BY SHOBHA SACHINDRAN (Abudhabi) - 20/07/95



Divine Swamiji,


June 3rd 1994 (Friday) is the most memorable day for me. It was the day that I first met Swamiji. That same day I left everything on Swamiji's feet. Till I got your Dharshan even in my wildest dreams I did not expect that I will be blessed by getting a Guru like you my

Divine Swamiji. Your Shakti, your power is so immense no one in this world can measure it. To be frank I was not keen in seeking a Guru. God has brought my Guru to me. Before being your devotee I just prayed to God twice a day. It was just like a duty. But now lighting lamp Morning and evening is a must for me. Swamiji you have changed my life. You have brought so many beautiful changes in me. Swamiji when you first mentioned about Maruthi Pranaman I was wondering what will I write.. But now with Hanuman Swami's grace so many miracles happened to me. My son Sabith got admission in Manipal Institute of Technology only through your Blessings. I was having a very bad hand pain. For two years I was suffering like anything. But now with your grace and prayers I am cured completely. Whenever I have little pain I apply your viboothi and I am sure that like me all your devotees get what they seek from you provided they have a strong faith.

You are a second "Sai Baba". Your words always works. With your Divine shakti you can tell what is going to happen. Nobody can hide anything from you. With your Guidance and advice all your devotees can achieve anything in this world. I thank God for blessing me with a Divine Guru like you. Swamiji my devotion, my Bakthi and my love is so strong that nothing in the world can change. Swamiji you are my everything.

Through you I see my Mother Mary, my Lord Krishna and my Sai Baba.


My Pranamam to you.

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