Jai Hanuman
Jai Vikramaswamiji

Vikramaswamiji is GOD to me. Everything that I have and shall acquire is and will be surrendered at His holy feet. He has given me the  courage and confidence without which each day would not be as it is now. In times of difficulty, His sweet encouraging words have kept me going. There have been times when  things have not happened according to wish and henceforth in ignorance, I have felt anger towards GOD, but that again has lasted for a short while by the GRACE of Swamiji. My family which consists of my parents (Mr and Mrs  Ramanathan) and my brother (Sriram)  have complete faith in Him. We feel true joy in discussing His Leelas. Swami has stood by us like a pillar giving us strength. In spite of our shortcomings, He receives all with love and affection.

          On the eve of Hanumath Jayanthi( Jan 1st and 2nd 2000) Swamiji will bless all and shower His love towards His devottees. I would consider myself fortunate to be able to participate in Jayanthi's activity sometime where all swamiji's devottees  come together.

          I again pray that my faith in Swamiji  should remain strong throughout my life.

Anuradha Ramanathan

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