Sri Rama Jayam

Respected Swami,

This is Mala.  I am feeling very happy after I spoke to you.  My mind is very clear. When I met you on the Bajan Hall, I was so excited & I understood I am very lucky to meet you without any plans.  More than that when I get call from you, I was so delighted.  Really so many people are awaiting to meet you & hear your voice, I am the lucky person.  Because when four years back in the Madras Airport You have recognized me & called me.  All the way I got the opportunity to travel in the same flight. Now I again I am getting the second opportunity to get your call.  Swami, that day you have told me that the time has come for my son to take up a job on computer line.  What a surprise,  after sometime I called my son to tell him about our conversation. But my son start the same topic & he said the same day same time only he got new project on Internet software.  When I mentioned about what you have told me, he too was surprised & happy.  Swami, you are always with us.  One incident I will tell you. We have a small toy which sings whenever somebody passes near the toy.  One day, that was my father's Birthday. But I didn't know about it. Suddenly after midnight the toy started singing Happy B'day to you try to give me the indication.  But it is really surprising, in the room I was sleeping alone. So Hanumanji could have passed near the toy to remind me of the Day.  I am sure Swamiji is living in my house with me to protect me.

Five years before Swamiji has called me with a number, When I attended one of his Poojas.  That time I didn't know what it is.  But after one year I bought a new Honda civic, the register number is the same of what Swamiji has mentioned.

Swami my son, last year met with an Accident.  Really god's grace he now living without problem.  He was driving with out a helmet, & was thrown out such a height, luckily no injuries in the head, no fracture.  Really swamiji saved my son's life - Same time I was reading Sundara Ghandam.  Hanumanji has saved my son.

Swami, the bajan, " Pehele Athi Ganesha " - I am hearing your voice always in my ears, even during the Office hours while doing also  I am singing the lines I am enjoying my work. Really I am feeling relieved of my tension. I am sure the good time has come for us, otherwise I could have not get an opportunity to meet you again & continue to attend the Bajans & get your blessing.

At this moment I am extremely happy with this.

All my prayers & wishes are it should continue for ever.

Swami, I am at your feet to get your blessing.

Sri Rama Jayam, Sri Rama Jayam, Sri Rama Jayam !

With respect

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