With Swamiji`s blessings i wish to share a few of my experiences with every one.

 I first got to know about Swamiji when i was in the second year of my bachelors program in india. He had visited kuwait and my parents met Him . It was their first meeting with Swamiji . My mother met him first and the second time it was along with my father. My parents were  amazed ,impressed on  meeting swamiji and by his sayings. My mother spoke to to me over phone about this and i really took it very light not knowing much about Swamiji for i hadnt met Him .

 A year passed and i was in the final year of my engineering program and had written my TOEFL and GRE and was in a dilemna whether to apply or not was i was doubting my chances of getting an admit as well as getting the US visa . It so happened that I had to collect a video cassette taken during Swamiji`s trip to kuwait and hand it over to Him .

 That was my first oppurtunity to meet Him personally. i went there with my cousin and seeing the large crowd ,i really felt i would be able to meet Him . We waited for some time and then He called us . On seeing me he told me abt all the thoughts that were running in my mind  before meeting Him .He told me that He would pray for me and that i would meet him at new jersey. This sparked the enthusiasm in me and made me app to schools in the US . I applied to 10 schools of which i received admission letters from 7. Thanks to Swamijis blessings i got so many. several of my own friends with more or less the same scores managed to get admit letters in 1 or 2.

  Then came the big job of getting the visa. I was initially worried after listening to views of several people regrading the visa . my parents who are both staunch devotees of Swamiji infused confidence in me and told me that with Swamiji`s blessings I would surely get the visa. The miracle happened once again. I walked out of the US consulte with the visa.

   During my first meeting with Swamiji, I told him that though i had enough friends ,i still didnt have a friend whom I could call a true friend. He told me that I would have soon. today Iam in america with two friends whom I can really say are true friends. All this is with the blessings of Swamiji . Swamiji is helping me everyday in achieving things. iam still waiting for more of these miracles to happen and I really cherish each one of them. Without Him i really doubt whether these things would have happened to me . I wish and pray that every one should soon get to experience such miracles and feel heart contented.



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