The Missing Video Cassette.


Our first meeting with Swamejee took place on the 31st October 1994 at a devotee’s house in Florence Road. We were really impressed when Swamejee called out our names and birth stars as we had never seen Swamejee prior to this meeting.

On the 1st November 1994 there was another pooja held at an apartment in woodlands and we took our second son along. Our son also was so amazed with swamejee, calling out the names of those gathered at the pooja and telling them of their past, present and their future.

On the 2nd November which was diwali we attended another pooja held at an apartment in Yishun. It was here that I told Swamejee that I had lost a video cassette in Geneva, Switzerland. When I was in England on the 24th September 1994 I had lost my video camera at the London Airport but the video cassette was with me. Anyway while on holiday at Geneva I had borrowed my relative's video camera to take some sceneries in Geneva and some nearby towns. In the midst the video camera got jammed and I was unable to retrieve the cassette and left it with my relative Mrs.Selvaraju who promised to send it through her husband who was supposed to come to Singapore at a later date. When her husband got into he train in Geneva he had the video cassette in his brief-case which he placed on his seat. The moment he turned to bade goodbye to his family, his brief-case was robbed just in a matter of few seconds. The culprit ran off without a trace. Mr.Selvaraju lost all his documents, credit cards, my video cassette etc. Though he lost his brief-case he still carried on his journey by train to the airport in Geneva to catch his flight to Singapore. Meanwhile Mrs.Selvaraju made a police report. On Diwali day we rang Mrs.Selvaraju to wish her when she sounded very upset. She mentioned the robbery and told us that our video cassette was also in the bag. We were shattered as the cassette meant so much to us.

It was at the pooja in Yishun that Swamejee told us that we would definitely get our video cassette back within 3 days. Sure enough Swamejee's prediction came true as we had a call on the 3rd day from Mrs.Selvaraju to say that the brief-case was found and that the cassette was intact. The police had found it at some far off place and returned the case to her.

Our faith in Swamejee is much stronger now and we are so grateful to Swamejee always.

                                                                          OM Shanthi.
Singapore - 1128.
4th Feb 1995.

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