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Jai Sree Vikraman Swamiji Ki Jai


January 1995 started with a sad note and there was lot of tension & depression in my life. I started visiting astrologers. Either I was given very expensive remedies, which I could not afford or the other group of astrologer’s predictions was not satisfactory. I was first introduced to SWAMIJI by my friend Sounderajan in last week of February 1995. It was Sunday, and I was reading astrological section in "The Hindu", when I was called. Swamiji spoke very few words, but I was not happy as Swamiji had not answered / nor gave me an opportunity of the problems faced. Hence I returned back to home dejected.

The excerpts of the first meeting are given below:

I started visiting Swamiji regularly as I was attracted by his magnetic charm and for his divine counseling. Swamiji never used to neither discuss my problems nor provide solutions, hence I started sitting in front of Swamiji, so that I would be noticed. In fact I was to come to know of it later on that Swamiji used to make me sit there purposefully and show that problems faced by me are negligible when compared to others. It is also a lesson, that however hard the wind blows, to bear the brunt like the Banyan tree.


I received an offer in June 1995, from Hyderabad and the salary offered was higher by one and quarters times, which was being drawn. Swamiji advised me not to accept this job, as I would get a better offer by end of the month. As predicted, received a job in Cuddalore with two & a half times higher salary, which was being drawn. Swamiji had also suggested that, hence forth I would be travelling by air regularly which was also proved right.

During my subsequent visits Swamiji used to enquire about my father and advise me to send vibhuti. Exactly a year later, my father expired and Swamiji was showing his concern about my fathers death and also ensured relocation of my job to Bangalore before his death and all of us staying together after 7 years.

Everyday I was travelling between Mysore and Bangalore covering a distance of 260 Kms a day. Out of sheer exasperation and tears down the eyes I wrote a letter to Swamiji attaching my Photograph and explaining my difficulties/plight. After a week or ten days, I was invited for an interview by a software company, and not a single question was asked. I was also called for a second round of interview, and once again not a question was asked by the panel. This is the best managed software industry in the whole of Asia & was a gift on gold platter. Swamiji had predicted in February 1995 that I would learn computer and the predictions had come true in November 1996. This is incredible. After this my visits were not regular, and any serious problems were being addressed over telephone.


On 29/5/99, I had been to Swamiji’s ashram with the intention of fighting with Swamiji, just the way a child fights with his parents and had a unique experience which I am narrating.

I came to Swamiji’s place at around 11.30 am and sat down waiting for the commencement of PUJA. I mentioned to swamiji’s disciple who takes care of the management that I am not sure whether I would be able to meet him and this thought was persistent from the time I left Bangalore. To make sure that I was able to have Swamiji’s Darshan I requested for token number five as the person with token number 5 is always called first. Unfortunately it was not available. As I have normally been called after 6.00PM I thought of having some snacks and smoke. Even though I was not hungry I wanted to eat something as Swamiji had mentioned about taking food on proper time.

I had lunch at Hotel Woolands and the food was very tasty and I felt that I was guided to the Hotel and back to Puja Mandiram. Swamiji informed me that he had guided me to the hotel and ensured that I had a tasty meal.

As I was nearing Puja Mandiram a person came on TVS Moped and informed that Swamiji had called me (Person who has come from Bangalore). I went running washed my mouth(as I had smoked), hands and feet and your disciple who takes care of the management informed me that Swamiji had called me and I was one among the luckiest five. I was apprehensive of going inside, since I had smoked but even then I was called by Swamiji. As I had mentioned earlier that I had come only with the sole intention of fighting with swamiji, and on having with tears in my eyes..

----After I came out of Puja, I thought I will board Lalbagh Express which departs at 4.00PM, but also thought that I would miss as it was 3.15PM at Pallavanthangal station.

The train that I boarded took me at breakneck speed and when I requested ticket to Bangalore, I was informed that the train would have started and would I be willing to run and catch the train which I replied in the negative (Scheduled departure time-3.45PM). On second thoughts, I went to the Platform and found the train was just waiting for me. Immediately I got in touch with the Ticket collector and informed him that I had not purchased the tickets as I had been informed that the train would have departed would he issue me a ticket. I was ushered inside and was also given a seat even though more than 1000 passenger’s were standing. After reaching Bangalore I felt Swamiji speaking to me that now you are on your own. (Here Swamiji has ensured that I reached Bangalore safely as the TC had not issued ticket and he had just pocketed the money).

Swamiji, you mentioned of me having sleeplees nights which was replied negatively by me. As you were very much concerned about my sleep, you gave me Vibhuthi before going to bed. I am lying awake till 2.00 am since 31/5/99 and after applying Vibhuthi, I am able to sleep peacefully. How much is your concern towards a sinner like me.

Sree Rama Jeyam Jai Anjenaya

Jai Sree Vikramswamiki


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