I am a retired Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tamilnadu, India. Many people have written about their experiences with Swamiji and I would like to do the same. I would like to write about how I became Swamiji’s devotee, some of His predictions in my life and about my trip to U.S.A (in 1998) and the Middle East (in 1999) with Swamiji.

How I became Swamiji’s devotee

Before I met Swamiji, I did not believe in any Gurus or Swamijis. My wife started to attend Swamiji’s pooja in Nanganallur, Madras in 1992 and she had been asking me to attend atleast one of His poojas for which my reply was always NO. Whenever I could I used to drop my wife at Swamiji’s ashram and leave right away. Though I found a lot of crowd in and around Swamiji’s ashram I never stopped to look inside. But, Swamiji used to mention about me to my wife in the pooja always. Whenever my wife complained about me to Swamiji saying that I am not attending his pooja inspite of her request, Swamiji used to tell her not to worry, that one day I will attend His pooja, that I will be one of His best devotees and that I will also accompany Swamiji on his first trip to U.S.A. When my wife repeated this to me I simply laughed at her and told her to wait for that great day.

In May of 1993 my wife, son, daughter-in-law and I were planning to visit my daughter in U.S.A. But Swamiji told my wife that we will be able to leave for U.S.A only in August. All Government employees need to get a No Objection Certificate from the Government to visit foreign countries. I was not able to get this until August and we all visited U.S.A. only in August ‘93 as Swamiji predicted earlier. When Swamiji’s prediction came true I got curious about Swamiji. After we returned from U.S.A whenever I went to drop my wife at Swamiji’s ashram I started to take a peek at what is happening in Swamiji’s ARULWAKKU and pooja from outside.

I saw Swamiji seated on the floor for hours together sometimes from morning until midnight (on weekends) which is humanly impossible. One day when I was waiting outside the ashram Swamiji called me into his pooja room and told me to sit in front of him. After that Swamiji did not say anything to me and I was seated there until the pooja ended around 1.A.M. When I was sitting in front of Swamiji, I felt some inspiration in my mind and body. That day I became one of Swamiji’s sincere devotees. Since then Swamiji has guided me, solved a lot of problems my family has faced and predicted a lot of events in my life. I would like to take this opportunity to narrate some of my experiences.

Swamiji’s predictions in my life

One day Swamiji told me that I was going to going to be rewarded for good service in the Police Department. This was hard to believe as I had already received the President of India Medal for doing Meritorious Service in the Police Department and could not imagine receiving any other reward after this. But one fine morning when I was working at Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam District I received a message that I was awarded Anna Medal by the TamilNadu Government for my Meritorious Service in the Department. Just before my retirement Swamiji told me that He was going to grant me another reward for my good service in the job. I was surprised when I heard this because no one gets a reward when they retire. But on the day of my retirement, I was awarded the Indira Gandhi Vihas Patra and cash rupees one thousand for good services done in the Department without even a single black mark in my thirty-five years of service.

One day my car met with an accident in T.Nagar and the left side of my car was completely damaged and that evening I went to attend Swamiji’s pooja. As soon as I entered the pooja room Swamiji asked me "What had happened to your car?". I was speechless when I heard that.

After my retirement Swamiji used to tell everyone during pooja that we (He and I) will be going to U.S.A soon and when we visit U.S.A. our daily schedule will be displayed for all the devotees to see and that people will be waiting in every city to receive us. I was confused about how Swamiji’s predictions are going to materialize. But what a great surprise it was. As Swamiji had predicted I accompanied him to U.S. in April 1998. Just a few months before our U.S trip a website ( was created by G.Krishnamurthy in SanFrancisco and our trip schedule was displayed in this website and devotees were waiting for us in every city we visited in the U.S.

My trips with Swamiji

In the U.S I accompanied Swamiji to San Francisco, Houston, San Antonio, Brownsville, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Moline, San Diego and Los Angeles. Everywhere people were surprised when Swamiji talked to them about their past, present and future, about their marriage, divorce, love affairs, their education, children, relatives, friends, etc. I would like to mention a few instances that happened in some of the poojas during this visit.

In one of the poojas a Doctor was shocked when Swamiji mentioned about his India trip and his attempts to get a practice started in India that ended in failure and that no one new about. When Swamiji started telling more about him he told Swamiji that He is Great. In another Pooja when Swamiji asked a lady about her family life the lady told Swamiji that she is very happy. When Swamiji started narrating incidents one after another the lady started weeping and told Swamiji that she is thinking of divorcing her husband. Swamiji advised her a lot and she was so happy after that. She also attended another pooja after that with her husband. Many people cried like children when Swamiji mentioned about their personal life that is not known to anyone except the person concerned and God. In San Antonio there was a bajan at a Balaji Temple on a hill. During the bajan Swamiji called one of the devotees and asked him when he is going to Pakistan and the person immediately told Swamiji that he is planning to go to Pakistan soon to see his relatives. This was a great surprise to people present there since everyone who knew him thought he was a Hindu. No one knew that he was a Muslim since he had changed his name and he has been coming to the Balaji Temple regularly.

In February and March of 1988 I was in Kuwait, Dubai, Abudubai, Sharjah and Ajman with Swamiji and attended a number of poojas in His devotee’s homes and public places. Many miracles happened in these poojas. In a pooja in someone’s house Swamiji asked one of the devotees if he believed in God. The man replied at once that there is no God in this world. Then Swamiji asked him as to what happened to his wife and son. In a very sad tone the man replied that they were not in this world anymore and that he had lost them in a car accident. He had lost faith in God after that and he said that he doesn’t want to be in this world anymore. Swamiji advised him for half an hour about God and Karma. Everyone who listened to Swamiji’s talk that day was so happy. Many more such miracles happened in the Middle East (and everywhere I have been with Swamiji).

I can never forget the poojas conducted by Swamiji at the Indian Embassy Auditorium in Kuwait and at a Five Star Hotel called Astoria in Dubai. It is very hard to put in writing the love and affection of Swamiji’s devotees. People need to be present in person at these poojas to witness the magnitude of Swamiji’s power and people’s devotion. When I think of devotion, Mr. Praveen in Dubai, Mr. Jayaraj in Ajman, Mr. Venkatesh in Kuwait, Mr. Krishnamurthy in SanFrancisco, Mr. Ravi in Chicago, Mr. Peethambaram in Madras, Mr. Krishna Rao in Madras, Mr. Krishna Teja in Madras and Mr. P. Senthil Kumar in Dindigul, India are some of the people who come to my mind.

A lot of people from different walks of life come to Swamiji everyday either in person or over the phone or through e-mail with various problems, with tears in their eyes and their hearts filled with sorrow. But, in the end after talking and listening to Swamiji their heart is filled with joy and they have peace of mind.

With Swamiji’s grace and blessings I have peace of mind in my life now and I pray for the same in everyone’s life.


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