Sri.Ramajeyam…Sri.Ramajeyam…Sri.Ramajeyam…Poojya Sri.Vikraman swamiji ki Jai

I feel myself  that it’s a golden opportunity to get a chance to meet Swamiji. I must thank Mr.Rajaguru by whom I was introduced with Swamiji during Oct-99. It was a Holy Thursday and Swamiji conducted Bajans at his Ashram.

I was really amazed by the way Swamiji interacted with so many devotee’s very particular problems which may not be known even to the family members.That time I was looking for a break in my career after spending a huge amount of money in doing an ERP course and  I was very much depressed. It was a great relief for my heart to get Swamiji’s blessings. The moment I fell down on his lotus feet he asked what happened to your job and how is your financial burden. Never before earlier I didn’t meet any such powerful person.

After one month gap I started visiting Ashram regularly and by the grace of Swamiji I brought my family to Chennai after a one and half years break. That was a great relief for me, my wife and my kid who were in a frustrated situation. I never expected that I could bring my family to Chennai before getting in to projects

It’s my privilege to participate in Swamiji’s 12th  Hanuman Jeyanthi celebration and my experience with Swamiji was marvelous. At the procession I was standing very close to Swamiji and holding Viboothi, kumkum and Banana prasatham. After the celebration Swamiji appreciated me and my friend for our service.

One day Swamiji told “Shall I confirm your job at your present company and I will arrange a job for you in the beginning of the new year”.  As told by Swamiji I got my appointment letter during Feb-00 but with effect from Jan 1-00.

There is an interesting example which shows how Swamiji helps people when they are in urge. Though my wife didn’t see Swamiji at that time, she has got 100% faith on Swamiji. One day I was travelling by train along with our family and some of our relatives. As my wife gave all the tiffin to her relatives, she didn’t take any thing. So at midnight around 3.00AM she started crying due to severe hunger. I didn’t find any other way other than calling Swamiji. What a surprise! Train stopped at Erode station. But our coach got stopped approximately 150 meters distance from the platform. I knew very well that I would miss the train If I had gone to get some snacks. That time one tea boy came asked for tea. But my wife doesn’t take any drinks like tea, coffee or milk. She asked for chips. He said it’s not possible to get chips at that time and that too no body would come up to this coach. With in 2-3 min the tea person came and asked who has asked for chips in this coach and she gave the chips and got the money. He told that he bought the chips from chips shop for my wife. But we strongly believed that the person who came there was Swamiji.

Then Swamiji told that you would be going to foreign country and your papers were under process. With in couple of days I have been informed by our GM-Projects that I would be going for Saudi Projects.

Now I am Saudi Arabia. Before leaving India one day I met Swamiji at the Ashram and asked when it would be possible to meet Swamiji again.  Swamiji gave me one Dubai number and asked me to call over there. After one and half  months, one day I called up that number and asked for Swamiji. But the person received the call told me that he didn’t know any such person. I got shocked and I was bit confused. With in few days from that incident I got a message from one of the devotee stating that swamiji would be coming to middle-east. I got his contact no from another devotee through e-mail. Again it was a surprise. The contact number which I got it from Swamiji and from the devotee  were one and the same. I contacted again and swamiji spoke to me which I couldn’t believe for some time. I got Swamiji’s blessings by phone and Swamiji told me “ I’m always with you”.

After 2 days from this miraculous incident I had a major problem officially. Then remembered Swamiji’s word’s and with the faith on it I prayed him to rescue from the problem. It got solved automatically on the same day itself and now I’m very happy.

Still there are many more things to write about Swamiji. My self and my family …..why… all the devotees are of the opinion that Swamiji and Sri.Anjeneya Swami are one and the same.

Swamiji only brightened up my career and life.

Sri.Ramajeyam…Sri.Ramajeyam…Sri.Ramajeyam…Poojya Sri.Vikraman swamiji ki Jai

S.TamilMohan, Madurai

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