The following is a brief report of Swamiji's visit to Colorado.

We had the good fortune and the Divine Blessing of hosting Our Beloved Swamiji. The very arrival of Swamiji was a miracle for most of us. It meant the coming together of all the devotees although small in number and who hardly knew each other. Besides this, we were all new to Colorado. Having a pooja was very exciting but there was always a little fear in our minds as to avoid mistakes. But with the Divine Blessing of Swamiji the pooja was a resounding success and was attended by atleast forty odd people, irrespective of age, nationality, and people from different religious groups all looking up to Swamiji and seeking His Blessings. A large number among the people who attended the pooja were mostly Americans, Westerners and Indians. All of them waited patiently for their turn to listen to Swamiji speak to them. And at the end of it all, most people say that they hadn't had enough Darshan of Swamiji and hence they are still awaiting His next visit to Colorado. This would not have been possible but for the Divinity and the Grace of Swamiji, for just a few days before the pooja we hardly knew so many people in Fort Collins. Apart from this what really took each of by surprise was the cooperation and selfless help rendered by each of Swamiji's devotees. The pooja culminated with some of the devotees crying with joy realising they had seen God Himself, while some lay prostrate at Swamiji's feet, some breaking open their hearts before Swamiji and bursting into tears, and most others trying to seek his attention for wanting to spend more time with Swamiji.

    The above had been a tremendous experience for us and it will remain in our hearts forever while we look forward for MORE...

Part II
The next day Swamiji had decided to have Bhajans and so a selected group of people attended. The bhajans were to go on for only about an hour. However, the enthusiasm of the participating devotees' forced the bhajans to go on for over three and a half hours.The bhajans were completely enchanting with the music from the flute, (played by an aspiring student of Kalakshetra ) and mridangam being played by another devotee. The bhajans showed clearly that at some point all the roads that lead to God are one and they join together in harmony and create music so heavenly and divine and thus purifying the thoughts and atmosphere. This was the first time that people from different prayer groups/ were coming together leaving all their differences behind. It was amazing to observe how one group was playing the tune while the member of the other group was singing when otherwise they would not have seen eye to eye. And this was one of the greatest miracles all of us saw and it was truly AWESOME. All voices followed in unison with Swamiji leading the group. The bhajans were also attended by many Americans who tried had to pour all their attention into the Bhajan books only to sing after our Beloved Swamiji, thus trying to transcend the barrier of language and nationality. The above are but a very brief sketch of the events in Colorado.

I take this opportunity to thank all our friends in Colorado for having helped us make the pooja a Success. And most of all We Are Blessed, for this would have remained a Dream without the Grace of Our Most Beloved Swamiji!

Bindu Sunil Menon

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