Dear devotees,

I have immense pleasure in sharing my experiences of Swamy's divine grace to one and all who browse this site.I have been Swamiji's devotee over the past 10 yrs.We came to know of him through my father's friend at madras.Though initially we did'nt believe in these,there arose a situation when we had to see him.During that period i was trying to get into one of the Govt medical cooleges at Madras.Swamy just called me by name& said "Anjaneyar has put you 8th in the list for medicine in a govt medical college at madras.Do you believe".Wow! I could'nt believe it!My mother had 100%faith in him .Though i had a high score in my 12 th& entrance exam,that was a bit away from the tamilnadu forward community cut off standard.I wondered!How is it possible to get it?. .But to my surprise!I got an intimation card from a govt medical college a madras after a month informing me to join the next day.That was wonderful!!!.From then i started visiting Swamiji often.

                             We knew that thereafter Anjaneyer Swamy has taken responsibility of our problems.Later ,my father's job transfer,promotion,my sister's M.A. gold medals in Mass communication& journalism,Her the above,Her job as a senior reporter in "The Hindu"......&so many things in life occured as per Swamiji's
predictions.I finally finished my medicine,when Swamy told me that I would marry a person at Chicago and that he will see me with my husband at a couple of puja's at chicago  from 98' onwards.And here i am at chicago.This proves that this supreme power watches our every movement .

                                Swamiji has still told me about my achievements as a doctor and a musician in this country which i believe will happen.I strongly believe that faith can make a person conquer the world.Above all I view Swamiji as a lovable,Adorable& a kind soul who cares for one and all.His approach to people is extremely fascinating.I still Pray god and thank him for giving me this great opportunity to know this kind soul so early..

"Jai Sriram"

Priya Venkataraman.

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