me more and more happiness after that.  That day after the Pooja when I reached home and got down from the car, unusually I had a very bad pain right from my hips down to the toes.  Ravi had to support me to walk to reach the lift and when I entered the house I could do nothing but just lie down.  Ravi wanted to take me to the doctor but I refused hoping that it will be better soon. But instead of reducing, the pain was only increasing and I did not know when I slept off.

It was around 3 in the morining when I suddenly woke up feeling very cold. I found that i could not move my legs due to the unbearable pain even to take the blanket, which was lying, on my toes.  I could feel a kind of numbness right from my hips and i was scared thinking that i will never be able to move my legs again.

Swamiji, I really called you loudly to take care of me.  The very next moment i could see you sitting next to me.  You took the blanket and covered me and you blessed me with your hands on my head and told "Don't worry, Swamy has decided to take care of you, you will forget all the pain and you will be perfectly alright.  Swami is always there to protect you". For a second I thought I was dreaming but then you told me as if you read my mind "you are not dreaming, this is happening in reality, see Ravi is sleeping and your daughter is sleeping" I turned my head to find my husband and my daughter sleeping soundly and realized that this was not an illusion but was happening in my life.  I wanted to talk to you but when i turned my head you had already disappeared .  I realized that i was not feeling cold as you had covered me with the blanket and all the pain had completely disappeared from my body.

Swamiji, I know you have given me this pain just to do this miracle in my life.  And i know i am the luckiest person in this whole world to get this kind of blessing from you.  After this when i spoke to you over phone you promised me "Swami is always there with you and whenever you need, just call and Swami will be there.  Wherever you go in this wold Swami will be there to protect you".  What else do I want Swamiji, this promise is enough for me.  And I see that you keep your promise.  One day you gave a keychain to Ravi for his car and the very next day morning on the way to his office he narrowly escaped from a very major accident. We are very sure that it was only your blessings, which saved him from this major incident.

Every morning i get up hoping to hear your voice and every night i go to sleep hoping to see you in my dreams. Just as you promised i can feel your presence whenever i need you.  Me, Ravi and even my little daughter Ammu deeply believe that you are here in this house with us.

There are a lot of people in this world who do not know you and who do not get a chance to meet you.  I always feel sorry for them.  I feel they are missing a lot of things in their lives.  They might have a lot of luxuries and money.  But knowing you and being with you is much much more than everything in this world.  Dear Swamiji let me request you one thing, please put your GOLDEN STEPS into the entire world because only you can heal this world!!!.  The world needs you; each and every creature needs your blessing.  Every where people are fighting and killing each other. Please make them realize that they are killing their own brothers and because of their fighting the whole world has got wounded.  Swamiji, only you can heal those wounds.  Only when they know your Golden Steps and feel your Golden Touch they will know the real meaning of true life!!!.


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