My Experiences with Swamiji

I take immense pleasure in writing the experiences that I encountered with Shri. Vikraman Swamiji. I know Swamiji for the past 8 or 9 years.

My Studies:

I met Swamiji when I was in the first year of Engineering. My family was facing lot of problems, then. But, the first meeting with Swamiji made a lot of difference to us. Things started getting better slowly. Inspite of the financial crunch that we faced, my studies went on well. He was the one who asked me to take up Computer Science, in college. But, I didn’t take it up, as my college management demanded a lumpsum amount of 15,000 Rs. which was high for our standards. But, within a week’s time, the director of my college asked me to take up computer science and he agreed to take the money from me in installments. My studies went on well. Swamiji in the form of my inner voice was guiding me, throughout – his voice waked me to prepare for the exams, his voice told me, to read one question over the other.

My Career:

Swamiji predicted that I would have a slow start, but a good start, in my career. My career is going on well, thanks to Swamiji’s blessings. It is a kind of fun, many a times, to sit with him and talk about the software market, programming etc. Last year-end, I had taken a long vacation and went to India for my wedding and hence there is a break of 6 months, in my career. I was concerned about it, but Swamiji asked me to enjoy my stay there, with my parents and told that I will get into an extremely good job. There seemed to be a little possibility of what he told, but couldn’t believe that now I am leading a team and working with the hardcore technologies, that I once aspired.

My Family:

My family underwent a transition after we had met Swamiji. Our personalities and beliefs changed for good. He induced faith, confidence and gave a new outlook to life. My father feels that Swamiji leads him. The health condition of my mother became a lot better. My brother’s studies seemed to be totally hopeless once upon a time. Now he is about to finish his Master’s and looking forward to get into the research program.

My parents were worrying a lot about my marriage and Swamiji kept on assuring that Hanuman is responsible for that. By Swamiji’s grace, I got married this January and I thank him with all my heart, for making me a lucky bride. The wedding went on well; Swamiji attended the reception and blessed us.

There were lots of uncertainties in my wedding and everything fell in place, within days of Swamiji’s visit to my house, last year.

My personal transformation due to Swamiji is unbelievable. Now, no one would think that I was too shy, unconfident, pessimist and a frightened girl. The encouragement he gave changed me a lot. Sometimes, he is too confident that I would do something and I would have given upon that one, thinking that it’s beyond my reach. Now, I do realize that with his grace, guidance and encouragement nothing is unreachable.

My Interests:

From my childhood, I dreamed of going to far off lands and seeing lots of scenic places. One such dream during my school days is to see Mt.Fuji. Luckily, I got a chance to visit Japan within one year of my career, in spite of having some senior members in the team. As ever, Swamiji predicted this in advance and asked me to be ready to visit Japan. I was in Japan in winter, so hoped a little of seeing Mt.Fuji. But, miraculously, it got arranged. When I went there, I couldn’t see the mountain, as the weather was bad. I was waiting for half a day and suddenly weather became clear. My long cherished childhood dream came true. It was as though Vikraman Swamiji and Hanuman (like those banners, that we see in Hanuman Jayanthi) was smiling standing over the mountain. Words are too less, to describe the experience which Vikraman Swamiji paved for me.

My parents were not at all willing to send me to US. I had a hard time, convincing them, but I hoped that Swamiji would set the things. Swamiji convinced my parents to send me, to US.

When I met Swamiji for the first time itself, he told me that I would be meeting him in a pooja in Chicago, which I never believed then. I met Swamiji here in Chicago, in the house of Ravi-Swarna couple. It was again a ‘dream came true’ experience.

Swamiji keeps saying that I will visit many countries. When I went to Japan and when I had come to US, Swamiji blessed and wished me. When I met him, in 1998, here in Chicago, he was joking as I need to visit one more country and it is due. I really thought, he was joking, but the next week I had a great trip to Canada.

His Pooja’s and Bhajans :

To be able to attend Swamiji’s pooja was the most eternal experience for anyone. Before entering his pooja sthallam, there might be too many questions for which I had sought an answer. But, everything will get answered even before I get a chance to speak to him. He might be talking to other devotees, but would have answered my questions, indirectly. I feel that whoever had met Swamiji would have felt the same. Now a days, I don’t ask questions as he understands and directs us as what is best for us.

Meeting Swamiji’s devotees is an equally a pleasant experience. We have good number of family friends now, who are swamiji’s devotees.

Swamiji came to my house in 1999 when I was in Holland, MI. There was a small pooja in the house and also I got a chance to be able to spend a day with him and with the Ravi-Swarna couple. It’s hard to describe the feelings and emotions of those days, which upon thinking, still floods me.

Swamiji as a person:

I really don’t know as how to describe Swamiji, because I feel he’s everything and is assuming a lot of roles in my life. It is left for our discretion to think of him as a guide, a guru, a friend or in any other form.

Whatever, I am today is all because of him. I consider myself blessed, having the privilege of knowing Swamiji.

He is a kind and gentle person. He cares for each and every person. When he was in US last year, his schedule was hectic and there were poojas everyday. When we asked him to take a bit of rest, he refused. Finally, when we forced him, to get a bit of sleep, he retired in his room. After a few minutes, came and told me that I should take some food then. He waited till I finished my meal.

Swamiji has a timely and sharp sense of humour. Sometimes, he taunts us also. Its amazing to see, people-having fun and laughter, even in a tightly packed Swamiji’s pooja. It’s a real privilege to chat with Swamiji and his devotees. He is a good friend. One can chat with him for hours on any topic. He takes a liking for minute things and enjoys doing so. Once he was explaining about the birds and how it collects the food and feeds its children. He prescribes medicines too and always stresses the importance of maintaining good health.

He is a divine Guru. We are fortunate enough to know Swamiji in this birth. He leads us; he guides us, and protects us. He is with us forever and sincerity and faith are the ways to get nearer to him.

Jai Shree Hanuman ! Jai Shree Vikraman Swamiji.



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