Sriramajayam. I would like to write my experiences in a series. This part is about my first meeting with Him in 1995.

Take Over and the First Revelation

First meeting

I was called upon by the divinity to meet Him, at devotee Venkatesh's house in 1995, when I was working in Kuwait. The least I understood at that time was that I was to be blessed by the Supreme in the coming days.

I was an active member of Chinmaya Mission in Kuwait and my family was teaching children of Balavihar, the Bhajans, Stories and Srimad Bhagavad Gita. I got a call from the mother of a student of Balavihar that a Swamiji had come to their brother's house and that He had mentioned my name and that He would like to see me. As I always had regards for all spiritual leaders, I decided to meet him. My wife, my daughter, and myself went to meet him on a Thursday. He was alone in the hall with the family of Venkatesh and asked us to come in. He was not clad in saffron but He exuded a magnetic charm. I took a seat by his feet and my wife sat in front of him. He told my wife that He had seen her in Nanganallur when she had visited Rajarajeswari temple. It was ekantha puja for us. He asked about the members of family referring to them by stars and names. Slowly other devotees came in and the puja began.

He asked about the desires of my wife. He assured that the marriage of my daughter would be conducted in a much grand scale than what we had expected. I took it as blessing from a holy person. That was my comprehension of Swamiji at that time.

A few words about me would appropriate here. I was a semiphilosophist, trying to understand the advaitha philosophy and trying to do as much service as possible. My thoughts were not adhered to the materialistic world and my wants were less. Of course my heart longed for peace and Moksha, and penance in the Himalayas. I was neither an ardent religionist nor had high level contacts in Kuwait. A man of sufficient means and less desires - that was me! Swamiji understood my mind and asked only one question in front of my family: Do you want to go to the Himalayas? I said, "Yes, but I do not know when and how." Swamiji answered with a twinkle in his eyes that He would take me there. I left the matter at that point.

Karmayogi Hanumaan

We met Swamiji and attended his puja everyday during the next week. Closely came my wedding anniversary on 8th February. I had to attend office on that day. In the morning we decided to take blessings from Swamiji. My wife had her reservation, as she feared that Swamiji would hold me and I would be late to office. By this time I heard him mention that he is Hanuman incarnate and Lord Hanuman acts through him. Hence I told her that Hanuman is a karmayogi and understands the importance of work. As I have genuine work to attend, He will bless me and send me to my office without any delay. We went in and did pranaam to Swamiji. He blessed us intimating those assembled in His presence that it was our wedding anniversary. He gave me an apple as prasad and told me that I have to go to office and asked me to go. He asked my wife to stay back. My wife stayed back till the evening. When I called from office, I found out that Swamiji had gone to take rest and was yet to come out of his room. I left office at and went to Venkatesh's house. So much was the power of attraction. When I went in Swamiji was there and He said that He made me come so that I could take the blessings of Lord Anjaneya along with my wife on my wedding anniversary.

Taken over

Then came the day, which gave me a glimpse of what Swamiji wanted to do to me. We had invited Swamiji for lunch and lighting the lamp. During the day my wife asked me to check up with Swamiji if He was ready so that I could bring him to our house. Her cooking was only half way through. I called up and Swamiji answered that I could come to his place. When I reached I found him sitting leisurely. He asked me to sit. We talked in general. Two more devotees came and He had indicated about their arrival 5 minutes before they had come in. Then He gave His special blessings to the three of us. Special because it was specific and philosophical. To one devotee He asked about his kundalini practice and told him that Swamiji would help him in achieving his spiritual goal. To another He asked about astrology and told him that astrology was not wrong but he should concentrate more for giving the right predictions. To me He asked, "Do you want Moksha?" When I said "Yes", He said that He was my guru with immediate effect and assured me that He would get me Moksha. I was flabbergasted. Some guru to come and take me over as his disciple!! Even Narendranath (Vivekananda) had gone in search of a Guru before he reached Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. But I, who had followed Kanchi Mutt Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi and then Swami Chinmayananada, have been taken over by Swamiji! What a blissful takeover! Well, I took the matter in the same spirit and continued in swamiji's presence. After some time Swamiji said that the cooking in my house was complete and all the preparations were nice. I could call home and tell them that He was coming. He came home, had food, enjoyed our service and then poured his blessings on us. He lighted the lamp, sang bhajans, and conducted puja in my house.

Revelation - Hanumat Brahmam

A greater revelation was to come later. We spent time with Him enjoying his puja at different houses and enjoying the ecstasy of his presence. Swamiji left for Dubai and India and we continued our work in Kuwait. With an inquisitive mind I have been trying to understand Swamiji. But it was in vain. Two days later, He left Kuwait. While driving to my office, I chanted the Gupta Gayatri Mantra He had given me, and asked in plain words, "Oh! Swamiji! Who are you? What are you? Please tell."

The supreme revelation came in the car as a surprise. A booming voice bellowed inside the car "Hanumat Brahmam! Hanumat Brahmam! Hanumat Brahmam!

It was then that I understood that Swamiji is none other than Brahmam, that too Hanuman as Brahmam. He said in his pujas that in kaliyuga, Hanuman is Brahma and that He had come all the way to bless me. Again, little did I understand that I was in for more education by Him. In less than a week, I happened to see a TV serial on Hanuman - which showed me that Hanuman is a jyothi from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is advaitha personified and Hanuman being an incarnate of Shiva indicated that Hanuman is Brahmam. Further, I came to know from the same TV serial that Lord Surya (the karmayogi) was the teacher for Hanuman. The same Vivaswaan (Surya) is the teacher of Gita to the mankind.

Thus it was made clear to me that the person who adopted me as His disciple was none other than Hanumath Brahmam. What a Holy Bliss and revelation to me!


When I expressed doubt to Swamiji that if I wrote my experience it may not be understood, The karmayogi ordered me to write my experience as it would help me to express myself and the experience will also help other devotees. I am yet to understand the meaning of his order. May be He would reveal it to me in His own ways. After this incident I pray unto him whenever I get into diifficulties which gives me peace of mind and direction to work. He solves my difficulties in his unique way and I enjoy His directives and follow.


Shri. Raghuraman
New Jersey, USA

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