Sai ram everyone,

It is not possible for me to describe divinity but I will try my best to describe my experiences with Swami ji and how Swami Vikraman jiís grace and blessings have helped me.

I am a staunch devotee of Shirdi Sai and Satya Sai Baba and I am quite active in Satya Sai Centers in bay area.  My guru is a lady named  Guruma who lives in Red hills, Madras and is building a Shirdi Sai temple there as instructed by Baba. Sai Baba says that God can come in any form and thatís exactly how Swami Vikraman ji blessed me. A friend of mine who is from Madras, told me about Swami ji. She showed me his picture, I did namaskaar to it and that was the end of that.  A year later I stumbled across Swami jiís site. Since I recognized his picture I started to read peopleís experiences which were very interesting.  I got Swami jiís phone number in Dubai and called him a few days later and talked to him about my father who was going to have a surgery in India. I wanted him to bless my father with good health.

Swami ji was very loving on the phone and told me everything would be fine. He told me more things but I did not understand them that time. On next Tuesday I finished Sunder Kand Path and prayed for my fatherís health since his surgery was scheduled the next day. I had a dream that night, where I was doing seva in the kitchen with other Sai devotees. We were getting ready for a big bhajan in someoneís house.  Suddenly there is lot of noise outside of the kitchen that some Swami ji has come with one of his devotees.  I also run from the kitchen to see who it is. I see Swami Vikraman ji and of course I recognize him and I welcome him inside. I tell everyone that this is Swami Vikraman ji and I go and put my head on his feet and there and then he tells me that your father is fine and his surgery went perfect.  Exactly at that time the phone rang and it was my mother from India on line. She was calling me from the hospital and told me that my father just had the surgery and he was fine.

Now I was wide awake and could not believe what had just happened. Swami ji is so loving and kind that he came in my dream to assure me about my father.  When I found out that Swami ji was coming to USA I could not wait to meet him in person. On this trip to US I think I was the first person to visit him. He was loving like a mother. He knew about my problems before I could tell him anything. I was very unhappy about my job and he told me that before he leaves there will be an arrangement made for me. Sure enough I got the new job right before he left.

I also took one of my muslim freinds to meet Swamiji as she was going through very big financial crisis. Swamiji told her that they will be starting a new business and everything will be fine financially for her. He also told her a lot of muslim names which were somehow connected to her. She also had a dream where she saw Swami ji and Satya Sai Baba in the same dream on a thursday. She is from Pakistan and is very lucky to have such blessings from Swami ji. Whatever Swami ji told her has come true. Her husband has started a new business and the financial crunch time is over.

I attended lot of poojas performed by Swamiji. I actually wanted to attend all the poojas but due to time constraint could not do that. I saw Swamiji blessing tons of people, resolving problems after problems for people. He knew who my younger sister without anyone introducing them. He left a message for my older sister to call him as she is not well. He also told my brother in law lot of things, which maybe he can share some day.

I watched people like Krishna who are so devoted to Swami ji that it is a pleasure watching him in Swami jiís presence. I saw Swami ji giving a lot of attention to a young girl in one of the poojas and later I found out that her parents are not alive anymore. So Swamiji has taken the responsibility of being her mother and father and he is extremely compassionate.  I was very fortunate that Swami ji finally came to my place and lighted the lamp.  I wanted everyone to experience Swamijiís grace. He made time to talk to all the devotees there. He tells everyone such personal minute details that it is amazing. For me personally the vibrations were extremely strong. I had no doubt that I was sitting in the prescence of  Lord Hanuman  himself. The day he came to my place, we had been waiting for him for a long time. Whem Swami ji walked inside my home, I felt as if Bhagwan himself had walked in. I was extremely happy and felt it was tremendous grace of God.  He blessed my children and gave me lot of blessings. I got to touch his divine feet and pray to them. I know Swami ji is watching over all of us and his blessings are always with all of us.



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