I have full faith in Hanuman.  I came to know about Swamiji one month back thru' Krishnamurthy (Krishna).  I am very lucky that I met swamiji yesterday.  Before meeting him, I don't know about his powers.  Just like that out of curiosity I went to attend his pooja at Krishna's house.  He asked who is 'Radha Narayanan', I was shocked for a while because it is my name, and nobody introduced me.  I answered him that my name is Radhakrishnan Narayanan.  He told me that I won't believe anybody quickly.  He reminded me about my brown color shoe, which I am not wearing.  He asked me to wear that shoe when I meet him next time.  He also informed me about my watches.  He told these things to make me believe on him.  He himself told that after these incidents I am convinced which was true.  He also assured me that I will meet him with my parents at Madras (now I am in San Jose, California).  He told that I have stopped doing 'Gayathri Jabam' after coming to America and asked me to start doing that daily.

I am very very lucky to meet him at my early stage of life and got his blessings.  Now I am happy and safe because I feel that he is always with me.  He knows about everybody and what are they doing.  If you happen to meet him, then you will come to know about his gracefulness.

Thanks for spending time to read this.

"Think and Do Good always.
Have faith in God.
Help others if it is within your reach.
Be Happy and Make others happy.
Don't involve in other's personal life".

- Radhakrishnan.

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