I would like to recount one of the great experiences we had while in Singapore.

We had employed a maid in Singapore for the sole purpose of taking care of our son and doing household chores as I was employed. However as luck would have it she gave us a lot of trouble and moments of great anxiety due to her bad behaviour and negligence of her duties. Finally after things had reached beyond our level of tolerance, we took a decision to send her back to India. As per Singapore Law an immigrant worker was not allowed to stay in Singapore beyond a week and if the rules were violated the employer would be penalised. The penalty could mean anything between going to jail to a large sum of dollars as fine etc. So, as per rules her work permit was terminated and her tickets were booked for her return. As planned we arrived at the airport atleast three hours before schedule and queued up for checking in. Soon when our turn came, the employee at the Air India Counter stated that there was no way she could get a boarding pass or board the flight as her ticket had been cancelled. This culminated in a series of heated arguments and pleas from our side. However after much persuasion a senior official stated that he could enter her name in the waiting list, however he warned us that there was almost no chance of getting a seat until the next few days. I could see my maid's face beaming as if she had struck a great victory against us for  she did not want to leave Singapore at any cost. By God's Grace all of a sudden an idea struck me, we decided to call Swamiji and ask for help. We called up India only to learn from Indramma that He had already left for Dubai. Fortunately, she gave us His contact number after hearing the situation. However she added that she was not sure if He would be available at the given number as He could have left for AbuDhabi.We decided to take a chance. On calling up Dubai we were told that Swamiji was not available at the particular number and the lady told us that she would try to trace Him and asked us to get back to her after ten minutes. Meanwhile time was flying as we were desperately saying our prayers. The officials announced that there were at least a hundred and fifty people in the waiting list and only ten seats were available. This meant that there was no way we stood a chance. The names of about four passengers who had already managed to get the tickets were announced. At about this time we called up Dubai  and thanks to the kindness of the lady who helped us trace Swamiji who was in a Pooja. On calling up Swamiji we explained the predicament we were in and, Swamiji in His usual calm and collected way said, "Don't worry, I am with you and I will take care of every thing. In the next ten minute everything will change". We waited with bated breath for the tide to turn in our favour. And Miraculously in exactly ten minuteds one of the officials announced the name of our maid. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I heard this as we heaved a sigh of relief. Our Beloved Swamiji had come to our rescue, at a time when we needed Him the most. The aircraft was already boarding and we succeeded in sending the maid back to India.Thereafter we wanted to thank Swamiji for the miracle He had done, when the person who took the phone  told us that Swamiji had told His devotees at Dubai not to disturb Him as he was going to Singapore and that we needed His Help. He had also mentioned that we would call Him up again to say everything was in place.The very fact that Swamiji is always there when His devotees need Him the Most is very much testimony to the fact that He Is None other than God in Human Form.

The above incident will always remain embedded in our mind all through our lives as without Swamiji's Grace we would not have been able to wade through the troubled waters and would have to face severe consequences

Bindu Sunil Menon

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