Sri Rama Jayam . Jai Anjaneya

September 1 '99 is the most memorable day in my life, as I had met Swamiji on that day in New Jersey. This was the the first time that I met Swamiji and before that I had only talked once to Swamiji over phone from Texas to Madras. I should say that I was very fortunate and lucky to meet Swamiji very closely and without  much crowd. The moment Swamiji saw us he said that we are all VIPS of God , since we got the chance to meet  Swamiji so comfortably and smiled and asked me "How did my sister's marriage go ?". Because I got worried last year about my sister's marriage and when I asked Swamiji over the phone - Swamiji said that after April 1999  it will happen. As per Swamiji's blessings, my sister's marriage went very well. All our family members are very  happy about that.

Before Swamiji lighted the lamp - Swamiji started telling facts about myself, my son, my wife, and about other people who were there.  My son was eagerly waiting to get a  bicycle and I could only get a rain check as it was all sold out. Swamiji saw my son and told that the cycle is on the way. Within couple of weeks we got a better cycle from another shop and my son was very very happy and thrilled.  This is just an example.There were many other things that Swamiji told about us which were all true.

My wife had made Vada Mala for Lord Anjaneya on Thursday. After the Puja, Swamiji said that even though salt is less in Vada it is good. When we tasted it we realised it had less salt and felt the Power of Swamiji.

I consider myself very very lucky, since Swamiji came to our house to light the lamp, sing some bhajan songs  and bless our family. Frankly speaking - I shoud say that I definitely feel some difference in my life before and after I met Swamiji. I feel I have become a better person, started to do more and more good things, and started to avoid or do bad things.

Swamiji was very affectionate to all of us, and addressed us with lots of respect and love and with a smile on his face. Swamiji spent only 2 days in New Jersey and my observation from that is - Swamiji is a messenger of God.  His ideas and principles are very simple to follow.

Let us all wish and pray God to make this World a friendly place to live and to do only good things.

I take this oppurtunity to thank my friend Ashok Kumar Tumuluri from whom I came to know about Swamiji ; thank Krishna who kept updating about Swamiji's visit to New Jersey; thank Mrs Anuradha and her mother & Mr Bhaskar at whose place Swamiji stayed.

Sri Rama Jayam . Jai Anjaneya.

Kannappan Kathiresan
New Jersy

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